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  1. I would rather not talk about it. Mostly because id like to keep it to myself but also because this isn't the right place to talk about cta
  2. Credit goes to the original owner
  3. Looks like metra will be upgrading the f59's to meet the EPA's tier 3 standards
  4. Couple of f59phis at union station. Currently on mil west line. Past metx 80 and 85 is leading. Missed 88 at the station. Almost all the f59s are in service
  5. I doubt 94 will be at western yard coupled to the other f59s for a long time considering it was just rebuilt along with 201 which is probably already in service. As for the rest of the f59s from amtrak of course those will be held up in the yard for quite a while since some of them were rehabbed 5-6 years ago. Metx 88 (ex cascades/surfliner 465) not long after it was repainted it was put into service since 88 was the last of the 21 ex amtrak f59s to be rehabbed. Only time will tell when 94 gets placed into service.
  6. John7

    More Bus Moves

    1. 8136 moved to 77th and operated as route 2. Does anyone know if 8136 has those screens? 2. An articulated 2013 new flyer bus crashed near wilson
  7. Is 210 being rebuilt after the fire or did it meet the same fate as 215?
  8. Any updates on METX 94?
  9. John7

    More Bus Moves

    Is 4145 still in service? I came across the video of the bus being involved in the blizzard of 2011 in LSD
  10. Metra owns 97-99 (now 94-96) They were sent out to progress rail for rebuild
  11. 94-96 has to be ex GO. Metrolinks f59ph locomotives didn't have the air conditioner above the cab. Either that or they just installed them. And if it is ex metrolink i hope they dont keep their awful mixed horns.
  12. The cta won't be affected but the manufacturer will be after they've delivered the cars to the cta.
  13. I havent seen the 6600's in a while. So it looks like west retired all of its 6600's. Ravinia is the only division with those buses. But not for long since newer buses will be coming in to retire all of the nabi buses and some of the 30ft eldorado buses. And ill bet those 30ft buses will move to Ravinia.
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