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  1. John7

    More Bus Moves

    8225-8228 & 8230 appears to be a permanent move to 74th. Unlike the artics that moved to 77th & chicago garages, these now have the "6" sticker.
  2. Im still hoping southwest gets rid of their EZ riders because they're not needed on routes that come out of midway.(with the exception of route 382) Before the pandemic id see them on routes 379 and 383 and there is hardly any space inside during the rush hour.
  3. I was on that bus. I looked around the bus and saw no dent. Those buses are built strong. Still was over 20 min late. Just hoping that the Ahole that hit the bus gets a heafty ticket.
  4. Im currently on the route 330 new flyer #20407 and a bit of road rage happened. Now we're stopped near the Lagrange metra station. Not sure if the trucker hit the bus because i felt no impact. *edit* police arrived *edit* looks like the other driver hit the side of the bus. Thank goodness these buses have cameras.
  5. Haven't seen the 2003's in a while. So im assuming they're retired.
  6. John7

    More Bus Moves

    8167 on route 3 and 8193 on route 52a.
  7. John7

    More Bus Moves

    The old novas that were at 77 are gone. Moved to FG. 8211 is on route 2 filling in for 77th.
  8. John7

    More Bus Moves

    What's the number of the burned bus?
  9. Is it safe to say #804 is officially retired?
  10. John7

    More Bus Moves

    That excludes 8229. Also 8306 went back to FG.
  11. Whats 8229's fate after the crash?
  12. John7

    More Bus Moves

    I know this isn't the right topic but 8229 got into a crash severely damaging the front.
  13. John7

    More Bus Moves

    Looks like it migrated back to NP.
  14. Honestly, i am not a fan of the new look. It was fine the way it was.
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