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  1. Gas is $4 !!! Damn Im glad to be in Arizona
  2. Damn !!! I miss my White Castle
  3. Trying to figure out what any of the previous comments have to do with retiring 6400 Novas???? Enlighten me as I am in Arizona
  4. 6780 6784 and 6792 are out right now according to the tracker
  5. I dont remember 6800s at North Park. I was thinking Forest Glen
  6. Sorry if this was asked elsewhere as I'm in Arizona, why the tarp on 7929?
  7. Awesome pics from South Shops

  8. When the CTA makes the news in Arizona
  9. 6847 on the 53A according to the tracker
  10. 8015 must be cursed. Thats two accidents in a short period of time, although that is 8015 in the video?
  11. Gillig makes a great product. We have them here in Tucson but I dont see them getting a huge order in Chicago. Nova is a far better product than New Flyer, case in point you have nearly 20 year old Novas still alive and kicking
  12. Those are some pretty nice "One Way" signs in the video...LOL😆
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