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  1. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    Question,I havent see 6838 out in a while. Is that bus retired?
  2. The Breakdown Thread

    Lets be honest,I hope 1088 will be active someday. I still a younger member so i dont know much about the maintenance of CTA or whatever you want to call it. But I highly doubt 1088 is gonna come back. And THIS IS JUST A THOUGHT. Please someone respond. Also, is 1617 in good shape? Because it didn't sound good when heard it on the 16.
  3. The Breakdown Thread

    Yes. I took that picture when i was back over there looking for 2000-2002 NovaBusesLFS (last week).
  4. The Breakdown Thread

    It pulled over where those cars are at
  5. 2005-2009 New Flyer D40LF(Retiring)

    After what happen a few days ago,1088 is now retired.
  6. The Breakdown Thread

    I still remember this. It was between 2005-2008 before the 145 was discontinued. Me and my mom got on a NABI 60 LFW going home getting off the red line.The lights flicker on and off and the driver said the bus was breaking down. The bus pulled over at Wilson and Clark and we had to walk home. It wasnt a long walk because we stayed on Wilson and Ashland. However I still continue to ride on them. Ever since then I didn't have a problem with the NABI 60 LFWs.
  7. 2005-2009 New Flyer D40LF(Retiring)

    I made a terrible title for this topic. Also I got a picture of 1000 today
  8. Thats the only unit active or something?
  9. So the 6600s are retired?
  10. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    6441 also had a LED destination sign
  11. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    I late Here is the link https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Nova_Bus_LFS
  12. 2005-2009 New Flyer D40LF(Retiring)

    Just like Sw4400 said,Who knows? CTA still needs to get rid of their DE60LFs in the next few years. But they might go get some NovaBus LFSAs. Still.
  13. 2005-2009 New Flyer D40LF(Retiring)

    Im really hope CTA or Pace gets some XD40s XD60s,or XN40s. Like pace got those Orion 7 Next Gens. They should have got more.