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  1. When was the last time 6472 seen in service? Just Asking...
  2. I just spotted 6700 on the Dan Ryan. Probably heading to FG
  3. That was posted in May So Yeah Me Too.
  4. Was 6686 and 6687 M.I.A because I haven't seen them In a while
  5. So You telling me...I wasted my time... making the other D40LF topics and this one already exist? Smh. Ok I really need to start making more sense. If I knew this thread already exist...i would have never made those topics.
  6. So that explains why everytime I see 6706 it always say 85 Central.
  7. Oh. I didn't know there was a topic already.
  8. 6871 was running good the last time i saw it. It was not too long ago.
  9. Thanks @Erin Mishkin Jr.. Yes the bus was running slower each time it came to a complete stop. But however...the reason i didn't record it is because I got interrupted. But i got some images.
  10. Not trying to be a smart a but true you see old novas at Jefferson Park but I said that because it has two logos on it. Probably not the only unit because 6706 had it too. And it is so hard to catch those 8325 Series at Forest Glen. I mean WTH? And I'm not surprised u haven't rode one of them yet. And now if you think about it,you is right about those old novas.
  11. @YoungBusLover Here is something. Make one of the flxible metros and one of the old novabus lfs have the speedline logo and the coin logo like 6759 had.
  12. Yes the speedline logo goes good on the older buses.
  13. Those cars are on the pink right because I mistaken 5001-5002 as the first cars Delived to CTA come to find out it was 5003-5004. Also I have a image of 5001. I didnt knew this was 5001 until i looked at it a year after taking the photo.
  14. Yeah i need to ride these. Next time if i take a ride on these it would say "A Ride On"
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