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  1. Its currently 3:14pm at summit. Waiting for my 330 bus route. I heard a train horn that metrolinks f125 uses. And then i had a thought. At this hour is when metras heritage corridor arrives at summit. I may be wrong but i think that one of the ex metrolink f59's entered service. Now im curious if it did and if it has the horn i heard. Because if it does I'll be surprised and disappointed at the same time because i don't like the horns metrolink uses.
  2. I forgot to mention sometimes the buses Wi-Fi disconnects periodically. 6363 and 6364 and including more buses happens to disconnect periodically. And i would've loved to tell you but unfortunately about 2 weeks ago i accidentally uninstalled 20 apps including my note pad. So i lost everything i wrote in that app.
  3. John7

    More Bus Moves

    It's not a move. More like a "fill in" for 77th. At the end of their run they'll go back to 103rd.
  4. Give it about a month or 3 weeks. They should be done soon.
  5. I never knew that 467 (now metx 90) derailed in 2017. Saw a picture on Instagram of 467 damaged being delivered.
  6. Is there proof that METX 91 actually caught fire?
  7. John7

    More Bus Moves

    What about 8282? It still might be at K
  8. John7

    More Bus Moves

    1620 operated yesterday as route 53a. This may be a permanent move since K got 2 novas
  9. John7

    More Bus Moves

    No the entire bus has those seats. Again its 1342 if you're planning on tracking the bus down.
  10. John7

    More Bus Moves

    Didn't someone say that 1342 caught fire? So if it did then that would explain why the seats were changed. Bus kinda smells like something burned and its making a wierd noise. Nonetheless i like these seats better than the garbage plastic seats they got on the novas and on some of the trains and the seats shown is not hard plastic.
  11. John7

    More Bus Moves

    1026 is 74th's bus not 77th. Its just operating as route 2 which is normally operated by 77th.
  12. I would rather not talk about it. Mostly because id like to keep it to myself but also because this isn't the right place to talk about cta
  13. Credit goes to the original owner
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