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  1. Metra and PTC

    I think going forward the mechanical problem will be used more. Once I left the station and HEP dies and train stop. The fix the issue and go on. Then the other day we are pulling up to lake bluff and lights cut off for a second.
  2. Metra and PTC

    Metra lies... I remember one Saturday on 2:35pm to Waukegan.... it was heavy loading and clybourn and ravens wood ..the late message said it was due to track construction 🚧 LOL lies all the time
  3. Random Metra

    At KYD two old high liners appeared, parked in front of the garage door. Anyone know what’s going on with these? *** update saw this set on overhead power last night hmmm... wonder what’s in store for these
  4. Random Metra

    On car 7864 still has this lol.
  5. METRA Locomotive Wish List

    Amtrack 77 at KYD yard looks as if switcher 4 just dropped it off as he was locking the yard gate.
  6. METRA Locomotive Wish List

    Here is a little history on those two! https://youtu.be/I7CZdQNQPyw
  7. METRA Locomotive Wish List

    Amtrak 454 and 450 at KYD today
  8. Metra, Oswego, and earmarks

    I was on BNSF last wed heading toward the city and there were crew members counting on how many people got on and off
  9. Random Metra

    Sorry up north
  10. Random Metra

    On the UP line going north past clyborn looks the a new track is almost complete across the river bridge. It looks like track would go as far as near the next bridge. My question is will this extended further or is this only a siding? It just appears if this was part of the main line that it would be a bottle neck due to angle of track.
  11. CTA Rail Service Alerts

    Any one know what happened yesterday in the loop with all the reroutes? Pink line was no where to be found, red line was above ground, and to go from washington/wabash to clinton on a harlem train took 25 minutes. It was chaos yesterday, the conductor was fighting back with people over the PA system.
  12. Random Metra

    MED is having power issues better take rock island train at 11:45pm
  13. From what I have heard, the PTC system has to be reprogrammed with how many cars/locomotives and the route/line/run itself. I believe it only takes 5-10 minutes to program it.
  14. I think he was referring to the additional time to reprogram the PTC computer has made the schedules off.
  15. CTA 'L' Rosters

    I could of sworn I saw a 3200 series train yesterday while I was on metra NCS line