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  1. Metra ex CNW bilevels

    what car did 7664 replace
  2. Metra MK/Amerail car assignments 4/16

    cars 7464 and 7467 on the milw lines have new non flip seats
  3. Metra MK/Amerail car assignments 4/16

    I wish that 7254 and 8448 would be on the union pacific lines and not bnsf or sws. by the way 7471 also has non flip seats
  4. Metra ex CNW bilevels

    only union pacific and occasionally on Milwaukee district/north central and heritage corridor have pullmans
  5. Metra ex CNW bilevels

    picture above is 7838 not 8731
  6. Metra ex CNW bilevels

    the yard I am meant was the western ave train yard near the western ave station that has Milwaukee district, north central service, heritage corridor one par and union pacific liens/west line on other side
  7. Metra ex CNW bilevels

    the western ave train yard on the Milwaukee district north and wst lines and north central service
  8. Returning Metra cars

    when did 7825. 7836. 7838, 780 and 7848 return to metra
  9. Metra ex CNW bilevels

    I haven't seen any of the four of listed te 7600 series mentioned or 7843. someone did mention in an article they saw 8731 at jefferosn. this may have been as much as 5-6 years ago
  10. Metra ex CNW bilevels

    when are 7847, 7867, 7871 and 7881 coming back to metra from Maryland rail commuter
  11. Metra Budd cars 04/16

    please update when you see more. 2 cars I am not sure if they are rebuilt are 7266 or 7267
  12. Metra ex CNW bilevels

    7883 is on up
  13. Metra Budd cars 04/16

    please update me on when more 7257-7283 have been rebuilt
  14. what 7700, 7800 and 8700 series are hanging around in metra these days
  15. Metra MK/Amerail car assignments 4/16

    so far I have seen following 7400 series cars with new nonflip seats 7436-up 7437-mlwd 7451-up 7454 not sure on line 7457-milwd 7462 up 7465 non sure on line 7466 up 7469 bnsf 7473 up 7491 milwd 7496 up what other cars have those nonflip seats by the way as of june 2016 8466 is up there are suppose to be I think 30 cars with nonflip seats which other cars besides the ones I listed have those.