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  1. I'm assuming they're in a 30 day testing phase?
  2. It's funny cause when I'm driving I see nothing but them but when I try to catch one and ride it, it's an Axess 🤷‍♂️
  3. Nah those NFs be dominating the 307 everytime I'm on Harlem
  4. Why would you send these buses to West? They're assigned to the Pulse Milwaukee Line
  5. That's nuts. Sometimes you have teens opening the middle door of the last car and "subway surf". I've seen that even on YouTube in random CTA video
  6. Speaking of accidents, here's a dumb little video I made inspired by a meme going around the NYC Transit community. Hope everyone on here is doing good during this pandemic.
  7. I actually caught a Pulse bus on the 250 weeks ago no joke.
  8. You're literally describing what already exists
  9. Due to the ongoing pandemic, CTA has started conducting new guidelines for the health and safety of its employees and passengers on the train. This includes a new announcement recorded by Lee Crooks to be played on all 8 rail lines. Thanks to all our essential workers, first responders for all that they do for us during these tough times.
  10. It's not the fact they're plastic. It's the design of the seats plus the plastic. On the "L" they're actually still comfortable for me fabric or plastic
  11. Makes sense, I haven't paid much attention to this but now I see why the move happened.
  12. There's only one driver in West Division that makes a big deal out of everything and I've had various episodes with that woman. Was she a million miler?
  13. Everyone here has been talking about these 2nd gen Novas being moved around. I caught this Nova parked here at Garfleld and Ashland yesterday. I'm really not sure what's going on with it but I have to say it's been a long time since these Novas have been seen on the south side. Later yesterday I caught another one standing out of service on Ashland and 47th.
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