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  1. They're coming. Still at progress rail.
  2. Must've been the led screen overhead that started the fire. But what a surprise, the place you would least expect there to be a fire.
  3. So it looks like metra may be buying a WABTEC battery locomotive. As for the 6 diesels, it's all guess work. GE hasn't made switchers since the mid-late 1900's.
  4. This topic is made because some of the 2600's are now being retired.
  5. That includes the early morning 379 FedEx route. (Since its operating out of west instead of southwest)
  6. As someone who recently moved to Memphis, I got a chance to ride MATA's gillig bus. They run pretty well.(with the exception of the plastic seats. Uncomfortable as it gets) So if the cta ends up getting Gillig's then it'll be an interesting sight to see.
  7. But the blue line has "newer" equipment. Those being the 3200's. Hence why orange will be getting the 7000's first since the orange line is all 2600's.
  8. Blue line won't be getting them first. The Orange line will because it has the oldest cars in the fleet. blue will probably get them last.
  9. 6510-21 can move to sw when nw becomes full cng and operate them along route 381 until pulse service begins.
  10. There is now a shield for the driver. Chargers are under the seats
  11. The one thing I didn't like from the NABI's is that they bounce a lot when it hits a bump on the road. Those buses always makes me almost fly off my seat.
  12. They may be ugly but they operate better than the NF's. Haven't seen any eldo's catch fire unlike the new flyers that cta owns.
  13. 6511 is missing its rear destination sign. It has been plated over.
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