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  1. Weekend Madness At Jefferson Park And Harlem
  2. 7902 has new screens inside so it’s probably testing or a permanent move
  3. Congress Branch needs this before the 7000’s arrive they should do the congress branch like the red line south reconstruction project put the Blue Line O’Hare to 54/Cermak or UIC
  4. Oh well if you swing by tomorrow morning post a nice clean shot of it
  5. Your Wrong!! 1380 belongs to Chicago
  6. Yea North Park has a Flyer sitting on the side on the street that leads straight into the garage has 2 papers on the windshield 1 on the right and 1 on the left but question is why are they using a flyer that came out in 2006-2009 as a training vehicle it’s probably training new drivers that got assigned to C
  7. Why in the world is a flyer assigned as a training bus are you sure? I think there’s something wrong with it probably brakes
  8. This is a more bus moves topic talk about Kedzie garage and their novas in the 7900 deliveries and assignments or the 8325’s topic
  9. CTA track equipment filling up all of the foster interlocking that whole middle track so that means they are finally improving slow zones now all we need is this to happen on the congress branch
  10. 103rd and FG are out the books so C 7 and 6 and are the only garages that will give K novas
  11. Alright boys this a “more bus moves” topic not a let’s have a argument about younger and older people and a name that was created long time ago
  12. 7903-7904 103rd>77th 1791-1798 NP>FG 1195-1196 77th-103rd
  13. Kedzie is the next garage to get novas this has been discussed before and 8342 is there to train operators first
  14. FG is far from Kedzie so Chicago is only choice or 77th 74th
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