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  1. Yep, as long as we still have the diseel by then then I'll be happy and I'll stay in Chicago
  2. Well i don't want an all electric CTA because CTA will be boring. Diesel is Chicago.
  3. Yep especially with 1760 4192 and 1633 and 8327
  4. And they didn't fix the engine yet.
  5. Yeah that's 1753 for sure I checked the archive on maths and 1753 was the only 175X out at the time. I can tell that was a distracted driver because if the bus is right next to the crane when being parked, it doesn't look like the driver was sleeping, but we're not sure. Is 1753 fixable? It's like a medium crash with more damage and I don't even know if it can be fixed because New Flyer doesn't make D40LF's anymore and if 1775 was fixed anything could happen. Below is a video of 1753 from 2019 at FG so this will give bittersweet memories to this bus and it sounds healthy too rip.
  6. Oh i think you need to refresh it. If refreshing don't work then idk what happened
  7. Oh. And also that means 1321 ain’t retired after all so it just needed some repairs and it was from the backlog
  8. 1342 is now on the 8A so it’s back on 77th runs
  9. Wow that is dangerous I hope to never see that customer. Hopefully you had your shield closed covering you
  10. Wow. Did u see 4341 or 4383 I haven't seen those on the tracker for Months.
  11. Oh wow, I know many DE60LF's miss service from time to time and I think that's the fleet that has the least percentage of buses out at a time
  12. Wow lots of 77th buses breaking down and getting towed lately. did 4196 have mechanical failure?
  13. Yea so that means 600-605 are the six they mentioned
  14. Wow so someone put the wrong tracker in 1891
  15. I don’t think we saw 604 in service yet either .
  16. Yep but they wanted to match with 1558-61 and not 1584-602 and I think we should’ve got 1578 too
  17. Yep back from 74th again maybe I’ll get one soon or maybe I’ll get one of the ex-FG 136x’s on the 147 this weekend
  18. Ok now we know 1364 1365 1366 1367 1369 went to NP so 1363 and 1368 are unknown, and 1552 1553 1554 1555 1556 1557 are confirmed FG now.
  19. Oh, well i never saw that bus interior before so i didn't know
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