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  1. More NF are starting to pop up. Up to 20411
  2. John7

    More Bus Moves

    It might be temporary due to covid-19. A few of 74th's novas are at forest glen.
  3. There's no word yet. Expect to see them testing at Skokie yard or on the orange line.
  4. 701 is operating on route 79. 6:44 AM
  5. John7

    More Bus Moves

    Ladies and gentleman. Cta maths22 is back up
  6. John7

    More Bus Moves

    Yet another day, cta maths22 is still down.
  7. John7

    More Bus Moves

    Is this normal? One day, it stops working. The next, it works.
  8. John7

    More Bus Moves

    Might be temporary because k won't be getting the porterras. It should go back to 77th soon.
  9. The orange and blue lines are getting the 7000 series either way since those cars are specially designed to operate on routes that go to the airport. It makes no sense why the orange and blue lines would get the 5000 series.
  10. All nabi buses are going to be retired by this summer. Catch a ride on them before they're all gone.
  11. K should give up 700 and send it to 74th since they'll be getting electric buses for operation on route 63.
  12. Its about time it got back. Now i hope i can get to ride it on the 53a since it looks like it won't be operating mainly on route 79.
  13. John7

    More Bus Moves

    All buses that operate route 147 are new flyers.
  14. Didn't pace purchase more 30ft Eldorado buses?
  15. I doubt 94 has enough buses to run the entire route. Im still thinking the route will be shared.
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