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  1. Yep they drive harder in the south side since some of the north Side novas at FG sound like new and they got a bit over 100k miles by now probably
  2. Oh so they probably was trying to repair it after it broke down again in November and then just took a break and left 6706 alone I’m thinking it’s done with but we’re not sure as y’all said time will tell
  3. True but idk yet only time will tell especially since DE60LF’s are unrehabbled
  4. Cool so 4383 needs repairs, and now they fixing up 7955’s roof
  5. We’re not officially sure though but CPTDB could’ve marked them missing in action
  6. Ya Ok, yeah I wonder too Yep cool Yep 6783
  7. Oh I didn’t know that but that’s cool. I remember a pace bus being repaired at its breakdown spot last year .
  8. Love those north side videos and got a few questions 1. Why do some novas have their engine doors open are they being inspected? (6870, 6861, 6862 side door, 6770) 2. I saw something on 6706's seat did you see what that was? 3. Since 6875 is sitting in the area where active buses are, is that one ready to return to service? 4. Wow I didn't know 1008 was out for that long (it was last out in January before those big snowstorms)
  9. This is like 5 buses being towed tonight, 1955, 1239, 1173, 4315, and 7947. How crazy is that
  10. 1239 broke down Homan & Augusta
  11. Cool so it's being active for non-CTA use. Any other buses coming back to life if you know
  12. 4069 back in service on 79
  13. I guess 601 and 604 are still testing at Chicago garage and aren’t ready for the streets yet
  14. Cool so 600 and 603 perform the best I can tell too since I see they’re the ones that are out the most often.🤩
  15. Correct just like the novas
  16. And 4357,4062 long haulers there too
  17. Oh yeah I forgot about 1883 when it wrecked into a building but that bus took months for repair so probably same with 1753 and it’ll be out once summer is over probably if it takes the same amount of time to repair
  18. Oh that’s cool so 1753 will return to service. Now I’m wondering why 1925 isn’t being fixed.
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