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  1. Summer 2019 Bus Pick

    Yes my mind said the 16th but my fingers had other ideas...🤣🤣🤣 Thanks!
  2. Summer 2019 Bus Pick

    Yes, I am aware that Routes 10 and 130 has been back in service since Memorial Day weekend and will run until Labor Day. I was referring about the other routes. But thanks.
  3. Summer 2019 Bus Pick

    So what going on with the Summer 2019 Bus Pick? Is it in effect Sunday, June 17th or Sunday, June 23rd? Aside from the usual school tripper changes and the daily beach service on the 35, 63, 72 and 78, has anything changed?
  4. Spring 2019 Rail Pick April 28th

    Ashland/63rd Red Line Rush Period Trips Discontinued Red Line Impact: Service Change Monday, April 29, 2019 to TBD Full Description: How does this affect my trip? Red Line service between Howard and Ashland/63rd will no longer operate during the morning or evening rush periods. Red Line service will run between Howard and 95th at all times. Why is service being changed? The Howard-Ashland/63rd Red Line trips are being discontinued due to the substantial completion of construction for the 95th Street Terminal Improvement Project.
  5. Spring 2019 Rail Pick April 28th

    Are there any other changes with the other lines, specifically the Blue Line rush hour service between Racine and Jefferson Park using 5000s from the Pink Line?
  6. 5000-series - Updates

    Oh wow...it's back in service?
  7. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    Will the hours of service change and will it serve Olive Harvey College?
  8. Spring 2019 Rail Pick April 28th

    Sometimes every 20 minutes between 11p and 4am due to single track work in the subway or south end.
  9. Spring 2019 Rail Pick April 28th

    840-845 Howard and 935-940 95th
  10. Spring 2019 Rail Pick April 28th

  11. Spring 2019 Rail Pick April 28th

    It looks like the Red Line will have all trains going to 95th during weekday rush hours ending its run to/from Ashland/63rd, according to the pick sheets I looked at out of Howard. Also the midnight runs will go back to 836-840.
  12. More Bus Moves

    It definitely helps with the crowds on Belmont in the PM WB between Sheridan and Kimball. I'm sure they could use more than the one trip in the AM going Eastbound That bus stays packed.
  13. 5000-series - Updates

    It appears right side up from my page. I'm not showing anything upside down. I go through my files and pick the pictures and send. That's it.
  14. 5000-series - Updates

    5087-5088 was parked in the Howard Yard earlier today and I rode 5158 leaving Howard tonight on run #939.
  15. Bus service expansions/extensions

    It seems like CTA had a meeting on extending service on the 111A Pullman Shuttle today. I'm not sure to where, but I believe service will extend north to 103rd/Stony Island to connect with the J14, 15, 26, 28, 106 and 353 bus routes.