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  1. I second this! The station would fill the gap between JP and Harlem, which is way to big of a gap, in my opinion. Apparently though, residents thought the station would "increase crime". How?
  2. I have a few more ideas:: Extend 16th/18th route via 18th to Indiana. Why does this route turn north on Halsted and onto Roosevelt? I assume to serve Roosevelt station, but why not go via 18th to Indiana and up to the station so the whole street has service? NEW BROWN Line Stations: North/Halsted & Division NEW BLUE: NAGLE NEW PINK: IMD (connect w BLUE?) I've always wondered if this is possible. YELLOW: Why didn't cta ever extend the Yellow Line to Old Orchard? I think the line would've gain ridership if they did do this.
  3. Why not just film the stations as is? So confusing to change the sign for no reason.😂 & did they change it to CTS because of copyright?
  4. I was so shocked that I was ACTUALLY seeing it with my own two eyes. 😂 Also, why was this route discontinued and how long was it in service for? I think theres a lot of duplication of service in the system, and this was one of them?
  5. I spotted a 56A North Milwaukee to Devon/Harlem at the intersection of Milwaukee/Central (the opposite way of the destination LOL) I know this route was discontinued a longgg time ago. Do signs glitch like this sometimes?
  6. near six corners. it takesme 2 buses if anything why cant cta just extend 54 to terminate at devon or peterson since its a little hard to get to that part of the city, then 641 could replace service north of it?
  7. Lol i ride buses daily and serveral of the rail lines (mostly to sightsee around the city) so i just decided to join to voice sum opinions i had on cta operations. i started riding about 4 years ago.
  8. I didn't realize a lot of these points so thank you all for the clarifications. I'm sad to find out 54A is actually getting eliminated, now its gonna be even harder to get to Old Orchard. Regarding 41, why haven't the petitions worked?? Can CTA at least do a trial run? And for 44 I was thinking maybe running it on Loomis until 31st? If a bus is able to turn there, of course Wallace is a little to close to Halsted but hey if the ridership is there i guess there is no need to.
  9. I don't know if this thread is still active, but here is what I would do. (in numerical order for convenience :P) -9 Ashland: Extend north to Edgewater/Clark. (Rush?) Ashland is close to Clark anyways, but some people might need to go north of Irving Park and want a one seat ride. -11 Lincoln: Extend south to Clark/Lincoln Park Zoo to serve as an alternate to the Brown Line. All the other lines have one, so why not? Between Western/Lawrence and Howard/McCormick is too short for my liking. -12 Roosevelt: Add OWL service. The owl service gaps are not very consistent. -49 Western: Extend to Howard and ELIMINATE 49B. This makes more sense considering Howard is the northern border and having an extra "north route" is pointless. -51 51st: Extend east to Lake Park. Why just have it run to the Red Line? -52 Kedzie/California: Extend north to Montrose or adjacent Brown Line station. This route has always bothered me. Yes, it serves the schools in the area, but why not have it run all the way on California to serve the entire corridor? -53 Pulaski: Extend north to Devon & south to Orange Line or 87th. Eliminate 53A. Why not have it run all the way on Pulaski? South and North routes are unnecessary. -54 Cicero: Extend north to Jefferson Park Blue Line & south to 87th. Eliminate 54B South Cicero. This route NEEDS to go to JP. And it should run ALL the way to 87th. -54A North Cicero/Skokie: Run from early morning to early evening. This route gets crowded! I think it should run more than AM/PM rush, since it stays within the city for a majority of the route, and it's one of the only CTA routes to serve Yellow Line stations beside Howard. -56 Milwaukee: Extend north to Imlay.(Rush?) This would give people in Gladstone Park a more convenient, one-seat ride past Jefferson Park station. -57 Laramie: Extend north to Montrose or adjacent Blue line station. This route is painfully short. -72 North: Add OWL service. -74 Fullerton: Extend to Nature Museum. -81 Lawrence: Extend west to Cumberland. I think N,S,E,W routes are annoying. You don't see a South Ashland route do you? -85 Central: Extend south to 54th/Cermak Pink Line station. This route should serve a little bit of Cicero, IL. 54 and 21 serve a good amount of the suburbs, so why not? -86 Narragansett/Ridegland: Run 7 days a week. This would serve Wright College and Taft well for weekend school activities. -90 Harlem: Extend south to Harlem Blue Line. (Rush?) & extend north to Howard St. This would be convenient for people who don't want to take 307 or ride the full loop of the Blue Line. Serve north of Higgins would serve Norwood/Edison Park and nearby Niles well! -91 Austin: Extend south to serve 54th/Cermak Pink Line & extend north to Avondale/Gregory & Nagle. This will better serve people who live west of the Pink Line! The street is wide enough for a bus north of Lawrence, this would better serve residents. -92 Foster: Extend west to Cumberland Blue Line, and east to Foster Beach. This could make commute around Norwood Park convenient, especially for Taft HS, and it NEEDS to go to the beach! 103: 103rd. Whole route on 103rd. There's no need to split it. 108 Halsted/95th: ELIMINATE. This is a complete duplication of service (8A.) 155 Devon: Extend west to Harlem or Central. (Rush?) I think the route is too short between Kedzie and the Red Line. Extend it at least to Central to serve Edgebrook! **NEW ROUTE IDEAS** 38 Ogden: Runs from Chicago/Michigan to 24th/Cicero. I think this street needs service. -44 Racine: New route entirely on Racine from Madison to 87th or 95th. -83 83rd Street: Runs from Lake Shore to Kedzie or Pulaski. 83rd really needs a route. The gap between 79th and 87th is rather large. -85B South Central: Runs from 54th/Cermak Pink Line station to 65th or Midway Orange Line. (Via Laramie/Ogden/Central vice versa) I think the Southwest Side is forgotten at times. This would serve it well. -NEW Blue Line station at Central. -NEW Orange Line Station near Chinatown (Canal/Cermak) and another at California. -41 Elston/Clybourn: Run on Elston full time. Yellow Line stations at Asbury, Dodge, McCormick, & Crawford. Why does the Yellow Line only have 2 stations? I get so it can run "express" but people in the Skokie area could use more.
  10. New to the site, and am looking forward to sharing my opinions on cta operations!

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