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  1. I wonder if the 52 will be re-named "Kedzie" (given the California segment will be gone) and the 94 renamed "California" (given "South California" makes little sense when it terminates at 3600 N.
  2. According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, you are correct. The 52 will end at Kedzie/Chicago and the 94 will be extended to Addison. The article also mentions a holistic, system-wide bus service study, which has never been done before.
  3. It would be nice if CTA gave them a fun livery, like the new NYC MTA paint scheme or maybe an electric scheme like the ones they used on the NFI electrics.
  4. Nice to see your daughter is carrying on your hobby of bus spotting. Looking forward to her future post about CTA's fully electric fleet.
  5. And I bet it isn't costing as much as the Ashland BRT boondoggle would have cost.
  6. Sounds like a job for a FG operator who used to work the 88-Higgins back in the 1980s. She was very nice to passengers, but one day a car was parked in the bus stop ion Harlem avenue in front of the Blue Line (Kennedy) station on a rainy day. She pushed the car out of the way with her bus. After all passengers boarded, she pushed the car to the edge of the Kennedy entrance ramp and radioed for the police to tow the illegally parked car.
  7. I thought the exact same thing, @Mr.cta85. The 2200's were my all-time favorite railcar from the time I first rode them as a 5 year old. Can't tell you how many times my dad would wait for train after train because I wanted to ride a "new car." Years and years later when I'd make a trip back home I would always sit in a 2200 car on the Blue Line. If the train didn't have them I'd wait for the next one.
  8. Let me be the first to congratulate and thank you for that great video. History in the making, right here on the Chicago Transit Forum! Great job!!!
  9. My, how times have changed. In the 1990s ACT UP laid down in front of buses to garner attention. Now people deface the Santa's Elves train.
  10. Several years ago on a Red Line train at Grand the doors closed, the train started up, the train stopped, and a "sick passenger" announcement was made. Then I saw smoke in the station coming from the train. the guy standing next to me looked at me, said "F*** it," pulled the cherry, and we got off the train and ran up the stairs. As I was walking down State Street the fire engines were on their way. This is the first case of spontaneous human combustion I ever heard of.
  11. There's also the notion that many trainees may have never driven something as large as a 40' bus. The retired buses serve to familiarize the trainee with driving "a bus." If they happen to have a little scrape at least it is a 20 year old bus, not one of the newest buses in the fleet.
  12. rvwnsd

    More Bus Moves

    The article does not mention that the 56A began service when the Jefferson Park Transit Center was opened in 1970. When the "West-Northwest" route (as it was called back then) was extended to Jefferson Park several routes were cut into two, with the 56 Milwaukee being one of them.
  13. Don't ask. You might not like the answer!
  14. If my recollection is correct, there were many Forum members advocating for a complete closure of the Forest Park Blue Line so that it could be rehabbed. Here is a taste of what that would look like. Until the Blue Line opened to O'Hare, this was an everyday occurrence. Before that, it was the 40 - O'Harexpress between Jefferson Park and O'Hare from 1970 to 1983. This, too, shall pass.
  15. Oh, heck no! My very first job was at the McDonald's at Milwaukee and Gale. Our little store did a LOT of business thanks to the Jefferson Park terminal. I recall boarding the standing room only Higgins bus at rush hour with buses lined up to take on passengers. YES! LOVED A and B stops. It was always fun riding past stations. I felt privileged in that I boarded at either Harlem or Jefferson Park (both A/B stations) and alighted downtown or at Chicago/State (also A/B stations). When they discontinued A and B stops during the day it seemed like the trip from downtown to Harlem took an eternity. By the time they completely eliminated them, I was working full-time and appreciated the incremental time because it meant I could nap for a few additional minutes.
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