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  1. Speaking of cut routes, there was also 122 and the 170-174 UChicago routes. Archer served 120 before the Streeterville extension. There was also the 165, which are interlined with the 63W during rush periods.
  2. There's an accident involving a car and Nova #7918 on Halsted south of 23rd Street. Photos by Jessyca Malina via Twitter. Just passed by the area; there's still some heavy traffic on Canal due to the detour.
  3. Fresh with a computer engineering degree, I'll take a stab at answering this . Virtually all digital screens, e.g. LED signs, LCD flat-screen TVs, and smartphones, all revolve around 3 fundamental colors: red, green, and blue. These colors were not chosen arbitrarily, but rather, varying combinations of these three color shades maximize the amount of other colors one can produce. (256 colors was a big deal in the 90s! Now you can get several million!) To put this short, a red color on the 5000s LED sign is most likely a red "channel" at 100%, where green and blue are both set at 0% (and this is for all the "red" LEDs in question). Each LED will have it's own percentage of red, green, and, blue, which will give it its distinct color. This is why, from Rahm's denim shirt's photo, that the red-lacking, normally white "95th" text appears cyan, which matches the picture of the RGB model on Wikipedia. When you arrange these different "colors" in big arrays, you can form text (LED sign) and pictures (television, monitor, etc.)
  4. 8022 is out on the #62 right now according to Bus Tracker.
  5. Chinatown has been unofficially "bordered" by the rail tracks on the west (Canal) side and east (Red Line, Metra) side and the Stevenson to the south, so the more or less ideal developmental direction over the past decade or two has been north toward 18th Street. But even that has reached capacity, so expanding outside these borders will happen eventually. The Wells-Wentworth project seems promising, but that's still a minimum of 5-7 years away in my opinion. There has been a sign posted of a new highrise hotel (if memory serves me correctly) slated for the southwest corner of Archer and Clark right next to the Metra tracks, but given that the public and senior housing homes are right across the street, I wonder how far that project will go; that sign has been posted for a couple years now.
  6. #8019 currently on 94; #8020 on 63 according to BusTracker.
  7. Only the orange reduced fare mag-stripe had that limitation back in the day. When I had the student reduced-fare mag-stripe permit (which changed color from year to year) it did not have that limitation.
  8. Even more so when winter isn't even officially here yet.
  9. nflyer22

    More Bus Moves

    It was that way as far as I can remember (when the 44's new terminus was the Orange Line). The southbound 62 used to stop on the side of the street, where the current Kiss n' Ride is at, but got relocated to where the current 44 now stops in late 2007. I too wonder what prompted the current setup.
  10. Thank you Garmon and all who contribute generously to the forum. As a student away from the city, I don't have much to offer to everyone here, but this is one of those times where a post is deserved for all the posts I view on a daily basis. It really helps for those times when you're homesick .
  11. Both 7900 and 7904 are out on 24 Wentworth right now.
  12. The ones over the battery box. I didn't catch Mel's post, but that's probably the reason for the inward-facing seats as opposed to the CUMTD. The securement area for the MTD is also slightly different: 3 folding aisle seats and 2 folding front seats. It's been rare seeing the Xcelsiors over the summer. I'll try to get some pics the next time I'm on one.
  13. The step at the angle is typical. The CUMTD's Xcelsior has the same step. Looks like the receding lights and advertisement placement covers beginning at the step are also typical. An interesting note is that the CUMTD does not have that row of four aisle-facing seats. Rather it's just two rows of double forward-facing seats.
  14. nflyer22

    More Bus Moves

    Spotted 6829 on the 62 earlier this evening at 35/Archer Orange Line. Probably a loan, but still decided to post this after checking the roster and is currently assigned to FG.
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