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  1. rvwnsd

    More Bus Moves

    The article does not mention that the 56A began service when the Jefferson Park Transit Center was opened in 1970. When the "West-Northwest" route (as it was called back then) was extended to Jefferson Park several routes were cut into two, with the 56 Milwaukee being one of them.
  2. Don't ask. You might not like the answer!
  3. If my recollection is correct, there were many Forum members advocating for a complete closure of the Forest Park Blue Line so that it could be rehabbed. Here is a taste of what that would look like. Until the Blue Line opened to O'Hare, this was an everyday occurrence. Before that, it was the 40 - O'Harexpress between Jefferson Park and O'Hare from 1970 to 1983. This, too, shall pass.
  4. Oh, heck no! My very first job was at the McDonald's at Milwaukee and Gale. Our little store did a LOT of business thanks to the Jefferson Park terminal. I recall boarding the standing room only Higgins bus at rush hour with buses lined up to take on passengers. YES! LOVED A and B stops. It was always fun riding past stations. I felt privileged in that I boarded at either Harlem or Jefferson Park (both A/B stations) and alighted downtown or at Chicago/State (also A/B stations). When they discontinued A and B stops during the day it seemed like the trip from downtown to Harlem took an eternity. By the time they completely eliminated them, I was working full-time and appreciated the incremental time because it meant I could nap for a few additional minutes.
  5. Jefferson Park can handle the volume. Back in the day, what is now the Blue Line terminated there, as did all but one of the current routes (91 Austin) plus the 40 O'Harexpress, 56A North Milwaukee (this was in addition to the 270) 64 Foster Lawrence (essentially, the current 81W plus a Foster component), 209 DesPlaines/Woodfield, Greyhound, and higher frequency on 88 Higgins, 68 Northwest Highway, and 85A North Central. Everyone who now rides the Blue Line past Jeff Park got off there and took a bus to continue their trip. It was fine. It will be fine now, too.
  6. Forgive the dumb question from the expat-Chicagoan, but what is so interesting about this picture?
  7. CTA certainly did a great job improving on an already great bus terminal. Looking forward to my next visit so I can see it in person. PS: I remember when it opened. Now I feel old knowing that was almost 50 years ago. šŸ˜ÆšŸ˜Š
  8. That's the funniest thing I heard all day. Thanks for the laugh!
  9. Just checked the Pace website and saw that bids have been awarded to NFI and ElDorado.
  10. One of the best transit-related headlines...ever: CTA ā€˜Lā€™ cars mate for life, like swans. Not a particularly insightful article, but the last line made it worthwhile for me.
  11. Another advantage is they give people on this forum something to argue about.
  12. Apologies for the slight diversion off topic, but I liked the speedline logo better than the coin.
  13. Additionally, a Forest Park branch renewal needs to be timed around IDOT's Eisenhower widening plans. Although the US DOT has approved the project, no funding has been committed to that project. That being said, the Illinois Medical District and UIC/Halsted stations have been (or are being) rebuilt. Regarding the attention paid to the O'Hare branch, this article from transitchicago.com provides a synopsis of the reasons why the O'Hare branch is getting attention. A quick review of the most recent ridership report (see pages 14 and 15) indicates that the O'Hare branch serves more riders on a Sunday than the Forest Park Branch serves on an average weekday. As of October, 2018 the O'Hare Branch served 22,424,964 riders while the Forest Park branch served 7,303,145 riders. The Belmont station, in particular, had 1,298,661 entries as of October 31, 2018 and O'Hare had 3,340,008. The closest Forest Park branch station is UIC/Halsted, which logged 1,429,944 entries.
  14. "Do we trade them in or something?" "Why, yes, we do. Not only that, but New Flyer is offering $1,500 cash back, zero percent financing for twelve years, and a beer cooler!"
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