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  1. 8325-Series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    Buses don’t go to the South Shop for farebox repairs. Fareboxes are fixed at the garage the bus is assigned to.
  2. Random CTA

    It was the result of the high winds and the slippery road conditions.
  3. A 2006 D40LF with A different Sign

    What was different about the destination sign?
  4. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    It’s a vent for something cause the current Novas that are in service have the same vent. It’s just a different shape cut into the body
  5. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    I have never seen a sign on a CTA bus that states that. Also its not the operator who wants the bus packed to the doors, its CTA who ignores federal regulations on that issue. It’s a complete safety hazard with passengers blocking the right side mirror with their heads and bumping into the operator’s body/arm.
  6. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    The Nova buses will still operate normally when the driver’s door is open, but it becomes a safety issue cause of it swinging. The door is required to be secure at all times the bus is in service.
  7. More Bus Moves

    The 8300’s were not loaned to Chicago for the 4th of July. FG was helping out Chicago for the heavy passenger load. FG operators, FG buses, all pulled out of FG to start Route 66.
  8. 3091 yard move

    This TMC was at FG for awhile before being at Skokie Shops. Unit number is TI-2
  9. Clever device question

    Yes there is an option in the Clever Device to change the destination for short turns, but it is not something that can be done swiftly as you put it. So alot of operators don't cause it's easier just to tell people verbally and get back on schedule.
  10. Clever device question

    If the engine is restarted right away the display won't turn back on. The only thing the driver did wrong was he should of waited for about a minute before restarting. On the new Novas this doesn't have to be done.
  11. Fall Pick 2016

    Sunday September 4th is when the new schedule goes into effect.
  12. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    This is correct cause all of the New Flyers at FG have a manufacturer date of 2006 on the rating plate.
  13. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    Mechanical wise when you hear the whine noise pitch up is when it goes into temporary neutral, which that's where it's suppose to stay, when you hear the whine noise pitch down that's when it engages into drive.
  14. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    That noise you hear is the transmission kicking in and out of natural. It's suppose to go into temporary neutral when the bus comes to a complete stop with the brake pedal applied. Hence why the bus is rocking back and forth.