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  1. I'd sure hope so, the turn around at Chicago and Austin has been under construction for weeks.
  2. As @chicagocubs6323 said, it was originally here just to show the higher ups a general idea of what CTA will be getting, but after the 2 or 3 days of special visitors to the garage, the bus has just sat there taking up space.
  3. Yeah, everyone i ask still isn't 100% sure why the bus is still there.
  4. This is the bus at Chicago. The charger for the new flyer is not the same as the Proterra charger. The bus came with its own "rescue vehicle" a Chevy pickup truck with a charger strapped to the bed, it's the only way to charge the bus. This bus is still Proterra property. Demo only. They aren't even doing training on this bus because its "old technology". The tech is moving so fast in electric technology that after 6 to 12 months it's obsolete.
  5. The Proterra Demo bus has been sitting at Chicago ave for a couple weeks now. Lots of construction at the garage to put in the infrastructure to support the new buses.
  6. Chicago Ave will have 20 Proterra's in September. The Proterra Demo bus is currently sitting in the Chicago Ave garage.
  7. No one said anything about trying to beat a red light camera. Artthouwill just said that going slower increases the likelihood of getting a ticket. Fun fact about Chicago, yellow lights in Chicago don't actually mean "be prepared to stop". The only thing they mean is a warning the light is going to turn red. That being said CTA management tends to follow the policy that there are no yellow lights, only green and red, meaning if the light isn't green you stop.
  8. No they are all still in the boneyard at 77th street.
  9. yeah chicago sent like 15 buses to other garages on friday night.
  10. BusGuy248

    More Bus Moves

    1000-1004 moved from FG to Chicago.
  11. Sounds about right to me
  12. Rumor I heard was CTA wanted Gillig to add a bunch of shit to their buses and Gillig basically said yeah we arent doing that our buses come as they are. Gillig walked away from CTA.
  13. BusGuy248

    More Bus Moves

    I don't recall exact bus numbers but they were somewhere between 1730 and 1750
  14. BusGuy248

    More Bus Moves

    Could be but Chicago also sent 12 buses to FG
  15. BusGuy248

    More Bus Moves

    8224-8235 moved from FG to Chicago
  16. Couldn't have been a CTA mechanic bus is too new. So far the prevailing theory is improper installation (harness wasnt fastened correctly) from factory.
  17. The engine harness caught fire. Not an actual engine fire
  18. It's not nearly as bad as #4333. It will be out of service for awhile but it looks repairable
  19. 8194 from Chicago was towed to the shops the other day due to a fire in the engine compartment. Bus only had 900 miles on it. CTA has sent out as few new Nova's as possible while the cause (and solution to) the fire is investigated.
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