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  1. METRA Locomotive Wish List

    In Metra's wish list they wanted to convert DC motors to AC motors. On which locomotives did they plan on doing this? The F40's seem to take off just fine, being they run at notch 8, but do the 400's have DC motors? They take off slow and if they do have DC then AC could help them off the line like the F40's.
  2. Metra wish list.

    I understand that a special coupler is needed but what would supply hotel power for these electric cars. When you posted that switcher pulling highliner, the switcher doesn’t have HEP generator to supple hotel power for doors + AC etc. I remember when metra sold old highliners to a rail company that had plans to use them as gallery cars but found out that they could only be dragged down the rail. Since there was no way to provide brake pressure and 3 phase for hotel power. This makes sense as each car has everything it’s need and you really just need pa communication and train control to make sure all cars are in sequence for the run. It’s almost same principle as the budd rail diesel car.
  3. Metra wish list.

    Train man are you sure? Since these are MTU I never seen them with air hoses, power 3 phase connectors. Am I missing something
  4. Metra wish list.

    This is a great idea, I wonder if they could put brake and 3 phase connectors as in a hybrid system for certain situations. Or just have future diesel cars with drop floors to accommodate me platforms in extreme emergencies
  5. Metra wish list.

    I was referring back in the late 80’ SS had to borrow equipment from metra for a while they stored it downtown millennium. My point is this, it would be nice if metra could run a diesel train when days of extreme cold. Like I said they could run to Van B and drop off passengers to avoid Smokey millennium station, but the platform is the issue.
  6. Metra wish list.

    Wow ⚡️ district is down and out. Too bad the platforms are too high, metra could of ran a diesel train from van b to up. Hmmm SS borrowed metra 126 for a while, I wonder if it was just service from Chicago to Indiana with no stops in between. I’m just wondering if they stopped say 55-56-57th how did they board passengers at platform level
  7. Metra wish list.

    Was the initial shut down due to this or a wire problem some where else? It’s seems there was a wire issue and then this problem after. I saw that picture and OMG looks like a long time to fix!!
  8. Metra wish list.

    Well idk if they should electrify any lines!!! During these rare circumstances, ME and SS are disabled due to wire problems. At least the diesels are chugging along.
  9. METRA Locomotive Wish List

    Saw PHI59 yesterday in union station
  10. Metra wish list.

    If RID went electric they would have to redesign the gallery area. Current ME cars have a single cut out for ground platforms and all of RID is street level vs raised platform level. Also it would be nice if these cars could be longer due to electrical equipment taking up some room on the bi level. I know some conductors prefer the electric as it’s easier to reconfigure the cars, snapped together and your all set.
  11. Locomotive 98 and 99

    If metra got the funds they wanted to buy new locomotives.. which kind would they get? Would be nice to see some Siemens chargers on the line. What are your thoughts on this?
  12. METRA Locomotive Wish List

    When you say crapped out, do you mean electrical problems HEP or issue with cab controls on inbound run. Also I noticed a lot of MP36’s rusting on the rears lately
  13. Random Metra

    If your walking up and out of Metra side walk toward the Auntie Anne and hang a left.. there is the south shore side. It is much easier to access and takes less effort then Metra side. ME is the only line in which going in bound to city you have to climb stairs to get to platform and then once downtown more stairs it’s crazy. Only good thing is headed out bound everything is down. I don’t know why they were using south shore today.
  14. Random Metra

    Today Metra was using the south shore side to unload. I never knew how easy they had it.. just walk off and in the station with in a few seconds. How lucky!!
  15. Metra and PTC

    I think going forward the mechanical problem will be used more. Once I left the station and HEP dies and train stop. The fix the issue and go on. Then the other day we are pulling up to lake bluff and lights cut off for a second.