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  1. O’Hare Express

    So, if I am correct. This will NOT be funded by taxpayer money? as said here.... "Fortunately for Chicago taxpayers, Emanuel isn't betting their money on rosy assumptions about demand or any other unpredictable financial variable. He's proposing a privately funded and operated system, with no public financing. Assuming the city offers no backstop against cost overruns or operating deficits, the private operator would bear all the financial risk. (Paragraph 10 Crain's Chicago Business)"
  2. Random CTA

    I was on Google Earth and I came across this. See for yourself. Apparently the "Google Street View" Vans came at just the right time to capture what was apparently a Gas Leak that halted CTA Trains. I just found this interesting, thought I share it since this is "Random CTA" (This is located in the Southern Loop, on Harrison St.) (Elevated Tracks serve the Green and Orange Lines before going into the 'Loop')
  3. O’Hare Express

    If the O’Hare express train came from downtown (Block 37) to O’Hare Airport along the Blue Line, do you think it’ll be a good idea to add an intermediate stop at Jefferson Park Transit Center? It’s a big transfer point and I think an intermediate stop there will be cool! Also is Block 37 still going to be the Downtown Terminus? Or are there other plans.
  4. Random CTA

    You know what would be a good extension on the Brown Line? A western extension on Lawrence to the Jefferson Park Transit Center. This way people from Albany Park, Lincoln Square, Uptown, and Ravenswood can get easier access to O'Hare by connecting to the Blue Line!
  5. Random CTA

    When I was in San Francisco, the MUNI Metro, had a Streetcar Line called the F Line. And I saw one of the coolest things ever! I found an old CTA Streetcar #1058 Green Hornet on the line! This Line was meant to bring retired Streetcars from around the world, and put it on to one line. Other cities included Detroit, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Cincinnati, Mexico City, and Milan, Italy. Image Credit (My Instagram)
  6. CTA Community Bus

    @sw4400 Is that the list of all retired Nova Buses?
  7. CTA Bus Rapid Transit (take two)

    Thanks for the help! I'll keep that in mind for the future!
  8. CTA Bus Rapid Transit (take two)

    I found this link of a possible Chicago Ave BRT replacing bike lanes. I think this is a good idea, tell me what you think! Chicago Ave BRT (Also I was wondering how to create a new thread if you could help me out that'll be great!)
  9. Wilson Red/Purple Line Station Rebuild

    Click Here! for an update on the Wilson Station Reconstruction (as of 6/10/17). Construction is going pretty well!
  10. Pink Line

    Oops, I didn't even put in the link. My bad. http://stats.seandolinar.com/chicago-transit-authority-ridership/
  11. Pink Line

    Look at this website here for a more interactive of the map. Sorry I didn't post this first, but I found it kind of interesting, it is a bit outdated however so keep that in mind.
  12. Pink Line

    Also take a look at this picture too. The Orange Line ridership went up by 3.3% while the Brown Line only went up 0.9%. Meanwhile the Pink also went up higher by 9.2%, this may be a sign that certain lines will have to increase more capacity than others, and may reroute some trains on the loop.
  13. Pink Line

    Sorry I'm doing this on my iPad, this might be a low quality picture but in this chart is shows that more people ride the orange line than the brown line, mainly because it serves an airport. So according to this, I'm guessing that the orange line can handle more capacity than the brown line.
  14. Pink Line

    I think that the Pink line should be re-routed to go counter-clockwise on the loop, here are my reasons: A. The Brown Line and part of the Green Line are the ONLY lines that operate on the counter-clockwise in the loop with the Orange, Pink, Purple, and part of the Green Line operating on the clockwise track of the loop. 2 vs 4 lines B. All other entrances to the loop have two line splitting off. Brown/Purple and Green/Orange. But on Lake Street the Green and Pink Lines go in the same direction. So if someone lives in Oak Park and works at the Sears Tower (It will forever be Sears) the would transfer from the Green Line to the Pink at Clinton then ride the train ALL AROUND the loop. If the Pink Line is rerouted this wouldn't be an issue C. It's very cheap, the only money the CTA will be putting into this project is the new signs... that's it. Look at this document I made to get a better understanding of my idea. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NXOvO1I7s3QNDEThQljSkRQuSgM1w1M-RRc1JGT5vYw/edit?usp=sharing
  15. Spring Pick 2016

    Along the topic of Express Buses, I want to talk about theAshland BRT. Now I think the idea might be dead right now, but hey it could happen. I think a better solution than a BRT would be a Streetcar since it's doesn't pollute the environment as much as a bus. Also, according to the 2016 reports of the Ashland X9 bus, ridership went up by 5000% since 2015. A streetcar can hold a bigger capacity, so it won't be as crowded. You could also had extra segments to a flexible Streetcar, and can hold more capacity for bigger events, tell me what you guys think. Look at Ashland 9 and Ashland Express X9