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  1. Wow seems like they just got them. Any upgrades for the rebuild
  2. Did metra ship back 97 and 99? Was it only a lease?
  3. It is 456 you are correct. It’s was previously sitting in the yard sanded down completely
  4. I present Metra 79 in full paint scheme!!
  5. It was 8400 series car or maybe 8500 it was on the rock island line.
  6. Don’t remember was on ri line
  7. They might be vacuum toilets... they use a lot of air pressure and have very small bowls and are slow to flush. I don't understand how they thought this was a good idea for a replacement.. it just feels like these will break down or do not flush very well
  8. New toilets? They are noisy!
  9. Hey Trainman got a question for you... the other day I got to union station 20 minutes earlier 3:40pm I looked for NCS and there it stated track 5. I wait and wait and a train pulls up.. conductor says not NCD MDN leaving at 4:16. confused I go check the board again and it’s stating NCS on track 5 and at this point people are waiting on track 5 for NCS while MDN passengers load. Check board again and now it’s showing track 13.. of course NCS is filed up with no seats anywhere.. I gave up and went back to track 5 caught the MD-N line. Are the track number assigned on the fly or Pre assigned? I wanted to avoid this again
  10. Yeah I think we need to complain to someone about this. It just doesn't make any sense to have a full train and only use one car or pick the middle cars to load. BNSF does this too on some trains.. but they load the usable cars on the platform so you don't have to walk far.
  11. I hate the Rock Island line at night time. Why do the conductors bother to fill up one car like sardines, then open other car later. Why not just open two cars like every other normal line.
  12. When im on NCS some time it opened up to many 4 track sections
  13. Well that’s good to hear that she is doing good. It sucks that these older trains are not doing so hot.
  14. I know they wanted to repaint them at some point.. but they could of just painted all of them the Surfliner colors and have it be a one off. Now we have this one in three colors...
  15. The top by the window and the bottom were left brown from cascades. In person it looks terrible.. would of came out better painting over the Amtrak logo and replace it with Metra
  16. Talk about a rush paint job lol
  17. Yeah I tried to contact her on Youtube and Twitter but haven't heard anything.. hope she's ok
  18. Yeah probably so... I saw 215 parked in a 3 header with 611 614 and some old repainted VRE cars in the yard. Theres a lady on youtube METX210 that will be devastated.. she was really into 210 and even gave the loco birthday party dedications
  19. From what I saw via a twitter picture it looked to be 210
  20. Yeah they do its a level platform and cars have no steps other than a cut out stair case for grade/ground level. I actually hate the ME line due to call of hassles to get to the platform and to exit the station. The station I get on you have to go through two - three ramps and or about a 20 step stair case. Then when you get down town you have another long steep ramp or 25 step stair case and then about a 15 step stair case out to the street. It sucks exp when your trying to catch a train, leaving or going. Union station is the same way, but I understand as it accommodates a lot of different trains... and their platforms are super long. I think the best or easiest stations are OTC and Lasalle street station.
  21. Here is a response from a question asked on the bi level May edition Looks can be deceiving. While the locomotives you see every day look the same from the outside as what’s been operating on our lines for decades, we are actually in the middle of a major rehab program to overhaul our F40PH fleet with remanufactured engines and emission upgrades to name a few of the improvements. Of the 27 locomotives that have returned to service following rehab, 14 are assigned to the BNSF, more than any other Metra line. By the time you read this, one more rehabbed locomotive will be assigned to service on the BNSF, bringing the number to 15. As for the locomotives purchased from Amtrak that we’ve been placing into service since late last year, they are equipped with different components. For efficiency’s sake when it comes to parts and maintenance, the current plan is to assign those to our Milwaukee District lines. *****
  22. Yeah the La train cars are pretty interesting indeed! I think the reason the platforms are not raised is because the lines run at ground level. Now on ME line it’s raised and the stations are above ground level also.
  23. Oh wow.. I say some money is better than no money.. I would just go ahead and fill the order for a new ones. If they are going to rebuild them.. might as well rebuild 611 or 614.. put everything back in service then.. they got the money now. Question.. when the 100 series engines go in for rehab.. what will fill in for them??
  24. I like the SC-44... I have seen a lot lately and they are quiet, fast, and very aero dynamic. Also, they have modern lighting system with LED or Bi-Xenon which I'm sure it better for the engineer. Im not a big fan the MP locomotives, they take off slow and it seems like that leads to being late all the time I believe. I think its time for Metra to get together a list of requirements, specs, options etc and bid out a request for a custom locomotive. That will probably take some time to accomplish but maybe a better option, vs adapting something from someone else. I personally would choose the SC-44.
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