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  1. Thanks! I emailed the lister and they had re-listed it. I bought it. Hope to get it this week. I expect almost all of it to be relevant to my bus. Now if I can just find a service manual!
  2. I bought this bus secondhand recently and am having trouble tracking down information on it. The Opus was made by Chance/Optima. Later Optima was bought by NABI. Then NABI was bought by New Flyer. I've sent emails to various (old?) contact addresses at all three companies with no response. The body structure was made by WrightBus, who I've contacted and refuses to provide any info. I'm hoping to find service manuals, operator manuals, specs, spare parts, or any other relevant information. A friend of a friend who works for a local transit agency suggested that I post here. PS: I'd also love
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