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  1. No longer pulling into the YMCA, Tony's, etc. really hurt the elderly and disabled Free Bus riders, which is the majority of ridership. This will most likely be changed back. Also, cutting service in the afternoon by an hour (the 411 used to stop going northbound at about 5 pm) to give service earlier in the morning doesn't appear to be helpful either to the main riders.
  2. No point of changing the 85, especially to Caldwell?!. It's Forest Glen's garage feeder that takes drivers to FG's east-west routes.
  3. The CTA made transfer to the Blue Line immediate as the Pink Line enters the loop. The Pink Line used to be a branch on the Blue Line and their was fuss over the inconvenience the change would make, so they made transfer to the Blue Line right as you enter the loop at Clark/Lake.
  4. Any 5000 pair in Howard yard can be used on the Yellow line; everyday its a random bunch of them. Also, 2891-2892 have been used on the Yellow line recently as well.
  5. 6518 has a white destination sign.
  6. If MTA can do it, or the CTA with rail cars, then it can be done. CHBM (or IRM, if CHBM folded and they took some of their buses) can take the initiative and organize it with the CTA, since the CTA won't think about it themselves.
  7. With the historic rail cars 4271-72 being used in regular service a few times, I wondered if the same could be done with historic buses. Has CHBM ever ran a historic bus on a regular bus route like we saw on the Yellow line with the rail cars? Would it be a feasible idea for CHBM to do this?
  8. The 6951 showing up in Niles is Eldorado 2644.
  9. I would gladly welcome a return of the RTS to the CTA. Jajuan, obviously Millenium Transit won't have a 60 foot articulated bus ready for this CTA order. CTA is accepting seperate bids for 40 and 60 footers, probably to keep New Flyer from becoming a monopoly. The low floor RTS Extreme isn't proven, but it appears to meet the specifications of the CTA's rfp for the low floor 40 footers.
  10. Route 317 doesn't operate during rush hour. Only CTA route 17 does.
  11. Most of these changes are not going to fly. I'm starting to wonder how small of a number of routes will actually be approved to change by the CTA board.
  12. I checked that run today on Webwatch, and it was a ghost bus. Thanks for letting us know it was 2350.
  13. Updated July 2012- still no funding. http://www.rtams.org/rtams/planningStudy.jsp?id=505
  14. Yes, the Extreme is unproven, but the Legend is, and the CTA could get a better version of the 4400 rts. Although I'm rooting for the return of the high floor, it would be a longshot. But then why would the CTA want a bid from MTS as East stated? Well, wheelchair lifts have gotten much better since 1990, so no reason to beat that dead horse. And how concerned is the CTA with the boarding of elderly and disabled passengers onto high floor buses? Well, it worked for over 50 years, so it's not a new concept.
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