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  1. There's only one driver in West Division that makes a big deal out of everything and I've had various episodes with that woman. Was she a million miler?
  2. Everyone here has been talking about these 2nd gen Novas being moved around. I caught this Nova parked here at Garfleld and Ashland yesterday. I'm really not sure what's going on with it but I have to say it's been a long time since these Novas have been seen on the south side. Later yesterday I caught another one standing out of service on Ashland and 47th.
  3. I'm volunteering at IRM and trust me it's disappointing what's going on. The IRM charter should be rescheduled though. This virus is holding everyone back.
  4. The only extra footage I have is NYCT stuff but it doesn't get me views 😂 I posted an hour long video of IRT trains and it didn't take off. After that I uploaded a 60 second video of a train at 54th departing and it took off faster
  5. All I know about 392 is that it takes Pershing and Joliet Roads instead of I-55 when there's bad traffic
  6. Nah you're good 😂 you have not uploaded in a good while though.
  7. I probably should've posted this a while ago but I was fortunate enough to catch Geoffrey Baer's movie trains for his new documentary "Chicago by 'L'". This was back in late September of 2019. 4000s at Howard and 6000s along the Purple Line. Subscribe because I'm trying to beat a rival in subscribers 😂 but most importantly enjoy and give me feedback.
  8. 20403 was on the 305, 314, and 316 routes today. Here's a video showing the interior and exterior of the bus. After riding this, I can tell they have a faster acceleration than the El Dorado Axess buses. They seem to be well built quality buses and can see them lasting a long time.
  9. What's not exciting about them? They're 30ft BRT style buses that there currently isn't much of
  10. Prototypes. Of course production units start coming in after testing of the prototypes.
  11. No one has the answer to that, unfortunately. But the 7000s are delayed until late 2020 according to someone I spoke to
  12. Eventually Cermak is getting Pulse service. It's best all buses get the specs you see on 20401.
  13. Probably, yeah. That's just what I heard they did last week. Last Friday the same thing happened with literally the same train and at the same spot.
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