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  1. Circle Line Revisited via Amazon

    If Chicago lands the Amazon HQ2 and it ends up in the Finkle/Goose Island area, would CTA revive the Circle Line in whole or in part, particularly the Northern Area that included the North/Clybourn area, the Clybourn Metra, Division/Milwaukee area and the Ashland/Lake Green/Pink Paulina connection
  2. Pace/CTA North Shore Coordination Plan

    Has there been any feedback about not having the direct connection to the Cook County Courthouse or not having service since the 205 has been discontinued and the 208 was rerouted, respectively?
  3. Supplementary 5000s on Blue next pick

    They csn use 24 cars from the Green Line since they interchange with the Pink Line. The last car report stated Pink has 50 cars 5001-5050 & Green has 152 cars 5051-5202
  4. fall 2018 changes

    Route 79 79th St service has been revised west of Western to Ford City. Last WB service from the Lakefront to Ford City is around 11:15 PM daily and the Last EB service from Ford City is around 12:20 AM daily. Service levels are unchanged between Lakefront and Western.
  5. Return of the 11 & 31 Bus

    Just a thought...I wonder with the 31st St Study, was there any thought of making it like a circulator route but having 2 endpoints...using the 31st St route from Ashland/Archer Orange to 33rd King but connecting/extending north to 26th St and connecting to the Halsted/Orange via King, 26th, serving Mercy Hospital, north to Cermak -Chinatown / McCormick Place Red Green lines, Chinatown via Wentworth and west on 26th St to Halsted/Archer Orange. U can get to 3 train lines via 26th and get to Mercy Hospital and get to IIT. Like a Bridgeport Bronzeville Circulator route. And running it 15-20 minutes from 6am/7am-to 7pm might get more ridership. Again it was just a thought.
  6. Pace Roster

  7. Pace Roster

    When will this list be updated with the 18500s? Also 6510-6512 seems to ride regularly on the 250 Dempster route out of Northwest.
  8. Pace/CTA North Shore Coordination Plan

    So what is going to happen to service from Howard/Evanston to the Cook County Courthouse since Route 205 will be discontinued? Will the 97 Skokie or 201 Central/Ridge service be extended from Old Orchard to the Cook County Courthouse during the weekday? Not too much has been mentioned about that.
  9. Pace/CTA North Shore Coordination Plan

    Any feedback from the meeting in Evanston on April 24 regarding the discontinuance of CTA Route 205 and the restructuring of Pace 208 and 213?
  10. Bus Spring Pick 2018

    looks like 77 Belmont will be using artics from Kedzie
  11. Bus Spring Pick 2018

    It seems that a few changes for the spring pick are additional services on 77 Belmont between Halsted and Belmont/Kimball Blue Line using longer buses from Kedzie* or North Park* to help with overcrowding on Belmont in the PM Rush. 62 Archer Owl service changed Monday-Friday and Saturday between the Loop and Midway Orange Line due to Orange Line running earlier on those days at 330a and 4am, respectively. 152 Addison earlier Sunday service 1st EB bus leaving Addison/Central @709am going to Waveland and 1st WB leaving Waveland/Lake Shore @747am going to Cumberland.
  12. Bus Spring Pick 2018

    Is there any information regarding the upcoming Spring Pick?
  13. Pace/CTA North Shore Coordination Plan

    The 206 Route service hours have been reduced to later AM start time (20 to 30 min)and earlier AM end time 45-60 min earlier)...while PM end time is about 90 min earlier Effective 12/18/17
  14. December 2017 Bus Pick

    Well, it looks like the Winter 2017 pick is upon us. It seems the 169 69th UPS Express added a few trips for crowd relief and shift changes and the reduction of the 206 Evanston Circular has started to take effect starting later and ending earlier in the AM and just ending earlier in the PM. I guess the duplication of service on Dodge and Central doesn't get a lot of riders...unless it's related to ETHS Trips.
  15. Changes are coming

    Is there any information regarding the public hearings held for the Metra Electric proposed schedule revision for the main line and the So. Chicago and Blue Island branches???