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  1. @YoungBusLover is fine. We were talking just moments ago.
  2. Does this mean there's still NABIs on Pace property?
  3. There has also been lots of development the past few years between Ashland and Clinton. I've seen West Loop riders from the Morgan stop go onto the Douglas branch
  4. It wouldn't hurt to run the Pink Line rush hours only. Now that people have adjusted to the Pink Line, there's people in the West Loop along Lake Street that use it.
  5. I've caught these trains various times the past week or two. They have strip maps for all the lines inside, and they're outdated maps. The train will be testing on all 8 rail lines for 1 year. As of now there's no proof of where the cars will be assigned to.
  6. Probably the way you worded out the sentence I quoted
  7. Enjoy 30 minutes of this year's Holiday Train!
  8. 1. Skokie Swift cannot berth 4 cars (unless at Oakton) 2. If people find out that this Holiday Train is boarding, expect crowds quick. Because that's how social media works. 3. There's no point to run an extra HT deuce that's out of service if you have a 4 car HT in service. 4. There's only going to be one pair running anyway because CTA does not want to tie up the railroad running pointless amounts of out of service trains.
  9. Only two of the cars are for passengers while the other two are the sleet fighters and are used for extra traction
  10. As far as I know it is rumored there are 16 cars at Skokie, which is a shock to me. My best guess is that they were testing to see how they run on both the O'Hare and Congress branches and clearance testing, which is why you see the cameras by the doors. The clip at Morgan Middle, the train was coming from Forest Park and was on its way back to Skokie.
  11. Old news... a 2600 in the UK being sent to Warner Bros studios for the next Batman movie
  12. Hello, everyone. For those of you who play Train Simulator 2021 and have the free CTA map, by any chance do anyone of you have the sounds working in your game? Right now when you try to download the map, the sounds are corrupted resulting in a silent train. Please contact me if you have the working sound files as it would really help me and a group of people fix up this map and possibly update it and make it better. Thanks
  13. I doubt it. I'd say have 20-25 to be on the safe side. Buses break down unless they're willing to use regular El Dorados for Pulse service in case of a shortage due to mechanical issues.
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