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  1. Don't assume I didn't. The signs are not malfunctioning and I already explained what causes it to appear that way on camera.
  2. 1/60 is the maximum for the 7000s.
  3. Here's a photo I took where the signs came out slightly better.
  4. It's the LEDs themselves that do that. If you look closely at them with your eyes you can see them stutter a little bit. Use exposure time of 1/60 to get the signs to come out clear. The problem is that you need to be in a lower light environment so that the photo doesn't come out too bright. Phone cameras can't accomplish this.
  5. I was talking to a CRRC employee and the reason for this is the destination signs on the 7000s consume less energy. The LEDs in reality are blinking and have a lower refresh rate. It's not as bad on the 3200s and 5000s because the LEDs have a higher refresh rate and consume more energy. I wish they would fix the signs though. It's hard to take photos of the signs when it's sunny. I can only manage to get the signs to come out clear in lower light environments.
  6. As of yesterday. Here's a video from yesterday.
  7. 7955 has its roof repaired now making it nothing special once again. It just went back into service last week on Halsted. It was out of service since we talked about it.
  8. Keep them at Kedzie lol
  9. I complained about this like a year and a half ago.... just nothing but spam on this site now
  10. Thanks for the instructions. I was thinking of downloading the emulator and trying to get the game to work.
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