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    I love to read maps and Learn about Transit Agencys and different types of Transit buses. I am currently study Real Estates but I going for Bachelors Degree in Cartographer.
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    CTA "L" 2201s Budd, RTS(4400s), MCI-Nova Classic, Nova LF, Orion V-VI-VIIs, Flx 5300/6305, Neoplan, Renault Agora-PR100s, GM New Looks.

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  1. More Bus Moves

    Except 63, they still run mostly NFs on that route as owl service which I've been seeing. They may as well transfer some Novas to North Park for Night cars on the 22.
  2. New Eldorados?

    What's happening with couple South Division's Eldorado units (15-519 and 17-535 )? I haven't seen then on the Web in about couple months now.
  3. More Bus Moves

    Will be very interesting to see an Nova on the N5, but I would like to see one on the 28 even though that route doesn't run Owl service anymore since 20 years.
  4. CTA 'L' Rosters

    It won't hurt if 2600s will spend rest of their lives on the Brown.
  5. Supplementary 5000s on Blue next pick

    As speaking of 3200s, I was getting off the Blue at Forest Park last night and I did spot an 8-Car of 3200 sitting at a yard so my guess is that 3200s maybe slowly welcome to the Blue Line soon, I wasn't sure of if which line they are come from or could me as a trade in with 2600s for Orange.
  6. Today afternoon, when I was on my way to Markham Courthouse, I did spotted #6672 pulled by Towed going northbound on Dixie HWY while I was going southbound at 170th, I assumed that was towed from West via I-294 to South Division going Bye Bye. So I guess for 6600s is down to two?
  7. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    Wow, How long as it been since you've been down there? Yes very many, it has been a very redevelopment with more Stores, Theater, Meijer. And Now a Dead brand new Carson's.
  8. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    I'm surprised that few of former 77th Garage Novas (Earliest 6400s) like 6468 are still holding it down.
  9. Last TMC RTS

    Yes, About the Classics with back Window were popular at Montreal and most cities at Canada, then Santa Monica (only USA Agency that had back window). Then there were very few agencies at Canada include Ottawa (OC), Toronto (TTC) and few others at Ontario had Canadian Orion 5s with back window also.
  10. Not a fan of NABIs but I really miss them (6162s) a lot at South Suburbs (South Division), And I believe all the 6162s that were formerly South Divisions are all gone since most of them were already bad shape and had way more miles than other ones that were from other Divisions.. I bet 6666 will be the last (35 foot) left in service soon.
  11. Last TMC RTS

    I never forgot when 103rd had #4761, when that unit was involved in 2007 fatal shooting left Julian HS Student "Blair" dead while tried to break up the fight while it was working the 103.
  12. Last TMC RTS

    I remember back in 1995/96 I when I rode CTA all over, I did see plenty of TMCs were working the Old 16 (Lake) during Green Line Rehabilitation, then 20, 53, 66, 72 and 54. I've got to admit that I miss the Rare RTS Look with Back Windows and they were much faster before their Rehab. Then after their Rehab, they ran like crap.
  13. Last TMC RTS

    I believe Kedzie got rid of their TMCs when they received New Flyers 1000s (1600/1700s) plus 800s/900s around late 2007 with more than few got sent to 103rd. I remember rode them majority on old 127 (Madison/ Roosevelt Circulator)
  14. Return of Route 145

    145 was the last route that I've rode an MAN Americana #4146 back in Spring, April 2004.
  15. Pace Bus Moves

    I did see 18-502 working the 349 on the Web earlier today.