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  1. Spring 2019 Rail Pick April 28th

    Ashland/63rd Red Line Rush Period Trips Discontinued Red Line Impact: Service Change Monday, April 29, 2019 to TBD Full Description: How does this affect my trip? Red Line service between Howard and Ashland/63rd will no longer operate during the morning or evening rush periods. Red Line service will run between Howard and 95th at all times. Why is service being changed? The Howard-Ashland/63rd Red Line trips are being discontinued due to the substantial completion of construction for the 95th Street Terminal Improvement Project.
  2. Spring 2019 Rail Pick April 28th

    It looks like the Red Line will have all trains going to 95th during weekday rush hours ending its run to/from Ashland/63rd, according to the pick sheets I looked at out of Howard. Also the midnight runs will go back to 836-840.
  3. Spring 2019 Rail Pick April 28th

    Are there any other changes with the other lines, specifically the Blue Line rush hour service between Racine and Jefferson Park using 5000s from the Pink Line?
  4. Spring Pick 2016

    Well, it might be a little early to talk about this but there is a rumor that 74th might be sharing the 9/X9 Ashland and Ashland Express with Kedzie. It would be cool to see Artics on Ashland. Kedzie also be giving up 120, 121 and 157 routes to garages TBA. I heard this today from a Kedzie operator while I was at Belmont.
  5. 5000-series - Updates

    Oh wow...it's back in service?
  6. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    Will the hours of service change and will it serve Olive Harvey College?
  7. Spring 2019 Rail Pick April 28th

    Sometimes every 20 minutes between 11p and 4am due to single track work in the subway or south end.
  8. Spring 2019 Rail Pick April 28th

    840-845 Howard and 935-940 95th
  9. Spring 2019 Rail Pick April 28th

  10. More Bus Moves

    It definitely helps with the crowds on Belmont in the PM WB between Sheridan and Kimball. I'm sure they could use more than the one trip in the AM going Eastbound That bus stays packed.
  11. 5000-series - Updates

    It appears right side up from my page. I'm not showing anything upside down. I go through my files and pick the pictures and send. That's it.
  12. 5000-series - Updates

    5087-5088 was parked in the Howard Yard earlier today and I rode 5158 leaving Howard tonight on run #939.
  13. Metra wish list.

    I found some interesting information regarding Metra down the road improvements especially regarding the Rock Island. Check it out. http://www.ctariders.org/Metra-s--5-billion-plan-for-improvements.html
  14. Bus service expansions/extensions

    It seems like CTA had a meeting on extending service on the 111A Pullman Shuttle today. I'm not sure to where, but I believe service will extend north to 103rd/Stony Island to connect with the J14, 15, 26, 28, 106 and 353 bus routes.
  15. 5000-series - Updates

    Rode in 5100 going SB towards 95th from Howard with Red Purple Yellow map inside.
  16. CTA 'L' Rosters

    It seems like the Pink Line trains are jammed packed during the rush hours. As a suggestion why not run 6 cars during the rush hours? Since Pink/Green interchange rail cars like Red/Purple/Yellow, it should be doable. Example, if Pink Line runs 8 or 9 trains @ 4 car consist during rush hours it would only need 16-18 additional cars or 2 more cars per consist making it 48-54 cars in revenue service. Pink has 50 cars assigned on its yard. You have 16 borrowed Red cars for Blue Line short turn Racine to Jeff Park. 54th yard can hold an estimated 100 cars if my memory serves me right. So including up to 3 spare cars, you can maybe store 10-20 cars or 'interchange' 18 more cars from Green during rush hour. Would that be possible to do?
  17. 95th Red Line Station Rebuild

    Since the platform is under both the North and South bus terminals, will the trains stop under both sides arriving and departing the station?
  18. CTA 'L' Rosters

    I was just curious, since it list (50) 5001-5050 on the Pink Line and not the 16 transferred from the Red as it still says 5203-5400 on the Red Line assignment list.
  19. December 2018 Bus Changes

    Happy Holidays to all. Since the 95th Street North bus terminal is scheduled to open Jan 4, 2019, does anyone have a map of where and how the buses will operate through the terminal? Which buses will serve the North terminal, and which buses will serve the South terminal?
  20. CTA 'L' Rosters

    Questions....are the 16 5200 cars that was transferred from the Red to the Pink to run on the Blue Line from Racine to Jeff Park during rush hours still listed officially as Red Line equipment or are they considered Pink Line equipment, even though they run Blue?? And are the 2 AM and 1 PM trips helping the crush loads or would they consider running an additional trip...i.e. Racine to Jeff Pk, Jeff Patk to UIC, UIC to Jeff Park and then Jeff Park to Racine?
  21. Pace/CTA North Shore Coordination Plan

    Has there been any feedback about not having the direct connection to the Cook County Courthouse or not having service since the 205 has been discontinued and the 208 was rerouted, respectively?
  22. fall 2018 changes

    Route 79 79th St service has been revised west of Western to Ford City. Last WB service from the Lakefront to Ford City is around 11:15 PM daily and the Last EB service from Ford City is around 12:20 AM daily. Service levels are unchanged between Lakefront and Western.
  23. Return of the 11 & 31 Bus

    Just a thought...I wonder with the 31st St Study, was there any thought of making it like a circulator route but having 2 endpoints...using the 31st St route from Ashland/Archer Orange to 33rd King but connecting/extending north to 26th St and connecting to the Halsted/Orange via King, 26th, serving Mercy Hospital, north to Cermak -Chinatown / McCormick Place Red Green lines, Chinatown via Wentworth and west on 26th St to Halsted/Archer Orange. U can get to 3 train lines via 26th and get to Mercy Hospital and get to IIT. Like a Bridgeport Bronzeville Circulator route. And running it 15-20 minutes from 6am/7am-to 7pm might get more ridership. Again it was just a thought.
  24. Pace Roster

  25. Pace Roster

    When will this list be updated with the 18500s? Also 6510-6512 seems to ride regularly on the 250 Dempster route out of Northwest.