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  1. Archer Garage Assigned Routes

    According to chicagorailfan.com there was also the following: 43 43rd 47 47th (until 2008) 51 51st (until 2008) 52A South Kedzie (until 2008) 53A South Pulaski (until 2008) 54B South Cicero 55A 55th-Austin 55N 55th-Narragansett 60 Blue Island/26th 62H Archer/Harlem 63W West 63rd There might have been a couple that I missed
  2. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    I see them quite frequently on routes out of Forest Glen, such as the #152 and #92. Just wanted to ask, how many of them are still in service?
  3. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    Again, this was just a suggestion, not something that is absolutely necessary. One problem with the transfer at Sheridan/Devon is that people have to walk between the bus stops. It would be a different story if Route 147 ran via Broadway between Devon and Foster, where the buses would share some stops, but since it does not, maybe extending Route 36 could streamline the service a bit more. However, the stops are not too far from each other, so it should be fine. Route 147 should not be reduced to rush hour only because it currently has very good ridership.
  4. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    I think Route 36 should be extended to Howard station via Sheridan. This would duplicate Route 147, but I feel that it would create a better grid.
  5. A Push To Reinstate The #41 Elston bus

    Considering how the 11 failed, I doubt that the 41 would have much success now. Plus, the 41 has been gone for more than 20 years, while the 11 has been gone for only 5 years. However, the 41 would serve DeVry University and Lane Tech High School, so it might have a better chance. I think a good Downtown routing for the 41 would be via either State or LaSalle. A southern terminus could be either Union Station or Congress Plaza.
  6. Combining Bus Routes

    Right now I feel that there are some bus routes that could be combined to create a better grid. A lot of times there is a CTA route that only reaches the city border, and then a Pace route continues from there. One might argue about funding, but a good portion of Route 21 runs outside the city borders. Here are my ideas for combined routes: 12–305 20–320 60–124 63W–386 86–314 90–307 91–315
  7. CTA Bus Garage Rosters

    Just wondering, are the old Optima Opus buses still at any garage, or have they already been scrapped?
  8. Random CTA

    Hi guys, I made a Chicago Transit Blog. Please check it out and spread the word. chicagotransitblog.wordpress.com
  9. Route 71

    Route 71 should be straightened out a bit between 71st/Yates and 75th/South Shore. Westbound/Northbound buses should travel via South Shore and 71st instead of taking 75th and Exchange. Eastbound/Southbound buses should travel via 71st, Exchange, 72nd, and South Shore.
  10. O’Hare Express

    The O'Hare Express has been dead for a while now, but the CTA has improved the Blue Line a bit. What we could do is run some Metra trains to O'Hare.
  11. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    Route 11 needs to be restored south of Western Brown Line. There are many businesses along Lincoln Ave, and lack of bus service will hinder the success of these businesses.