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  1. "Forster Bros" having that phone number is located in Flushing, Queens New York. Therefore, it is extremely unlikely that pic was taken in Chicago. Here is a pic of the CTA demo, which is the older style bus:
  2. Totally agree. Sometimes, I think the narrative was more useful than the map.
  3. CTA's bus stop signs are, in my opinion, the best I've seen in the US. this is a nice enhancement to multi-route signs where the map is impractical.
  4. The DUI was issued to the driver of the car, not to the driver of the bus.
  5. I wonder how SF MUNI polices all-door boarding on buses. They've had it for quite some time . Despite the cost of housing (and everything else, for that matter) there are some very rough areas.
  6. Yep - me too. Looking forward to riding them on a future Chicago visit. As I've said before, not impressed with the 5000 series, esp that hideous light blue interior. Hoping these make up for it.
  7. If the test cars are any indication, the end caps are staying.
  8. I agree with you. That would have solved a lot of issues. On the other hand, given the advocacy for more open space I wonder how much support this would have had.
  9. I wonder if the 52 will be re-named "Kedzie" (given the California segment will be gone) and the 94 renamed "California" (given "South California" makes little sense when it terminates at 3600 N.
  10. According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, you are correct. The 52 will end at Kedzie/Chicago and the 94 will be extended to Addison. The article also mentions a holistic, system-wide bus service study, which has never been done before.
  11. It would be nice if CTA gave them a fun livery, like the new NYC MTA paint scheme or maybe an electric scheme like the ones they used on the NFI electrics.
  12. Nice to see your daughter is carrying on your hobby of bus spotting. Looking forward to her future post about CTA's fully electric fleet.
  13. And I bet it isn't costing as much as the Ashland BRT boondoggle would have cost.
  14. Sounds like a job for a FG operator who used to work the 88-Higgins back in the 1980s. She was very nice to passengers, but one day a car was parked in the bus stop ion Harlem avenue in front of the Blue Line (Kennedy) station on a rainy day. She pushed the car out of the way with her bus. After all passengers boarded, she pushed the car to the edge of the Kennedy entrance ramp and radioed for the police to tow the illegally parked car.
  15. I thought the exact same thing, @Mr.cta85. The 2200's were my all-time favorite railcar from the time I first rode them as a 5 year old. Can't tell you how many times my dad would wait for train after train because I wanted to ride a "new car." Years and years later when I'd make a trip back home I would always sit in a 2200 car on the Blue Line. If the train didn't have them I'd wait for the next one.
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