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  1. I just saw two 5000 Series cars with the Crown Royal wrap while heading home. The train run number is 615 heading towards Harlem/Lake due to I couldn't see the car numbers.
  2. What?! Why is 2020 taking away so many people?! I'm really crying right now. 😭
  3. If I am correct, they retired because of ISE going bankrupt and CTA didn't have many parts for the 900s. I think this is the same reason the 500s retired.
  4. Judging on when the 900s went into service(I think it's 2007) they were only in service for about 6 years or so.
  5. How long 804 been out of service? Almost a year?
  6. ajay

    More Bus Moves

    I remember seeing a New Flyer with the STOP feature. I think it was a Forest Glen unit.
  7. LOL Very funny Private Joker
  8. These look nice. Can't wait to see one.
  9. ajay

    More Bus Moves

    60 LFW repeat?(joke)
  10. ajay

    More Bus Moves

    Just wondering What unit was that D40LF that crashed into a Eldorado CNG that I clam it was "retired"
  11. There was a photo somewhere in the forums of 804. The driver window has been pulled out... So yeah.. at least I have a handful of photos of it.
  12. I haven't seen buses like 6224 6237 and 6251 on the tracker. I guessing they been pushed to the side ever since the XD40s came to service.
  13. ajay

    More Bus Moves

    Same here
  14. Is there any videos of the bus when it was in CFD?
  15. Aw damn. About time i see some xcelseiors. This bus is at West Division Right?
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