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  1. And it was testing on the Green Line yesterday. Today on the Red Line.
  2. The term NY railfans use is "burn-in" testing. It's like trying on a new pair of shoes. They're just making simulated stops making sure the train runs fine and can handle the stress of being in service. They have sand bags inside the cars to simulate passengers, trains have the signs on and announcements playing. Doors open at stops and a worker measures the clearance between the train and platform and tests on the hydraulic suspension system which now has sensors to accurately lower the train to platform level.
  3. I hope everything is alright. People are crazy.
  4. What I mentioned earlier. 63 has two bays right now. The one with the charger will most likely be electric buses only.
  5. CTA tested the cars out of service on all 8 lines back in late December early January. They should be testing in service on all 8 lines as well for a year. I got videos of the 7000s on the Pink, Blue, and Orange Lines out of service if you want to look through my YT channel. A friend of mine caught it on the Purple and Red Lines.
  6. I'd be surprised if they do weigh more so I honestly doubt it. Just watching the way the train runs it accelerates pretty quick. We'll have to wait and see when the info gets released.
  7. So right now the 63 has two bays at Midway from last time I went there, two weeks ago. One of them has the charger so I'm assuming that extra 63 spot is open now for just electric buses only.
  8. Dude that's the question I'm asking you. How much do the 7000s weigh? You're the one that said that the 7000s are heavier and I'm asking you how do you know that?
  9. And who/what/how did this test tell you the 7000s are heavier than the 5000s?
  10. The instructor on the Proterra told me the next route they'll be on is the 54B.
  11. What app are you using? I can't see it on CTA's tracker for some reason while it's out.
  12. That's exactly why they did it. To separate the Pace and CTA buses. So they don't fight over spots
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