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  1. Found my Ventra Card last night, nice to see it after thinking I lost it for 4 weeks. Next time the Ventra Card won't go in the closet.

  2. Your New Blue - O'Hare Branch Rehab

    I bet it has something do with the fact that the O'Hare branch connects downtown to O'Hare. They might want so tourists want to take the Blue Line instead of driving to their hotel. Aka more fare revenue
  3. Favorite Metra Locomotives?

    While I wish Grayslake got a F40 or F59 named after it (saying we have 2 stations here), until we get one I will have to say my favorite is F59PHI #91. New and it seems to run on the NCS and MDN the most. Yeah With the F59PHIs, I hope we get a few named after MDN towns/stations
  4. Annual CTA Holiday Train

    Ahh, the Holiday Train. I caught it on the Purple Line on the 12th. Here are my pictures, had a nice talk with a Brown Line operator and a Metra employee who were the elves on the train that day.
  5. Your New Blue - O'Hare Branch Rehab

    Don't know if this counts as Your New Blue, saying it is a railcar picture. But with the electric updates, I am happy to see the 3200s on the Blue Line now.