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  1. 2600-series - Service Dates

    is it just me or are the 2600s much louder when it’s warmer outside than when it’s cold. They make a really loud noise in the summer, is that just the air conditioning running that’s making them louder?
  2. What to Do With Surplus Artics

    How come np doesn’t make the 148 and 151 an all artic route during the morning rush period? Np has a sufficient enough number of artics between 4000s and 4300s to make the 22, 135, 136, 146, 147, 148, 151 and run a few artics on the 152 and 56 all at once, even run a few artics on the 50, sometimes the 50 gets really heavy in both rush periods. But even in the evening I’ll see 1000s on the 135 and 136 and why not just run all artics? Np should just utilize the artics as much as possible and run them.
  3. More Bus Moves

    How come they’re making routes like the 9, 53, 54, 56, 77 all nova 7900s? Is it to run a uniform fleet or are they the most reliable for those routes? Also I’ve noticed the 80 running mostly new flyers with some nova 7900s and nova 8325s and rarely running 6400s.
  4. Your New Blue - O'Hare Branch Rehab

    Why is the O’Hare branch such a priority right now? The Belmont canopy was the most unnecessary thing CTA could’ve possibly ever done. It’s just like how CTA talked about putting a station between Roosevelt and Cermak, a stop hasn’t been there all these years and it’s always worked out that way no need for a new station in between. The Congress branch of the blue line is the worst part of the system. I think it’s also the oldest part of the entire L system that hasn’t had a rehab at all. It’s almost as old as the green lines structure. CTA keeps discussing 7000s to replace 2600s and 3200s and they’re being built in about a year, what’s going to happen if the 7000s start being delivered and they haven’t upgraded the congress branch infrastructure or upgraded the power systems, then what? The O’Hare branch of the blue line from the kimball subway all the way to O’Hare is fairly new structure that was built back in the 70s and 80s, it’s almost as new as the orange line. Are they going to do to the congress branch what they did to Dan Ryan a few years ago and shut down that entire segment and rebuild it completely?
  5. 4000-series DE60LF - Updates - Rehabs

    How come most of the 4000 stimulus artics have different color interior lighting from the other 4000s? Like 4157-4165, 4167-4191, 4193-4194, 4196, 4198-4206. There interior lighting is yellow and whitish. But on some of them like 4163 for example, it’s a mix of blue led and yellow led interior lighting throughout the bus, whys it like that? Wouldn’t new flyer or CTA thought to just use white or blue led lighting like most other buses across the system? Is there a reason for the interior lights to be like that?
  6. Your New Blue - O'Hare Branch Rehab

    When are they going to rehab the Forest Park branch of the blue line? Isn’t that long over due? That sections older than O’Hare and has never had any actually work done on it.
  7. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    Why’s it taking CTA so long to retire all the 6400s? This retirement has sure been going on forever. The 4400s, 5300s, 5800s and 6000s retired faster and that was three different series. I’m pretty sure CTA currently has enough buses across the system to be able to pull all remaining nova 6400s off the street. It’s just a matter of switching buses around. Every garage has a surplus of buses, each garage has enough buses to send to forest glen to take out the 6400s. Every other garage has more 1000s than what they actually need. The CTA was able to survive when all the Nabis got pulled, they were able t workout the garage fleets around that and that was over 200 buses. There are only 100 6400s max that if they were thrown away, it doesn’t hurt anybody.
  8. Return of Route 145

    Speaking of eliminating and returning bus routes, do you think the 143 Stockton/ Michigan Express should be cut, and riders just the 151 Sheridan. The 143 only runs express from Fullerton to Michigan and Delaware. Usually during rush hour in the morning and evening LSD gets so backed up that traffic is almost stand still. From what I see the 151 Sheridan moves faster than the LSD traffic during rush hour. I just always felt that the 143 was useless, cta was so quick to cut the 145 but the 143s still running. If I had the authority in cta, I would axe the 143 and have people use the 151 Sheridan. By the time you get to Fullerton you’re already 3/4 the way to Michigan Ave. why not just stick it out on the 151?
  9. More Bus Moves

    How come the garages don’t assign the new flyer 1000s in numerical order, for example, Forest glen gets 1000-1100, then 103rd 1100-1199, then so on in order? Why is it mixed up at the garages? Kind of like how cta distributed the bombardier 5000s, the pink and green line got the first like 200 and the red, purple and yellow lines got the rest of the order but everything is still distributed numerically.