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  1. 6699 was on the tracker evening rush on the 92
  2. She's back clean? Looks like a piece of junk that the next generation Blues Brothers would have had
  3. Not to bump a decade old thread as I have lived in Arizona the past 6 years, but does this place still exist? Coming back up for the holidays and would like to see it if it still remains
  4. I believe the bus is 4550. But I havent seen anything about it in years. And I believe CHBM was involved which means its probably a goner
  5. mikeymc77

    More Bus Moves

    Anyone know the fleet numbers?
  6. On the Flxible Facebook page is a freshly painted picture of 3706. Photo credit to Eddie Figueroa and Keith Pokorny
  7. 1305 has been gone for years. I know this because I seen that bus at South Shops over 5 years ago, but its never been officially retired.
  8. According to the mathtracker, there are even 6400s out on the weekend
  9. 6784 on the 78 Montrose this morning according to the Tracker. Perhaps Mario or even Wario would have been a better source
  10. LOL Sweltering heat??? Ever been to Arizona???
  11. 1342 is most likely a goner. In a previous thread, it shows it started at Chicago Garage in January 2007. Its nearly 11 years old. From all of the smoke, it looks like there is probably significant damage.
  12. Looked at the dispo list to see if any fleet numbers went early and sure enough 9007 9096 9105 9117 all were gone in March 1984. Nothing else from that series was retired for nearly 5 more years.
  13. mikeymc77

    Limits Garage

    Hot Dog place is or was called "Wieners Circle" I believe
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