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  1. I can imagine CTA would keep those artics for a while, and they could maybe replace some of the older 4000s when those get retired. Those surplus artics probably have less mileage on them, so they are probably in better condition. It doesn't look like CTA will be ordering new artics any time soon.
  2. The High Performance cars are the series starting with the 2000s and ending with the 3200s. They can be electrically coupled together.
  3. I would guess that if all the 7000s options are picked, the 3200s would become work cars and the 2400s would be scrapped. I can also imagine that even if CTA does pick up all the options, they might still keep the 3200s in revenue service because some lines might get frequency boosts.
  4. I think CTA does that to avoid the railroad crossing on 71st. Honestly, I feel like the 94 doesn't need to terminate at 74th/Damen. It could just terminate at either Kedzie/71st or Western/71st and use local streets to turn around. While your idea makes some sense, extending the 52 to Logan Square would make it somewhat duplicate the 82. It would work if the 82 is cut, but the 82 provides better route spacing in that region. I wonder if the 82 could run on Central Park between 31st and Franklin Blvd and keep its current routing north of Franklin? I feel it is currently too close to the 52 and too far from the 53, so moving it would provide better route spacing. While it would lose a connection to the Blue Line, it would gain one to the Green Line. Feel free to prove me wrong, especially if there are some important passenger generators on that stretch of Homan.
  5. I feel like if this pilot is successful, then 52 and 52A can be merged into one route. This would reduce duplication on that stretch of Kedzie and save some service hours, and the full route would be only about 16 miles long.
  6. I definitely agree with these except the bi-directional loop. I feel like those don't really work too well, plus, there would be a lot of duplication on 95th. Since the 111 is becoming a new route, I think it could also take over the current 111A. Then the riders of the 111A would have a direct rail link. Another option is to have the 112 take over the 115th leg and terminate at the Michigan Station. Then extend both the 3 and 4 to Michigan Station. However, this might make the 3 too long, unless it gets cut in Downtown.
  7. Similarly, I feel like the Rock Island Beverly Branch could be completely eliminated, at least when the Red Line extension happens. At that point, people could just take a bus to the Red Line. People could even do this now. I feel like Metra should focus on the suburbs more and let CTA take care of the city. There has long been discussion of increasing service on the ME in Hyde Park and allowing CTA fare integration. I feel that if transportation in Hyde Park should be improved, it should be through bus service. Currently, many Hyde Park residents use the ME because the buses often get stuck in traffic, both within Hyde Park and on Lake Shore Drive. I think that if the South Chicago branch is to be eliminated, then Route 26 should run all-day on weekdays and make limited stops along South Shore Dr, Route 28 should keep its routing on Lake Park at all times (this should happen anyway), and Route 6 can be cut south of 71st. I would also appreciate bus lanes on Lake Shore Drive, though that might be too much of a stretch.
  8. That would be quite a deviation, whereas the 95 still stays pretty much on a straight path. Routes 103 and 106 will probably be combined after the Red Line gets extended south.
  9. Personally, I think the best solution would be as follows: Blue line gets rerouted via Pink Line, and Pink Line is temporarily discontinued (though RJL6000 said CTA doesn't want to do this) Extra Green Line trains terminate in the Loop, and Green Line gets more 8-car trains Buses that currently terminate at Forest Park are rerouted to various Green Line Stations (Harlem, Oak Park, Ridgeland) Route 7 gets weekend service This way, the Loop wouldn't get overcrowded. Discontinuing the Pink Line will free up some capacity for Loop-terminating Green Line trains. Also, instead of rerouting all Forest Park buses to Harlem/Lake, the buses are spread out a bit more.
  10. Maybe the new Berwyn station could have entrances at both Berwyn and Foster. The platform could be in between the two streets. I do agree that stops on that stretch of the Red Line are too close to each other, but I always see a lot of people at all those stops, and if some (e.g. Lawrence, Argyle) get shuttered, other stations would get overcrowded. A while back I was thinking Wilson should get moved to Montrose, and Argyle, Granville, and Jarvis could get shuttered, and Sheridan would become a Red/Purple stop, but that wouldn't make sense now. Ideally, the 92 would get rerouted to Argyle, but I don't think buses would fit there. Lawrence will be closed, and Wilson is a bit far, so it might be better if the 92 gets rerouted to Bryn Mawr.
  11. Yes, at this very moment I am on #8342 on the 29.
  12. I think these would definitely make sense when the Red Line gets extended to 130th. Then West 111th riders would get a faster connection to the Red Line.
  13. Plus, Navy Pier would lose its connection to Union Station.
  14. I might be wrong, but I think in 2008, Route 3 was moved to run on Michigan on both directions instead of running on Indiana in one direction. The 12 was rerouted to replace the 3 service. CTA decided to then route the 146 onto State and Roosevelt rather than Balbo and Columbus to keep the connection between the Red/Green/Orange station and the Museum Campus. I do agree the 18 should have been routed to Museum Campus, or the 12 kept the way it was and the 18 serving the current 12 loop.
  15. One could also transfer to the Metra Electric at 93rd, but the ME is very infrequent.
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