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  1. I believe it was an uppercased, dot-matrix font for higher visibility of the word STOP, so cars will know that the bus has stopped
  2. Looks like CTA is bringing back the classic 'STOP' light at the rear. I remember when I was little, like early 2000s little, I saw them on one of the Flxible buses (several years before retirement)
  3. OMG, 6843 on the 76 on a Saturday?! This is probably due to some Novas/New Flyers being used as Blue Line shuttles from JP to Harlem (It's split into half) and they will need to use a few of the older Novas on some FG-based routes.
  4. Well it had to be played manually after Clever Device received an upgrade around 2014-2015 but now it's set to automatic again
  5. This is one of the signs of the summer pick: they brought back the "Please help keep the CTA clean" announcement today. I heard it on bus #8328 route 29 just now
  6. Discovered the #8342 IRL at Kedzie last Tuesday
  7. Here's a vid of the new screen test bus #7902 I took this afternoon 0509191410.mp4
  8. I see now.. I discovered a photo from the other day at night
  9. There's #7902 (transferred from 7 to C) on Madison. What?! Is this a temporary loaner or permanent move?
  10. The Nova's are going to Kedzie?! This is amazingly rare When will it occur?
  11. *I caught the new #8347 on Diversey (see photo above). Yes, they have been placed to FG now.
  12. Yes, the new buses are assigned to Forest Glen. I knew that was expected to occur in the past several weeks.
  13. GUYS!!! Just caught #8347 on the #76!!!! A rare catch! The 8325s are now in service!
  14. Johnny 5

    More Bus Moves

    The driver had to put #6564 out of service and #8267 was the transfer bus 😡
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