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  1. More 6000's repatriated??

    Upon METICULOUS review, the CTA film sequence above shows that SB PCC train to be one of the trolley pole-equipped 6000-series pairs used on the Evanston Express in that time: 6123-6130. Look closely, you'll notice the slightly different window curtain and you can see the plate above the storm door where the original rollsign box was (later the headlight). Don't know if someone knows how the "capture" the image. Also, much later in the same show a 1962-era CTA Flxible is seen passing "Bob's" office building in the Loop.
  2. More 6000's repatriated??

    Check the first few seconds of this Season 3 episode (1974-75) and you'll see the train of 4000s off to the right. Obviously filmed as part of the 1972 pilot sequence. MTM must have been all over the place at Isbella that day. Probably sometime in early 1972 (circa March, no background greenery yet) I would guess. "Bob" was supposed to be getting off the 1-50 (um, inbound, signed for Howard) that was entering Isabella. So there he is, still 55 blocks from home and it looks like he musta woke up at Linden after reading his paper. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x575o84
  3. More 6000's repatriated??

    ...and Bob! Skokie Shops, Wednesday morning. Merry Christmas, Chicago!
  4. More 6000's repatriated??

    Meet Emily! Tuesday afternoon, Skokie Shops.
  5. More 6000's repatriated??

    Emily is indeed safe at home! She arrived Tuesday afternoon. Bob oughta be along within a coupla days.
  6. More 6000's repatriated??

    Emily is on the move Monday, November 27. Might already be home.
  7. More 6000's repatriated??

    Looks like Emily will be home first. Bob comes in later. Home To Emily {Bob Newhart Show}.mp3
  8. More 6000's repatriated??

    Anything could happen in time.
  9. More 6000's repatriated??

    6101 and 6102 will be just fine and don't need any parts, just some time and TLC.
  10. More 6000's repatriated??

    44 is at the National Museum of Transport near St. Louis and part of its operating fleet. 6711 and 6712 are also at the National Museum of Transport, but not in its operational fleet. As far as I recall, the A/C on 6711 wasn't working, and I don't think it was present (don't remember) when I first "met" the pair as assigned to Evanston (Purple) about 1979. The "George Washington" held its bi-centennial colors very well, perhaps attributable to relatively low mileage at Evanston in those years (rush hours only). It was one pair of 50 or so 6000's that were extensively rehabilitated between 1985 and 1988, then retired together off the Ravenswood (Brown) in 1992. Its time in St. Louis was uninteresting, but the cars have been hiding inside a shed for a quarter-century and are still well-preserved for their age.
  11. More 6000's repatriated??

    Not quite accurate, now that you brought it up. CTA (1-50) 44 is operated at the National Museum of Transport outside St. Louis. 6711-12 from there were used to provide a few parts for it and another vehicle. The missing parts are not critical and can be replaced easily. The condition of 6101 and 02 is what I hear as well, but again it's just a matter of time to repair and how that fits in with CTA's available resources.

    1) The outside fund raising issue, and by that meaning something way more purposeful than a simple "Go Fund Me" page, has been broached, but so far (to my knowledge) no leadership is apparent from either the CTA or Chicagoland railfan spheres. This is unfortunate! In my humble opinion, it definitely deserves focus and discussion, for future stability if not only to meet present needs without compromising CTA's longer-term commitment to its Heritage Fleet. 2) It also appeared uncertain, at last report, exactly "who" will perform the necessary work until sufficient of the current employee force gets up to speed on the technological nature of CTA's "PCC" generation. Last I was aware, CTA's PCC-knowledgable mechanical people had departed into retirement years ago. IIRC, the three cars brought back from IRM for the movie way back when were restored to basic operation before they arrived at Skokie and then underwent further inspection prior to being released for "use." Hopefully the various parties would work any issues out (if there are any) in a mutually cooperative manner. 3) Harking up to the legalities discussion, the "MBTA lawsuit" involved a Wrongful Death claim against the T from a scrapping contractor, one of whose personnel was unknowingly and fatally "poisoned" by breathing in fumes from the asbestos insulation on PCC car wiring as the cars were cut up with acetylene torches in an uncontrolled environment. The heretofore unrecognized "transgression" which generated the legal action took place in 1983.
  13. Evanston Third Rail or Trolley?

    Checking a 1958 CTA track diagram, it notes "Trolley in Terminal," obviously after the changes made in December 1957. That in turn supports an early 1960s photo of 4000s at Linden Yard, poles down and obviously powered by third rail. So, we can conclude the yard was NOT strung with overhead prior to November 1973, just the terminal (platform) tracks. Chicago "L".org says the extension of third rail from Howard to South Blvd. occurred on July 6, 1963.
  14. Evanston Third Rail or Trolley?

    Staying on this topic, regardless of use by 6000s: I found a 1945 CRT track diagram showing Linden terminal in Wilmette, with the North Shore (i.e. Chicago & Milwaukee) still there. The North Shore did indeed stay under overhead to its OWN station platforms on the north side of Linden Ave., until closure in 1955. The NS alignment diverged due northward at Maple Ave., one block south of LInden. Therefore the 1928 Linden terminal was exclusively a CRT operation with third rail power. That buttresses my conclusion it was done that way to simplify all the necessary yard moves in an out of the CRT terminal I'm sure others are saying "No Kidding!" but it was all way before my time.

    Do you notice the third rail through Isabella station as well? According to the assignment log, trolley pole-equipped 6123-30 were on the EV (Purple) from November 1955 thru October 1957. Given the fullness of the trees in the background, a guess for that pic would be September of 1957 or thereabouts. It may have been a test of the new overhead.