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  1. I'm a gay man and I understood what @NewFlyerMCI meant. No offense taken. It would be cool for the cars to run on all of the lines, though. I think the same about the art cars. Valley Metro commissions a local artist to do a light rail wrap every year. It's very cool to see it flying down the middle of the street whether you are in Central Phoenix, Downtown Tempe, or the East valley.
  2. Funny how CTA could rebuild the entire Red Line in a matter of months and the ATS has taken several years to be modernized. They should have just built an 'L' line.
  3. Love it!! Thanks for posting about this.
  4. In a lot of ways, the Gillig low floor (non-BRT) reminds me of the MAN Americanas. (If I've said this before, apologies for repeating myself)
  5. There was a driver on the 88 Higgins back in the 80's who would have done just that. A guy parked his car in the bus stop on the Kennedy overpass in front of the Harlem station entrance. Of course, it was raining. The bus driver was a tiny woman who suffered no fools. She pushed the car out of the way and called it in as abandoned in front of the on-ramp. Unethical? Perhaps. Nice thing for the passengers? You bet!
  6. Makes me feel sad for 6470.
  7. Thanks for posting the link. Lots of cool pics.
  8. I agree with you on all points. That deep blue is way too much and I am not a fan of the "Sears Restroom" shade of blue used on some of the 5000's. I'd vote for the interior used on the buses or something similar to the original 2200 light grey.
  9. When I first moved to San Diego it seemed like every time I took the bus it was a Phantom. Absolutely hated those things. Time will tell how the Gillig low-floors do in Phoenix. They run on some very long routes with bad traffic such as the 7 - Seventh Street, 17 - McDowell, 29 -Thomas, and 50 - Camelback. However, the most recent bus order was a fleet of Xcelsiors. I don't see CTA buying Gilligs. My guess is they buy Xcelsiors.
  10. I agree with you on the Gilligs. However, Minneapolis has been using them for decades and they seem to hold up. One thing I'll say for te gilligs is in some liveries (like Phoenix) they remind me of the MAN Americana buses. I've ridden them a few times and they were decent. Our new Xcelsiors are beautiful buses - esp in the purple livery. (We have a couple of liveries, depending on which member city paid for the buses).
  11. Thanks for posting the pics. Nice-looking interior.
  12. Thank you. PS: I had a brain fart and thought you were referring to the old Novas. Of course, they are the 6400s. Was a long day.
  13. What did the special experimental paint scheme look like?
  14. We have the white signs in Phoenix (a/k/a "The Valley of the Sun") and they are readable. I'd like to see CTA get Xcelsiors. they are handsome buses. To me, the Novas look dated. Honestly, wasn't a fan when they first came out.
  15. "Forster Bros" having that phone number is located in Flushing, Queens New York. Therefore, it is extremely unlikely that pic was taken in Chicago. Here is a pic of the CTA demo, which is the older style bus:
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