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  1. Central Avenue in Albuquerque is different than Ashland. For starters, it is narrower. So narrow that the platforms were not built to be ADA compliant so they would fit and in some places there is one ART lane shared by both east- and westbound buses. Then there is the small matter of the Central and Rapid Ride buses running half-full. That said, BRT down Ashland was a dumb idea.
  2. CTA buses to go all electric by 2040?

    According to two articles I found, New York and California also have plans to be all electric by 2040.
  3. My CTA bus Flickr pages

    I just looked at the first page and boy, oh boy, am I interested. Thank you for providing that link!
  4. 7500 Series NABI Videos

    But the artics were high-floor, which were operated by several TA's. Not sure why they were unable to build a solid low-floor artic, but they couldn't.
  5. 7500 Series NABI Videos

    I rode their 40' cousins in LA and although they weren't as solid-feeling as NFI buses, they rode OK. Shame that they didn't make a decent 60' low-floor. The NABI BRTs in LA and San Diego, in my opinion, were uncomfortable to ride. Very bouncy and shaky.
  6. CTA 2019 Calendar

    Thank you for letting us know!
  7. Random CTA

    While the area might not be hurting for transit in the general sense, the people who will be living in The 78 are probably more apt to ride the 'L' than the bus.
  8. 4000-series DE60LF - Updates - Rehabs

    Not only is LACMTA route 605 2,000 west of Michigan Avenue, service to Olympic and Atlantic was curtailed. According to the schedule effective June, 2018 the route now ends at Olympic and Grande Vista.
  9. Annual Holiday Bus

    Love the Santa cap on the CTA logo.
  10. 7000-series - Procurement

    Maybe the blue needs to be a little lighter. They should have tipped the hat to the 6000's and made the walls green.
  11. 7000-series - Procurement

    I tried liking them, but can't. Not sure what it is about them.
  12. 7000-series - Procurement

    I'm referring to the 5000 series trains:
  13. CTA Tips/Help for a Visting Family

    According to the various TA websites, NYC's MTA, Philadelphia's SEPTA, NYC/NJ's PATH, PATCO, Boston's MBTA, and Cleveland's RTA are not 100% accessible. As @artthouwill said, these are all old systems and retrofitting them is very expensive.
  14. 3200-series - Rehabs

    Maybe CTA will put car 3294 on a flatbed, truck it up Lawrence to Jefferson Park, and then lower it onto the tracks so it can go on its merry way to O'Hare.
  15. 7000-series - Procurement

    Ask and ye shall receive: Chicago-L.org has a handful of renderings. I'm happy to see the blue walls are gone. They looked terrible. The off-white reminds me of my favorite trains - the 2200 series. Of course, they started off with a greyish interior and padded black seats but ended up with the off-white walls. I was four when they debuted and five when the Kennedy extension was opened. Still remember riding from Jefferson Park to Desplaines, back downtown, out to Cicero-Berwyn, and back to Jefferson Park. We rode the 2200's, 2000's, ad 6000's that day. Although I was in college when the Rosemont and O'Hare extensions opened, my dad and I repeated our excursion. On all three trips we sat at the front of the train. I did not, however, sit on his lap the last two times. Thanks for indulging me in this little diversion from the topic. I'll have to repeat that trip when the 7000's arrive.