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  1. New shields ehh just like the CTA Kinds right?
  2. Yea, Joliet and McHenry as well, and at Highland Park too
  3. Yes #20308 #20311 #20314 #20322 #20323 #20324 #20325 #20326 #20327 And more are coming soon
  4. That #2828 has it's Pace Wrap on it, if I see it I'll take a picture.
  5. #20317 is on Route 559 Going to Fox Valley Mall or at Rolling Meadows/111th
  6. You see all those don't sound the same because they have a different engine for example in 2006 they have a Cummins 6.7 ISB, and right now the Eldorado national axess 30ft diesel buses has a Cummins L9 since #20300 is in service for Route 524 Departing Woodmans
  7. Yup you're right bro, I saw #20304 on Route 540 heading South to Rush Copley Medical Center a few weeks ago
  8. #20321/#20307 is making their debut on Routes 722 and 802
  9. #20301 heading to Naperville Metra Station on Route 722
  10. #20320 is making its debut on Route 714 heading to Naperville Metra Station to be route 530.
  11. #20309 is on Route 530 going west
  12. Look at the difference between a 40 Ft Eldorado national axess GNC and a Eldorado national axess 30ft but it does look kinda similar to EZ Rider II but it's not gonna sound the same because it has a different engine for example, back in 2006 when the EZ Rider II debuts it has a Cummins 6.7 ISB and now 15 years later the new buses has a Cummins L9.
  13. The 5 of them 40ft buses are for Pulse Halsted Street Line that will debut soon from Harvey Transportation Center to 95th/DanRyan CTA Station and it will be wrapped you're trying to say, look at the difference the 40ft diesel and GNC buses and the new 30ft Eldorado national axess that is recently debuting since the beginning of February. I'll post some pics you'll see what the difference is?
  14. Nope it's Eldorado national axess 30ft and it's a diesel bus and yes a grand total of 164 buses are still in progress at the Pace Fox Valley Garage
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