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  1. I know because I saw a video of a 1305 coming to a stop while on fire somewhere on the forums. There is no five on 6848...
  2. Does anyone have that video of 1305 on fire? Edit: 1342.
  3. Oh I was saying since your a driver I might find you one day without even trying...
  4. I'll find you just like I found two other drivers (Not gonna say their names just know one is on the forums)
  5. No I didn't rode 20401(Yes).
  6. It looks like it has a new sign. The bus (20401 I think) came 27 minutes early.
  7. Looks like they replaced it.
  8. I was there last month I it was very cool to see their buses there.
  9. I don't pay attention to that too much, especially the fact they said that 6400-6549 retired in 2021. But actually they retired in 2019 shortly after 8325-8349 went into service.
  10. It substance very little damage. Shouldn't be out of service for too long.
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