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  1. ATS O'Hare

    Will intercity buses be moved to the new parking ramp from the existing Bus/Shuttle Center?
  2. If CTA switched to letters for rail lines

    If the CTA rail lines really needed to be given new nomenclature, they should be given numbers (ie 1-10, and renumber the existing bus routes that conflict, for example). Numbers best translate across different cultures as every culture needs a way of telling one of something apart from three of something. Colors are represented by words differently in other cultures at the primary level. In Russia, they have separate words for light blue and dark blue, Japan uses the same word for green and blue, and some non-industrialized cultures only have words for three or four different colors (white, black, and either blue or red). I'd post a link but as this is my first post the spam filter would likely block it... Letters as nomenclature translate equally enough to be usable across languages that use the Latin Alphabet. I'd guess that nowadays Latin letters are prominent enough in languages that use other alphabets (especially amongst people who would be in the US in the first place, even if their English isn't that great) that letters could be safely used.