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  1. Hiring Process

    Just wanted to update that I finally ended up completing the hiring process after about 8 months...lol. Currently down at 89th St completing car repairer training then will be moving to Rosemont shop. Glad i stayed patient and didnt look for another employer!
  2. Hiring Process

    Lol ironically enough, I got an email shortly after posting this saying I passed and will be contacted by the talent department sometime in the next four weeks :^) Guess I just had a little too much post-quiz anxiety haha. I was up against about 25ish people today, but I'm not sure if that was the total number of applicants or just today's session. Hoping the interview process goes well, and that my background check comes through fast! I have a Secret clearance with the DoD, so I'm hoping that will speed things along, and not delay them by having the DoD start asking questions...
  3. Hiring Process

    Not sure if this has been covered anywhere else, but I cannot post a new thread so I figured I would drop my question in here as it is related to the hiring process. Anybody know the percentage necessary to "pass" the railcar repairer electronics test? I'm thinking I got at least an 85, potentially higher if the questions I didn't know the answer to were correct guesses, but I'm worried that I didn't score high enough. The lady administering the test said "it's a hard test," but didn't give a percentage that was required to get an interview. Pretty excited to have the opportunity to work for CTA but I hope I didn't blow it on the test!