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  1. rideonrulez

    More Bus Moves

    -516 is one of the handful of Optimas transferred from 103rd to Forest Glen for the summer since the U of C routes only need five plus two spares. -4051 & 4052 were at 103rd until about the start of the summer pick. Not sure of the plans for these units but my guess is that there staying at Kedzie.
  2. That bus has been off the roster since January....
  3. With all the extra buses the CTA is running, you will find quite a few of them on "foreign" routes among "equipment" surprises too....
  4. rideonrulez

    More Bus Moves

    It is option 1. FG needed some buses the last 2 days for extra service.
  5. rideonrulez

    More Bus Moves

    As the others have stated, my earlier post meant FG operates one AM tripper and two PM trippers on the #11. Is that more clear?
  6. rideonrulez

    More Bus Moves

    There is 1 AM trip and 2 PM trips that are operated by Forest Glen
  7. rideonrulez

    More Bus Moves

    There is a North Park trip in the morning on the #80.
  8. rideonrulez

    More Bus Moves

    103rd won't get any Nova's according to the list. But Chicago and North Park will.
  9. As of today, the count is 249 Flx's still in service.
  10. Correction: All of the 170's are going to 103rd.
  11. Hate to break it to you but the number of in service Flx's has reached an all time low of 255....
  12. North Park is giving up some of the Evanston stuff to Forest Glen.
  13. I got lucky today and happen to catch #6063 on the #65.
  14. It won't be mine either, I just had to think up of something boring to show how boring our hobby will be comes doomsday....
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