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  1. Well, here’s something to show due to my inactivity. There’s currently three Proterras at 77th but however, those are ZX5s, not BE40s because Proterra doesn’t make BE40s anymore. Pictures taken on the 16th & 17th. P.S: I didn’t know where to post this so I chose this topic.
  2. List is not in order but 2794 2788(?) 2604 2798 2796 2802 2805 2699 & 2608 are confirmed retired. They are in the back of South Division alongside the NABIs. Edit: 2808 2810 2809 2807 and a 281x unit(trees were blocking my photo. But it’s probably 2816)
  3. Oh yessirre that look is hot 🔥
  4. 1574 broke down on the 91 yesterday.
  5. I know because I saw a video of a 1305 coming to a stop while on fire somewhere on the forums. There is no five on 6848...
  6. Does anyone have that video of 1305 on fire? Edit: 1342.
  7. Oh I was saying since your a driver I might find you one day without even trying...
  8. I'll find you just like I found two other drivers (Not gonna say their names just know one is on the forums)
  9. No I didn't rode 20401(Yes).
  10. It looks like it has a new sign. The bus (20401 I think) came 27 minutes early.
  11. Looks like they replaced it.
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