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  1. Yeah they don't like the number 13 but they do have run #666 on the #322 on Saturdays
  2. I'm not being sarcastic though. Well 1st part of the post yeah I was but in all seriousness though, all you're complaining about is the cleanliness of the trains. What's your point if I'm missing it?
  3. Most possibly a back up. Forest Glen does the #84 and I did see an old Nova on that route earlier today.
  4. There's something called cleaning. And it makes the train look "new". But yes sure.... let's scrap every dirty train on the Pink, Blue, Orange, Brown, Yellow, Purple, Red, and Green Lines and we'll be left with NOTHING! Be grateful you have fast & reliable train service. It's WINTER. Trains getting dirty is normal and it's a very easy fix. Lucky for you, March and April are right around the corner and all rail cars will be washed on the inside and outside.
  5. Computer glitch. Probably just needs a fix to its software
  6. It seems my prediction from back in May is slowly coming true.
  7. They didn't come with that wrap when delivered. That was only a promo wrap on I believe 5009-10. The renderings of the 5000 series cars do not show the promo scheme on the cars.
  8. I believe those were built in China for troubleshooting purposes.
  9. You guys really overthink. The renderings had blue on the end caps so obviously this is permanent. I'm glad the color on the cars are coming back though. I would love to see another Chicago Flag wrapped train and have that stay permanent. But that's just my opinion.
  10. And this was taken at the CRRC plant in China. This came out months ago
  11. 54A is being replaced with a new Pace route, I think. But they're still waiting on that.
  12. Yeah it's true Ravenswood does mix their consists. The way they work is very different than the Blue Line however because of the line's needs. Brown Line is a much less heavy line in contrast to the Blue Line. They don't have to worry about constant failures because the railcars don't take much of a beating. The Blue Line's goal is to strategically make the trains break down less and cause less delays, since it's a very heavy line.
  13. That's a bad idea and something Blue Line supervision does not want to do because in the event of a 2600 in that consist breaking down, there's no point in having 3200s on the Blue if they're not running by themselves. Keep the two fleets separate!
  14. 3200s are not compatible for work service. They're not like the 2600s, which are compatible work motors.
  15. I know. You went to the Chicago L group on Facebook to ask the same question I just answered for you.
  16. Yes they do. They do Pink Line runs after that. Pay attention when you ride the Pink Line. You will see run #318 and #321 at around 8pm. Same goes for in the morning. When #308 and #309 come back to 54th, the operators of those trains do Pink Line runs.
  17. Is run #320 recent? Last time I checked the PM runs were runs #318 and #321. After their Blue Line trips, the operators do Pink Line loopers for the rest of the night.
  18. Whiny Ravenswood people, like a friend of mine says.
  19. 50 more 3200 series cars are being added to the Blue Line while they trade in 50 2600s to the Brown.
  20. So you're saying the outside of the yard was empty?
  21. Trust me, those 2400 Heritage Cars are constantly being moved between Howard and Skokie Yards. Obviously those 2400s have some work done at Howard if that's why they're there. And currently, the same 6 cars of 5000s are used on the Yellow Line. Those same cars be running back and forth pretty much all day. The cars are Yellow Line runs 2 or 3 trains but lately just only two at a time. To be exact, the cars used currently for Yellow Line service are 5519-5520, 5523-24, 5525-5526.
  22. I could understand that. However, this is a suggestion for ONLY the occasion the 7000s are assigned FIRST to the Brown and Orange Lines. The rest of the 3200s would be assigned to Blue and cars with roof boards and 3457-58 (in total 18 cars) can go to Howard for Yellow and Purple. 2600s on Orange are replaced. As far as Howard Yard maintaining these cars, Howard still services DC equipment. They service the work cars and the 2400s from the Heritage Fleet. This wouldn't be a problem at all with the yards having to worry about servicing only one car class if they already are trained for different types of equipment. The idea is to improve service and prevent losing 5000s because the smaller Yellow line needs 2 cars from an 8 car consist off the Red Line. Red Line loses a whole train.
  23. See my above response (we posted at the same time, wanted to make sure you saw it)
  24. If CTA wants to, 3457-58 can be assigned to Yellow when the line runs 3 trains at a time during the summer and its special events. This would also be just in case one pair of 3200s break down resulting in losing an extra Purple Line train for both occasions. The total now would be 18 cars. Last time I checked, the Blue Line supervisors does not want 3457-58 or mix 2600s and 3200s together in an consist.
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