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  1. I haven't seen buses like 6224 6237 and 6251 on the tracker. I guessing they been pushed to the side ever since the XD40s came to service.
  2. ajay

    More Bus Moves

    Same here
  3. Is there any videos of the bus when it was in CFD?
  4. Aw damn. About time i see some xcelseiors. This bus is at West Division Right?
  5. Well...there goes all of the DE40LFs
  6. Don't take my word on it but is this 804 at the boneyard?
  7. No need to rub it in. Just Saying.
  8. I could have said it myself @Anderson but I have proof. I'm not gonna show it for a reason.
  9. ajay

    Bus Route Tracker

    It's not working for me though.
  10. They will start retiring when the New Flyer XD40s come. So we got a while.
  11. When was the last time 6472 seen in service? Just Asking...
  12. I just spotted 6700 on the Dan Ryan. Probably heading to FG
  13. That was posted in May So Yeah Me Too.
  14. Was 6686 and 6687 M.I.A because I haven't seen them In a while
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