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  1. ......that is quote on quote quarantined. Quote "quarantined" end quote, or unquote.
  2. Ah yes, thank you. I didn't realize it was 1472.
  3. 5252's numbers could be because the cars had a wrap which covered the original numbers. Granted, they usually cut around the numbers when applying wraps. Just a guess.
  4. 'The bus seen around the country 1472.....' Why is that?
  5. Thank you for the information. Imagine that, misinformation on the internet?
  6. Hey everyone, found this on ebay. I've studied cta buses and trains for years, but this one escapes me; never saw it or heard about it. Can anyone confirm this 'Demo' was once on Chicago streets?
  7. If I misunderstand, please excuse me but I'm surprised that uniform platform length along the line has not been addressed before. Every Winter since opening in 1964, traction issues and the need for using door cut-outs limit the use of 4 car in-service trains? I know single and articulated cars were used for years. So how many cars were added to the one car in-service trains in snow/ice storms, one, two, making them two or three car consists?
  8. Andre, this may be for you....something I have wondered over time. Grew up in 69th, 77th garage territory and saw certain GM buses 1081, 7606, 7647 7741 (possibly 7431, 7656 and a couple in the 9000-9599 group) delivered with mid- shift marker lights on both sides of the bus, which were yellow instead of red. I'm referring to the marker lights over the left-side center window and the right-side rear exit doors. They appeared to have the yellow lens normally used on turn signals. With those, the bus could be seen for blocks at night. I always thought it was a cool "oddity" which set them apart
  9. What is TI-2's original fleet number?
  10. i8itall4u

    Mystery Bus

    Thank you Hunter-of-Buses!!!
  11. i8itall4u

    Mystery Bus

    Got a question. Back in the 1980s, Forest Glen temporarily had GM fishbowls 310, 315 and 333 (maybe others) that came from different transit properties. They were not from the original 300-449 series. Can someone, Busjack, Andre, David tell me about them? I have pictures of them found on the net some time ago. It's been so long ago that I forgot what site I got them from and therefore who gets credit for them, so I hesitate to post them.
  12. Track brakes. When activated they become magnetized and contact the running rails to aid in braking. Thought I could find a photo to illustrate.
  13. I saw 6472 reassigned to 77th in the last Bus Assignment List and wondered why was it the sole Nova sent there.
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