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  1. Nah just the way the camera works. It's annoying, I know.
  2. The 7000s are another step closer to running in passenger service. They were testing at Bryn Mawr today.
  3. South Division? Pace might have ordered more CNG El Dorados for the PULSE Halsted line. Separate from the new 30ft bus order.
  4. There's no bridges on 17th Avenue between Cermak and Roosevelt is my point.
  5. Why would there be a weight restriction?
  6. You should sign up for Pace's email notifications cause you're not up to date. #331 has been replacing #304 since summer of 2019. #322 has a dumb reroute that bypasses the Broadview Shopping Center by taking 1st Av, Roosevelt, 25th Av, and Cermak. This is because the small Addison Creek bridge has weight limits in place now. Why are buses restricted even if they're lighter than semis? I don't know. If anyone has the answer please comment it.
  7. Just to let y'all know - the person who took those photos was Bruce Moffat. Unfortunately we got people out here that don't give credit when it's due.
  8. This is a post from 2006. You don't know what you're talking about.
  9. Did you ride 20468 to a terminal?
  10. Here's a view from a Yellow Line train passing by. After the clip was taken, the car was moved facing Oakton inside the shops positioned to await its permanent mate.
  11. We also welcome those into the discord server interested in other transit systems and train/bus simulations in OpenBVE, Train Simulator 2020, and OMSI 2.
  12. IRM really needs volunteers for the bus department. I've seen no action going on there while I've been at IRM volunteering for the electric cars department.
  13. All operators start their trips out of Howard St. Their runs end at Howard when clocking out or going on lunch while another operator takes over as a different run. For example, 503 goes on lunch after a Looper and ends at Howard. 501 takes over to Linden and back to Howard (or Loop).
  14. Could've been 5348. I can confuse a 3 and a 5 when looking at it from a distance.
  15. Or it could be the fact the 5000s are pretty dirty right now and haven't been washed since last year.
  16. To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if they do. Their buses always have black around the windows so it would make sense if they do that.
  17. I would keep the artics if increasing frequency is something CTA does not want to do which I wouldn't be surprised if they don't. Either idea works
  18. It's such a short distance and does not help the 21. 302 drops off passengers at Cicero, not Kenton. Kenton is only the layover/turnaround point for 302. Cicero and Berwyn are not the only places the 21 experiences crowding. It's the majority of the route.
  19. Then either keep the artics on the 21 or increase frequency. The 21 buses I've been on are so packed that the passengers even block the front doors.
  20. Have you ever been on Cermak during non-COVID times?
  21. No. 302 and 21 cover that area already and EB 322 buses can't serve 54th terminal if they do that. It doesn't make sense for Pace to overlap the routes.
  22. I need to see more of THIS
  23. Even with that, it's only a smaller portion of the route compared to the actual length of it. The 12 doesn't need artics, the 21 is packed through the majority of the route. Even with 322 helping out in Cicero and Berwyn the bus still gets packed. I saw a 21 today and it was an artic coming in WB at 54th/Cermak. The bus had most of the seats taken. Even in NON COVID-19 times the 21 needs artics. Same thing with Ashland and probably Western.
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