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  1. Besides the additional school trippers and the end of the beach trips, will there be any information on any other bus changes for the fall pick?
  2. Will the CTA Fall Pick be in effect Sunday September 1st, 2019?
  3. Lol. It's only 4 or 5 days into the new schedule. I'm sure no one was implying Pace to change the 270 schedule right now. We are aware there is a process that Pace has to evaluates ridership patterns of passengers on who rides what to where, during peak and off peak times, if 30 minutes headway would be needed past Golf Mill during rush hours and other dynamics to see if a change or improvement is needed. So like everyone else, we will see if the 270 will be changed by the winter pick.
  4. I think it should be every 30 minutes to Golf Mill/Glenbrook Hospital during rush hrs and 30 minutes to Golf Mill and 60 to Glenbrook all other times from Jefferson Park.
  5. My guess is that the Pace North Shore Phase 2 changes will probably take place during the Winter pick* in late November or Early December 2019 and the 54A discontinuation may take place during the CTA Winter pick in December 2019. * unless Pace made changes to the Phase 2 plans.
  6. Hello. Just wondering on how is ridership doing on the Metra extra summer weekend trains on the BNSF, the RI and the UP-NW. I am aware that this is a trial service that started June 3rd and will end on Labor Day, Sept 2. Is the ridership moderate or heavy enough to extend or make permanent beyond that date?
  7. Looking at the 210 ridership it seems to average over 330 passengers monthly so I am curious on why service would be cut. I mean it's doing better than the 304 and 326, which will be discontinued after Friday August 9th, 2019 with averages in the 60s and 130s passenger range, respectively. I'm surprised there wasn't any uproar about the cut or is it still under consideration?
  8. Does anyone have any idea about the layout of the rebuilt station entrance will be located? Like for Lawrence, will this station have a main entrance and an auxiliary entrance on the other side of the street and another entrance at Leland? Argyle - Will this station have a main entrance and an auxiliary entrance on the other side of the street and another entrance/exit at Ainslie? Berwyn - Will the main entrance be located in the same location it is at now and a new auxiliary entrance/exit at Foster? Will a bus terminal be built since the 92 and 146 terminate @ Berwyn? Bryn Mawr - will this station have a main entrance and an auxiliary entrance on the other side of the street and a new auxiliary entrance/exit at Hollywood? I know all future stations will be 100% ADA compliant and will be up to 10 cars long and wide platforms like the rebuilt Wilson/Sunnyside Station.
  9. Yes my mind said the 16th but my fingers had other ideas...🤣🤣🤣 Thanks!
  10. Yes, I am aware that Routes 10 and 130 has been back in service since Memorial Day weekend and will run until Labor Day. I was referring about the other routes. But thanks.
  11. So what going on with the Summer 2019 Bus Pick? Is it in effect Sunday, June 17th or Sunday, June 23rd? Aside from the usual school tripper changes and the daily beach service on the 35, 63, 72 and 78, has anything changed?
  12. Ashland/63rd Red Line Rush Period Trips Discontinued Red Line Impact: Service Change Monday, April 29, 2019 to TBD Full Description: How does this affect my trip? Red Line service between Howard and Ashland/63rd will no longer operate during the morning or evening rush periods. Red Line service will run between Howard and 95th at all times. Why is service being changed? The Howard-Ashland/63rd Red Line trips are being discontinued due to the substantial completion of construction for the 95th Street Terminal Improvement Project.
  13. Are there any other changes with the other lines, specifically the Blue Line rush hour service between Racine and Jefferson Park using 5000s from the Pink Line?
  14. Oh wow...it's back in service?
  15. Will the hours of service change and will it serve Olive Harvey College?
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