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  1. Current Hiring Process

    Hi! Just your Driver Abstract from the secretary of state and your license and state ID I believe.
  2. Current Hiring Process

    sorry for late response. I was able to turn in my proof of cpl, im set to start!
  3. Current Hiring Process

    Thank you. I definetely will!
  4. Current Hiring Process

    Ok! Thank you so much for the bit of hope you gave me pace831 ! I will definetely keep them posted, I have to go in tomorrow and hopefully they wont turn me away! Thank you once again!
  5. Current Hiring Process

    Hello again:) Prehire is before orientation. Its to fill out tax docs and other forms. I lost my license physically. And orientation is on a different day not yet specified.
  6. Current Hiring Process

    Hello! I have prehire tomorrow, I have everything except my clp permit, due to me losing my license, renewing it and waiting for it to process I could not take my clp test in time. Will I get turned away at pre hire? Any help is appreciated!