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  1. We have three at south shops. press release should be soon.
  2. add 1515 to the list have it right now.
  3. pace2322

    More Bus Moves

    Because i was getting off at work lastnight and two drivers from Chicago where taking 4107& 4077.
  4. pace2322

    More Bus Moves

    Chicago ave. will be getting the un wrap 4000s from 103rd.
  5. We have 1018 and 1252 at 103rd.
  6. Also five 4300s are out of service right now.
  7. But 1000s in not that same 1000s The 1000s now was make in 2007 the other 1000s was 2005.
  8. pace2322

    More Bus Moves

    I think once we get more 4300s the 26 will see more 60ft buses, To we get more 60ft buses somedays it hard to make pullout for the 6 and J14 with a 60ft bus. When i pullout around three pm on weekdays all that is left most of the time is 40ft buses, But yet still have 8 to 10 pullouts that need 60ft buses.
  9. pace2322

    More Bus Moves

    That is right it turns like a 30ft bus with the back end just follows you. I like a 60 ft bus better on a good no snow day then a 40ft one. But it it snows well then give me a 40 ft bus.
  10. pace2322

    More Bus Moves

    That turn is better with a 4300 then a 1000s i think i should know!
  11. 4085 was not un wrap had that bus tonight, Also we still have 4064 and 4065 on our bus list as of today..
  12. What routes you work?
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