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  1. I always hear how sophisticated mass transit is in Asia and Europe, one of the first things I hear about from those who have visited Japan is how advanced their mass transit is and how behind the US is. I have looked at a few videos of the Japanese Rail and while I do notice they have bullet trains which seem to be used for travel outside of the cities, the only major differences I noticed with their subways for mass transit was a larger network in Tokyo, their subways do seem cleaner, on time and different interiors like lcd screens etc. I am not sure how CTA compares, I have only used CTA, the MTA in NYC and the Metro in Washington DC. My favorite probably being the Metro. Is this a general perception or are there aspects I am not seeing that makes Japan or Asia and Europe more advanced than the US in terms of mass transit?
  2. You are right, sorry posted this on my lunch. The start (not in video) was in Albany Park so I will rename it.
  3. Hello is there a post requirement to post new topics? My button is completely missing.
  4. I really enjoy the CTA anytime I am visiting Chicago but I have to be blunt and honest as well about some of the downsides. Wifey and myself traveled there recently last year and the year before using the belmont and logan square stops. in 2017 my wife was pregnant with our son and we took the blue line from ohare to our destination. It was a short walk but of course being pregnant, walking around was difficult for her and a significant portion of service elevators were not working. In many cases we found ourselves needing to use lyft as there weren't really many options. We attempted to use the CTA buses but it became very confusing as we ended up boarding a bus that was rerouted and took us a completely different option so we were becoming frustrated seeing the gps on my phone going away from our destination. Additionally walking around Albany Park (if I recall) there were signs that the bus route there also had been rerouted. The issues our second visit my son had been born at that point and we were walking around with a stroller. Those specific circumstances we had to rely on CTA for the buses and trains because no uber or lyft could pick us up due to needing a car seat for my son and not all uber or lyft offer the option nor have an age appropriate seat facing the rear so we had to learn the bus system. We were able to navigate for the most part including the buses but my mother was with us that time so she ended up renting a car since we were headed up to Wisconsin. The most difficult portions were using the station at Logan Square which I believe was under construction at the time. Additionally elevators and many escalators were out of service and needed to walk up or down stairs with a stroller which was very tiring. There were definitely positives about CTA, I find it very efficient, on time and fast. Additionally transfers are easy, getting to main areas are nice but I see the limitations to a degree as well. I would like to see CTA become a primary option if I ever moved to Chicago but it is mainly the accessibility. I think the ridership decline with uber and lyft comes out of a necessity in some cases while others want the convenience. If I were a young single guy I could see easily how CTA would be beneficial but as a married man with a family, it makes things much more complex especially with many of the issues at least on the blue line with those who are disabled.
  5. ctowntravel

    More Bus Moves

    I appreciate the reply, some of the concerns came after reading others stories where those individuals were implying a very strict system where someone swiped their card and was locked out then jumped a barricade or accidentally had gone in through the gate piggybacking off someone elses pass. One of the stories claims that police were called and the person offered to pay their fare and were told it was too late and were being arrested and charged. Of course it's impossible to say how credible these stories are, these could be people who either have multiple offenses or were involved in other crimes. You are right, aside from the different circumstances, it is impossible for me to remember what happened 10 years ago, I have to remember the driver allowed me on the bus and that I recall putting funds in the slot so I should not worry about something that likely was never an issue to begin with.
  6. ctowntravel

    More Bus Moves

    Not sure where this fits and hopefully what I am posting doesn't come off the wrong way but I suppose it will ease some anxiety. My first time using CTA was 2009 before Ventra was rolled out. I was taken to Midway station for the orange line by some friends and ended up using the machine and printed out one of those paper magnetic cards. I guess those cards were multi use I think was one of the 7 day ones. Anyways, where I became confused was the bus system, I ended up going on the bus and saw some people putting money into the slot, I figured the buses didnt use the Chicago card and honestly now cannot recall if I overpaid the fare or underpaid, I just remember putting dollar bills in confused why I wasnt receiving change or how to add change and going to my seat, nothing ever said. I found out recently on the website that CTA does accept cash payments on the bus but it has to be exact. Anyways I realize this was 10 years ago but the last thing I would ever want is to fear accidently commiting fare evasion. I am pretty certain that I haven't done anything wrong but I am assuming the drivers have a terminal that advises the fare was paid for? Sorry again for the rediculous question, I guess just sometimes with anxiety, I read stories in the news in this case years later and then the anxiety kicks in making me try to recall if I have ever done anything wrong. Thanks.
  7. sorry for bumping this old thread but I am near the belmont blue line stop and a significant portion of stations do not have elevators and very steep stairs, additionally the gates are too small to even bring a stroller through and no wheel chair access. The stairs are steep and i find myself having to find other ways to bring my son down through the subway. This is very frustrating as I am not trying to violate cta rules, but the only way to go up is literally via either escalator or carrying the stroller like a stretcher. What do people in wheel chairs do and what does CTA expect us to do?
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