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  1. tobuadantoq

    More Bus Moves

    According to the Bustracker, 6705 is running for #36-Broadway (NP only route)
  2. tobuadantoq

    More Bus Moves

    North Park would receive Novas, while the Glen gets NFs.
  3. Looks likely #6726 and #6738 back in service at North Park. Are they not scrapped yet?
  4. Give Nova #6726 and #6738 to North Park permanently!
  5. North Park and Kedzie are likely get Novas from Forest Glen and Archer respectively, which are originally delivered at Chicago garage, due to a lack of buses
  6. Novas at Forest Glen which are originally from Chicago Avenue (including 6726 and 6738) should go to North Park and New Flyers at North Park should go to Forest Glen. Novas at Archer which are originally from Chicago Avenue should go to Kedzie and New Flyers at Kedzie should go to Archer. There are too many New Flyers at Kedzie and North Park. Since Kedzie and Archer and North Park and Forest Glen are closer.
  7. #6708 is now at Forest Glen Garage and #6726 and #6738 is most likely to moving to other garage, possibly North Park.
  8. Archer, trade with North Park, or maybe Kedzie
  9. tobuadantoq

    #4000 Arrives

    Could delivered to Forest Glen and 103rd Garage, and FG trade with Novas to NP.
  10. I think Kedzie will give older types of NF to 74th as 6000s flexibles are retired.
  11. tobuadantoq

    #4000 Arrives

    older NFs from Kedzie will ended up to go to 74th
  12. tobuadantoq

    #4000 Arrives

    Hopefully this bus arrive at Forest Glen so they can trade with Nova which originally delivered at Chicago Garage with either Kedzie or North Park
  13. Hopefully the rest of the NFs will arrive at Chicago and Forest Glen. trade with North Park would be great! (Today I rode #6858 between Mich/Pearson and Union Station) I wish Novas are running #22-Clerk
  14. Looks likely Chicago will get the rest of even numbered NF when the completion of delivery for 103. Forest Glen will definitely get NF in lieu of North Park. Meanwhile, North Park and 77th will get Novas. My guess.
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