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  1. Omnibus Society of America program announcement 7 pm (do not arrive before 6:45 pm) Friday April 2, 2021 San Lucas United Church of Christ Basement 2914 W North Ave Chicago, Illinois If you need assistance, call me on my cell phone that evening. 847 215-0180 Program Los Angeles & San Francisco 1978, early '80s, Twin coaches in Washington state by Bruce Moffat Bruce will show slides of his trips to Los Angeles and San Francisco starting in 1978. He also took a trip with Mel Bernero, John LeBeau, and others to see Twin Coaches in Washington state. We
  2. With sadness, I am posting to let you know that our friend John LeBeau died March 28 2021. He was a public transportation bus driver with millions of miles over several decades, starting with South Suburban Safeway and remaining with the company through bankruptcy, the RTA contractor, and incorporation into Pace. John was a well-known photographer and historian and the long-time president of Omnibus Society of America. OSA's regular program meeting in May will serve as his memorial service. 7 pm (do not arrive before 6:45 pm) Friday, May 7, 2021 San Lucas United Church of Chri
  3. Some time in February, I anticipate having a Zoom meeting for Railroad & Shortlines Club of Chicago on this issue. I am disappointed that we didn't get interchangeable fares, which would have allowed Pace to restart south suburban feeders and shuttles, or possibly even charge them to the county subsidy. This project will be less likely to prove its value without bus transfers. This is disappointing.
  4. Omnibus Society of America Zoom meeting 7 pm CST, Thursday, January 14, 2021 Modern congestion management techniques for Pace bus routes by David Tomzik and Taqhi Mohammed, Pace Suburban Bus Service Pace Suburban Bus Service has been an industry leader in congestion management on busy suburban arterials with bus service. Taqhi is the engineer in charge of deploying technology that allows buses to approach intersections to request an extension to the green interval under specific circumstances. Dave is in charge of the technology group and will explain the communications tech
  5. Omnibus Society of America Zoom meeting 7 pm CST, Thursday, January 7, 2021 Living the Dream: Nine years as a CTA transit planner by David Wilson David Wilson will reminisce about the time he spent at Chicago Transit Authority as a transit planner for bus routes based at garages on the southwest side of Chicago. To receive an invitation to the Zoom meeting by email, please send a message to events@hgchicago.org with your name and email address. This is required; you may not participate anonymously.
  6. Melvin Bernero has died, either the 12th or 13th. I believe he was a member of this forum. He was a director of Omnibus Society of America for decades and did quite a bit of work behind the scenes. He also gave several programs each year. OSA's December 4 2020 meeting at 7 pm will be a tribute to Mel, so if anyone has slides or digital images of Mel on old fan trips or just want to show a few slide Mel might have liked, you'd be most welcome. We meet as San Lucas United Church of Christ, basement (entrance on the side of the building), 2914 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60647.
  7. I'm not sure what you mean. Like Pace, Metra made massive service cuts throughout 2020. Like Pace, Metra isn't making further service cuts. The only difference is that Metra didn't give public notice like Pace as they don't follow sunshine in government requirements as closely as Pace. Either way, the massive service cutbacks were made without public notice and public hearing and any comments a passenger might make during budget hearings is seven months after the fact.
  8. If any of you are regular bus or rail passengers living in the Chicago metropolitan area are interested in being an advocate for public transportation passengers, would you please contact me off line? ahk at transit dot chicago dot il dot us by email. Let me know what topics you are interested in and what great ideas you have that are both cost effective and likely to attract passengers. Please make sure you give me your name and contact information. There is no pay and no influence and you will not have the respect of your peers. I should also warn you that my sense of humor is
  9. Gawd I am feeling even more pessimistic than Andris.
  10. All of the bus routes listed as "proposed service discontinuance" were "temporarily suspended" in April or May 2020.They've all been suspended for so long that there must be public notice of discontinuation. It's permanent. it wasn't just some feeders, shuttles, and circulators. It's every single feeder, shuttle, and circulator. Every single one. Not that Pace was operating many Metra feeders due to lack of fare integration, but with nearly no office workers in the central business district and very few rush hour trains to meet and no park-n-ride demand, there was no market. The
  11. Omnibus Society of America program meeting 7 pm; do not arrive before 6:45 pm November 6, 2020 United States streetcar systems by Melvin Bernero Melvin will show streetcars in various cities around the U.S. from the 1970s till the present. Program location San Lucas United Church of Christ Basement 2914 W North Ave Chicago IL 60647 Enter the basement from the walkway on the side of the building. There are steps into the basement. The church is on the north side of North Avenue between Francisco and Richmond, across the street from Humboldt Park. Get off
  12. What's a suggestion to be made on revising 326 instead of discontinuing it? It's been a bus route with few passengers on it since CTA operated a version of it.
  13. T.J. Ross, Pace executive director, gave me a call Wednesday morning to tell me that he had retired, effective end of November. It was going to be announced publicly at that afternoon's board meeting. Rocky Donahue will be interim executive director starting in December.
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