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  1. You are correct about that because nothing happened this spring pick
  2. A guy has been fatally struck by an ohare bound train
  3. That was serious at Montrose a person got struck by a train and your going to call that a April fools?
  4. It looks true tho because if you look to the side under elevators they are out of service at Jefferson park and all them because it does say that on the web
  5. Post the link to that I can’t find it on the website
  6. How were you able to drive thru
  7. 8346 is at FG 1371-1372 at 77th idk why it’s under Chicago roster
  8. Add 8346 to FG roster it’s at Jefferson Park
  9. Belmont looks really good to no lie but just wait till Jefferson park is done completely
  10. People probably open it at terminals when no one is around or something I seen a bunch of 6400’s with that type of thing open
  11. 1371-1372 are on the Chicago garage roster even tho they belong to 77th
  12. Man have they been adventuring lol
  13. I’m pretty sure 1366 and 67 belonged to 77th the whole time they were just at 74th for a while just like 1388-1389 haven’t been at FG in 2 years and they came last year with “F” Stickers still on them and they got new stickers “F”
  14. Belmont station will be closed again for the 3rd weekend in a row I wonder why this time my guess is to put repaint everything and pour cement in the terminal
  15. I’m also checking transit stop (app) and 4000 shows up
  16. What’s up with 4000 on 52 and 4118 on 50
  17. 1007 had problems a lot before one time I saw it on 91 at the green line with a popped wheel and not working back door but they fixed all of that
  18. Yea so that’s probably why they had 4308 4091 on 106
  19. 4308 and 4091 are probably on 106 for school trip because it serves Olive Harvey
  20. They are a bunch of fiends they don’t wanna share buses
  21. 8343-8349 might move FG>103rd so that means 1052-1058 might go to FG <My prediction
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