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  1. Was it shaking? The bus might need an alignment
  2. Yayyy 😂😂 👏👏👏
  3. I agree; what a ridiculous argument! 😂 There's literally 1,000+ D40LFs in the CTA system right now. Whether people like it or not they make the MAJORITY of the CTA fleet.
  4. By the way, Forest Glen has the newest Novas as well. Yet people still complain. Isn't that funny?
  5. It's a crappy video but it answers your question lol
  6. I've used the E Lot via shuttle bus/train before to connect from Blue Line to Pace buses. But not with the 330; I use it to ride the #250 Dempster.
  7. Not right now necessarily. I rode #6511 on the 250 last week and it is still in its nice blue color.
  8. No, I understand don't worry. The screenshots I tried to show you are @Mr.cta85 confirming that he talked to bus operators out of K that confirmed they are being trained to operate Nova buses.
  9. Didn't it happen already?
  10. Here are your sources (it has been proven before):
  11. What gives you the suspicion that these buses went back to F?
  12. I would've thought maybe training would be done by now. It's taking too long for the Nova transfers to begin
  13. the flipdots on that sign are either stuck or there is a fault within what connects the sign with the Luminator. Could be electrical
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