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  1. Why don't they actually inspect them properly before they trash them? I'll bet that bus caught on fire bc of wiring and there being a air leak in the seat. The seats are always leaking air.
  2. What were the route names and what did they do? As for the United route, what purpose did it serve? I imagine it took passengers to the United Terminal at O'Hare. As well, what was it's route path?
  3. Do we have a estimate of when all 6000 Novas will be scrapped?
  4. Anyone know what the long slender plastic thing is? I'm not referring to either the PA Mic or the Handset.
  5. Its the front door interlock. I don't think it senses when the door is closed.
  6. Well, I had 8303 recently. It was a great bus until, I was at a service stop pulling away from the curb when I try to accelerate & it wasn't accelerating. After a few seconds it kicked in. So I just assume it had a slow take off, no biggie. Then further down the street it happened again, though this time it wouldn't accelerate for about 15 - 25 seconds. Well a supervisor saw me, came over, restarted the battery & we were good to go. Well further down the street it happens again but for short lengths of time as I pull away from the curb. I finally noticed what was happening. The front d
  7. Gosh, I work over at FG, I didn't realize we still have that many 6000 series Novas. I've mostly been getting 8200s & Flyers.
  8. What about Daimler? We've never seen any of theirs here. Why is that?
  9. I drove 8282 today, after 896. Great Bus! It even had the manufacturer wrapping on the phone handle. Though, it had the ATC light blinking all night. It was semi-annoying & needs fixed. That seems to be a common problems on these 8200s.
  10. I operate out of FG, those old Novas are still around for sure. Most of the ones left are in fair to good condition. There are a few remaining that should be scrapped, but those are only a few of the remaining 6400 Series. Most of the 8200s of the 8000 series are in excellent condition. Though there are a few with quirks. One bus has slow front doors to open, ATC light coming on, & a bell cord getting stuck at the pulled position. All on the same bus. Others the breaks are a little sensitive but the 82s are still vastly improved upon from those 81s at Chicago. So all in all Nova has listen
  11. Sat night I saw 8207 on 81. Their definitely moving them around.
  12. They never had those panels opened at Chicago. So I didn't even know that panel was there. Do you think these will be accessible to operators when these buses are in service? I don't think so.
  13. No there's not a kill switch like there is on the old novas, flyers, & artic's. I fixed the problem myself so I had to be outside with the doors closed. So to do that I had to use the butterfly to release the pressure at the front doors so they'd open so I could go out & close backs myself.
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