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  1. Looked at the dispo list to see if any fleet numbers went early and sure enough 9007 9096 9105 9117 all were gone in March 1984. Nothing else from that series was retired for nearly 5 more years.
  2. Hot Dog place is or was called "Wieners Circle" I believe
  3. I still think by looking at the picture of 1081, that it burnt right there where it sat. It would be interesting to find some article on the second fire and what may have burned up. I'll try to dig deeper into this.
  4. Found an article dated January 2 1968 about the fire at 69th Street Garage. That would make it impossible for 1081 to have been a casualty. That is, unless there were more than one fire
  5. There used to be an auto auction in that area. But I doubt that buses would be up for auction
  6. TI 2 was not a TMC.
  7. I would have sworn the last 5300s were at Chicago. We were even trying to guess the last one in service and there were some pictures I believe, but Im not 100% positive.
  8. So seeing that the 6400 Novas will end their service at FG, it got me wondering where series of the past had finished up in service. I remember the 5300 Flxibles were at C. And I believe the 4400 TMCs were at NP. The 6000 Flxibles were in storage after cuts. But before that I'm pretty much clueless, plus I don't know if the NABIs count seeing that it was a defect that retired them. Thank you in advance for any information you can provide
  9. Is it pure coincidence that in each block of Novas the first active bus is a higher fleet number? 6461,6553 and 6668 per the hundred block.
  10. When was this?
  11. What about those two fishbowls that were sitting in a garage on the south side. I believe 9387 and 9400, but not positive. Are they still around?
  12. Kind of curious, but that bus probably has the lowest mileage of any New Flyer seeing the time it was out of service
  13. Do you know where this bus originated? Is it an ex-CTA?
  14. Cabrini Green ?
  15. How about this question.The first CTA bus painted in the Bicentennial paint scheme. Hint: It was an "A" bus.