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  1. Random Metra

    The Tennesse RTA has got to be using some of the oldest cab cars!!!
  2. Random Metra

    I notice sometimes when I use Ventra and Apple Pay to purchase a ticket... sometime my debit card will pop up an alert via Apple Pay for a different amount. Example ticket is 7.25 but alert will say 10.00 Ventra... Anyone else notice this?
  3. Random Metra

    Were they a one off type of gallery car? I see nothing else similar to them in the fleet. They seem tighter inside than say the carbon steel cars which I believe are from 1950 but i could be wrong
  4. Random Metra

    Quick question.... how old are the bnsf gallery cars that are branded BNSF with each car with 3 digit numbers?
  5. Random Metra

    USB ports and all?
  6. Metra 553, 555

    I normally ride the train with this car and see a few people enter it... My Question is what stop do these people get off on at? I ride in the car right after it and we always pass the station to make sure rear is on. When I get off at Waukegan the private car still isn't accessible. just curious
  7. Metra Electric Highliners

    Thanks Richard for all the detailed information you really gave me a good idea about the situation. When I was referring to the SouthShore equipment it was information that I received from motor man on CTA 4391 street car... I had asked him before I found you on here. I was going to stop by today but got sidetracked with other things. Keep me in the loop on any updates on the highliners.. drop me a PM Take Care, Rich
  8. Metra Electric Highliners

    Thanks for that
  9. CTA power control

    ohhh thats right.. thanks for the info
  10. CTA power control

    Question is the third rail isolated in some way? I always saw the 3rd rail as continuous aka bonded line rail. I do see third rail is fed at various points but does the power travel a certain length and then die off. Just trying to get an idea about how it works.
  11. Metra Electric Highliners

    Just got back from IRM... was hoping to catch a ride on the old highliners... they had them parked in siding ugh lol. Anyways I asked if they have ever ran them.. he says that old highliners and Southshore cars are slow as dogs due to the them running on 1500 vs 600 at IRM. But one interesting thing is there are several youtube videos of them running by the depots and mainlines at IRM but at certain points the pantographs will just go down. I didn't understand why this happened, but strange thing is the car still had its headlamps running and the car appeared to be moving with no slow down.
  12. Metra ex CNW bilevels

    Hmmm you mentioned the F40c's this is interesting. It would be nice if metra could get these rehabbed and back into full service. I always liked them because they were unique in many ways. Anyways
  13. Metra Electric Highliners

    I’ve seen some on a siding on rock island mail line I believe and more in libertyville siding
  14. Metra Ticketing

    Any word on the weekend pass flex time? There was a poll that was due to the increase of the weekend pass that it would or can be used Friday after rush hour. Any hope that this will be piloted? I doubt it now but curious.
  15. Random Metra

    What is meant when automated system says conductor please report to the customer service car. I was UP north line and this message has come on twice going and coming.