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  1. Smh someone doesn't understand humor.... At least @Mr.NewFlyer1051 understands jokes so I'll give him that.
  2. That needs a repaint. It sucks how they left it sitting outside for a while.
  3. I also made this server because I wanted to give everyone more of a closer feeling with members of the community since Discord has live voice and text chats. Even with the few members we have so far it's been working out pretty smoothly. As for the simulated runs I'm promoting, we need operators and dispatchers. Dispatchers give the operators a run number (or time-stamp), manage multiple trains on a line including through interlockings and when trains divert onto other tracks, troubleshoot any kind of service disruptions that may occur (running delayed trains Express, short-turns, 10-72s or 12-9s in NYC, mech problems, sending trains OOS, .etc). Most importantly track the location of trains and give trains a call back location. Operators operate (no.. duh... ) on any given route following directions from the dispatchers and communicate with other trains ahead or behind as well. Communication is key! They follow instructions from dispatch including calling back at certain stations/locations, call RCC for line-up/signal clearance and if anything unexpected arises, and of course follow safety guidelines from RTO handbook (concept of R-6.4, for example). The whole concept of multiplayer has been done in other communities and I wanted to introduce it here as well as it has been something pretty fun and successful. If anyone interested has any questions or comments, now that I explained the idea of the Discord server more thoroughly, feel free to comment on this page.
  4. Which by the way, I know there's some people on here who play OMSI 2 Bus Simulator. Feel free to join our server for some multiplayer on any bus route! The more people we get, the better it gets! https://discord.gg/x9CHMRT
  5. We have rules on the server just like here on the forums. Please do not come over here and vent out because you did something wrong as it would be explained in the ban message. The purpose of the server is for everyone to have a safe clean and comfortable environment for everyone to have fun in our interests in transit.
  6. That's exactly what happened. It's sensitive information I do not want to share here and I don't know why @Erin Mishkin Jr.would even bring this up in the 1st place.
  7. Do you have proof those buses didn't come with those IBIS screens originally?
  8. Zero emissions? Could they be considering electrics?
  9. I mean, they don't have to be shorter range. Maybe it can do a round trip and then charge. If XE40s lasted longer with a better longer lasting battery, why did CTA order buses that aren't electrically efficient?
  10. Still not over 2,000! 😂😂 thanks
  11. Compatible with Proterra chargers?
  12. But to get back onto topic if Pace is launching Pulse service on Harlem, they should order some XD40s for West Division with Pulse specs. I wouldn't be surprised if they add that option to the order since they have done this before by picking a whole variety of extra options in that very large El Dorado Axess order.
  13. Off topic but that number is incorrect. 2,000 New Flyers? Do your research next time. 1,029 D40LFs 208 DE60LFs 100 D60LFR/DE60LFR 1 DE40LF (804 is the only one left) +_____________________ 1,338 Flyers Even if some Flyers may have been scrapped due to accidents, the point is that there NEVER WAS 2,000 New Flyers.
  14. If 700-701 have been back since June, why haven't they been in service? I'd love to know where you're getting this from.
  15. #8001 also has the "STOP" thingy. Photo creds to one of the members from the discord. https://discord.gg/x9CHMRT
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