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  1. I've talked mostly with drivers that start in the morning. But with those from the evenings, they tell me it's a hand me down. But that seems about right
  2. I've asked drivers before. They can choose from what is available. But yes, ONLY when leaving the garage. After breaks, they don't choose. They get a "hand me down" from a previous run.
  3. If I see an EZ Rider on 307 or 311 when these Morton HS kids in Berwyn leave school for the day imma laugh. I hated how the 35' NABIs out of the poor choice of the driver to use this bus for his run, would even use it knowing there's less space for standing. The bus would get packed full of immature Morton kids. I can tell you this cause I just graduated out of there lol On 311 it's pretty bad cause lots of them get left behind as well. Before I started taking 307, which was faster and less packed, I would leave school as soon as the bell rang and try to walk as much north past Cermak as possible before everyone else goes 1st than me so I can get a good seat. It was so bad freshman year that one time on a half day (and I don't even know why i did this) but the bus was really late and I ended up walking from Cermak & Oak Park ALL THE WAY TO I-290! That's when I realized that I need an alternate route LOL
  4. I don't see why West would get EZ Riders if they are 30'. Unless they use them on routes like #302, 314, 315, 316, 305, 327 that mostly never get packed. And El Dorados can be used on the heavier routes
  5. To add to that, CTA President Dorval Carter said at the most recent board meeting that the Forest Park branch is a priority but will be worked on last.
  6. Yeah that's an update. If it's not an update for you, then there are no updates at this time. This is info that was shared at the most recent board meeting which was about 4 days ago. They said no work is being done at Navy Pier or Midway yet but showed photos of construction at Chicago & Austin for the super chargers that they barely started. I've also been at Midway and there is no construction at this time. Again if that's not an update for you, you're ungrateful.
  7. That was a re-route that happened when work was being done on Lake Street "L" tracks.
  8. Chicago & Austin is currently under construction
  9. Like it wasn't a "hellhole" before during construction. Yet I can't really call it a "hellhole" during that period. It wasn't that bad. Just cause they're adding two routes that run every 30-60 minutes it's now a "hellhole"..... okay buddy lol
  10. @YoungBusLover I have the DE40LF but for some reason the Hybrid battery won't appear at the top of the bus. What can I do to fix that?
  11. It also appears as Route 100 on my Ventra Transactions
  12. I'd assume North Riverside is also the closest mall with a large parking lot to Chicago Garage
  13. Yeah I figured. I already know instructors go wherever they're needed across the system. They're not assigned to specific garages
  14. Can someone else who actually knows the answer explain? I believe I saw just one instructor with those 3 buses. 2 from Kedzie and 1 from Chicago. Could it be that 2 operators from Kedzie and 1 operator from Chicago is training? (Let me know if I answered my own question or if I'm wrong lol) EDIT: If you're just going to answer simply "because they can", why are you here? Only speak if you know what you're talking about. This forum is for sharing detailed info about the inner workings of our transit systems AND providing proof of your claims.
  15. Exactly. Why would a Chicago Garage bus be training at North Riverside?
  16. Bus #1973 was at North Riverside Park Mall yesterday along with two other D40LFs from K. I found it interesting to see a bus from C come to a location where a route serves K, that being the #21 Cermak.
  17. Yeah that but what I'm referring to is the TSP system and how some Pulse stations aren't ready yet. If you're launching a service, you have to have everything you need for it completely ready in order for it to work properly
  18. They had a whole YEAR to prepare for this and they're not fully ready.
  19. That Pace worker is a supervisor. I rode Pulse on Tuesday and it was making all stops. There was one lady who complained to the supervisor there was a driver that morning that didn't care and made the Pulse stops only. I talked to the driver of my run and she didn't agree either about making all local stops. I can agree too cause everyone had a whole YEAR to prepare for Pulse. Also, is the Transit Signal Priority system not activated yet? I sat in front mainly to check it out if it works and didn't notice the lights changing green or staying longer in green when the bus approached the intersection. As a matter of fact, at one intersection it was green and when the bus arrived it turned red!
  20. That's stupid lol why every stop 270 stop? People had a good amount of time to be aware of Pulse service
  21. I think this means they barely started on the manufacturing
  22. And I wish Kedzie would get Novas so I can see them on the #21 but that's not how CTA works unfortunately
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