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  1. I just want to make it clear to everyone that we don't mean any harm on the server nor are we trying to attack the forums as a whole. To clarify the context of the claims made before: We were mostly attacking a certain person from this forum that got banned off of the server because of an incident he had caused. I also met this person in real life. To add to that I'll admit it, we make fun of those exact irrelevant posts on the forums and joke about it being dead. This is, in short, in response to Pace831's claims. I do believe the chitransit.org will continue to be a good source for info about transit in the Chicagoland area. But we have to play our cards right and keep it that way. My goal with the discord server, though, was to make it a secondary platform for everyone since it's a live chat with texting and voice channels. If you guys have any questions, concerns, or comments about the server, feel free to tell me directly or post it in the Chicagoland Transit Discord topic. The server is still new and I would love people's feedback to make it better, while sticking to the purpose of it also being a place for people to express themselves without harming others.
  2. Listen man... @Pace831 to tell you the truth after all our members began to know each other and stuff, it became basically sort of a club type setting and one of the things we like doing is of course the petty jokes about people that did some dumb stuff on the server and got banned. Plus, I added people that I know from the transit simulation community because that's where I pretty much come from. We do joke a lot about one of the banned people, which is also on the forum, because I have actually met this person in real life and I do have quite a story to tell about that. It's an inside joke. It has nothing to do with this forum. We don't mean to cause harm to anyone. And if we do, you need to contact me or any other of the group's admins directly and let us know. In reference to "ruining another forum", I used to own a mobile train simulator forum that involved NYCT. It died because there were flaws in that mobile game that made the desktop version of it a lot better. We began getting some toxic members on the then-dead forum so I pretty much killed it entirely because there was no point in it. It's an inside joke I have with friends in the discord group that I've known for years. The reason "I ruined another forum" was used that day was because again... we joke around about things that happen elsewhere. It was in reference to last week where the forums were quiet for a bit. I'm sorry you don't like the type of environment we have on there. I created the group not only for young and knowledgeable transit fans, but also to make it a place to have some fun and express ourselves without harming others on the server. If you think we never had a day where we had a good in-depth conversation about transit you're wrong. And if you did feel that way, there's also a thing called "starting a conversation". Bring up something interesting. I designed the server so that it's mostly CTA, Metra, Pace, NYCT, simulation ANYTHING. If you wanted to get to understand us a bit better, why not speak in the server to us directly instead of defaming us on here? We were NEVER planning anything against the forums. But hey... I'll talk to my admin team on ways we can improve the group and make things a bit more clearer for incoming new members. Thanks for your feedback @Pace831 . Besides the server I think everything else is resolved.
  3. Okay 1st of all, this has nothing to do with my discord server. I gave everyone the option to join and explained what the server is about. You haven't been active on there so obviously you aren't interested in what we do. But please don't make an accusation about me trying to "stir up trouble to gain more members in another group". Second, rehabs of buses and trains are more of a major update to the fleet unlike, in my opinion, posting about every single 5000 series car out of 714 of them about whether or not they have plastic seat bottoms. But hey, if you guys REALLY want to know about that specific detail that's fine I'll admit fault on that. Third, I've noticed a change in the forums since I've come here and the posts were actually a lot more informative 2 years ago in comparison to today. I just expect something more interesting than "bus #1738 is really dirty and brown" when it's WINTER! If bus #1738 is vandalized, that is news. Rehabs are a totally different story than plastic seat bottoms that eventually all trains in the CTA "L" system will have. If you want my opinion, they feel about the same. I don't really see too much of a big deal about them because they're literally the same seat design. But again if y'all wanna know about every single one out of 714 5000 series cars and their fabric or plastic bottom seats, that's fine, I won't comment on it anymore.
  4. These posts are unnecessary. All 5000 Series cars will eventually get plastic seat bottoms.
  5. As of mid-October, they are not on the test tracks yet.
  6. Oh okay my bad I thought there was a move recently I didn't know about.
  7. Context Note: For those who may be asking who that user was, it was someone disguised as an already banned member. Don't be alarmed thinking that we ban anybody just because we can. 😂 we like to have fun on there and made a meme on what happened today
  8. Join our transit talk and simulation group here: https://discord.gg/x9CHMRT Don't worry... we do care about trolls being on our server
  9. I could definitely agree with that, sadly.
  10. Please don't tell me you're going to post about EVERY SINGLE BUS out of the THOUSANDS in the CTA system when EVERY SINGLE ONE gets dirty in the winter time.
  11. Learn how to write sentences if you're gonna make a proper claim.
  12. I even doubt Gillig will provide the correct specs Pace wants.
  13. Pace is in no need for gilligs at this time.
  14. Since today I guess... I was just on the Blue Line yesterday and it wasn't like that.
  15. So to clarify... the F59PHIs Metra received from Amtrak are being rebuilt? I thought they already were rebuilt.
  16. My bad man. But yeah I don't mean it in a bad way I just found it funny to see you're actually a transit fan. I'll pm you in the forum messages so this page doesn't continue off topic.
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