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  1. what's wrong with asking questions? lol i'll take those questions to a different thread tho my apologies.😂😂 back to the topic, would the new 94 have good ridership or low? wondering if the change will affect anything, what is 52 & 94 ridership before the revision?
  2. 54 really is too short, and it doesn't terminate close enough to the Montrose Blue station (as the terminal is at Pensacola) but I don't see a solution to that since there's no streets to use to turnaround. But, nonetheless it's not the longest walk (during winter tho, yikes.) The 54 should go to Midway, since you have to take 54 & 54B to get to the airport, (taking the Blue to the Loop, then the Orange to Midway wastes too much time.) Speaking of Damen, why does the 48 South Damen exist? It's also short, why not just run the 50 to 87th (I know the street doesn't exist between Pershing & 47th).
  3. Speaking of Cicero, is the 54A still being discontinued? I'd hate to see the only way to Old Orchard being taken away. 😒
  4. The *new* 52 Kedzie route should operate from 63rd to Logan Square Blue Line station, at least during rush periods, since terminating at Chicago doesn't even give a connection to nearby Metra trains! Is it really that hard to have buses run on Kedzie's boulevard section? Is that why the 89 route failed? Someone said it would be too close to the 82, while that is true, the 52 in itself is close to Kimball for a majority of the route, this even makes me question why it has been called Kedzie/California in the first place, considering it barely runs on California. Also, California Blue Line station is always crowded, so I really hope people will be willing to use the Green Line instead, though the gap is kind of big. This also makes me wonder why Humboldt Park (and many many other Chicago neighborhoods) lack rapid transit. Oh well, it's not like the city can afford to extend any lines anytime soon. Someone also said that 52 & 52A should be merged into one route, while I agree, it'd be too long but we do have Ashland so it might work. If that were to happen maybe CTA can finally have Pulaski run from Devon to at least the Orange Line. This is one thing in the system that really frustrates me because, why have 53 terminate at 31st (not serving Orange Line) while 52A duplicates 52 and serves the Orange Line? This THEN ALSO makes me think about how Cicero terminates at Montrose & not Devon. CTA really needs to reevaluate their routes. A lot of routes go too beyond the city limits, and some terminate to far away from the city limits. Oh, and the 157 should be renamed Ogden/Taylor. Why name a route after a neighborhood? And it should be extended to Cicero, I said what I said! Lol
  5. i just found out about this and i'm in complete shock. the 52 route hasn't been revised ever, if not mistaken? i think it will help more people in humboldt park! though i wonder why they can't run it all the way on kedzie? i know kedzie BLVD is hard for busses to get through, but is that at all possible? i mean i know kimball is close by, but the whole system is filled with routes that are close. california needs to be extended to montrose or a brown line station, so that it serves the entire corridor imo. and will the 93 be renamed NORTH california/dodge? the ogden extension is something i've always been for, i think this time it'll work since north lawndale residents have been begging for this, and there are a number of schools and businesses it will serve. i think it should be extended to cicero/24th though but at least it's something! i hope all this works out well.
  6. owl service is one thing that annoys me bout cta. just have it run the entire route regardless. ppl got places they need to go overnight, and lord knows in this city walking at night is dangerous! also, there is too many gaps in service. no n/s owl route until pulaski, then western and ashland (despite them being very close together) also surprised the orange line serves a major airport, yet doesn't run owl. the red line should run to 130th, but that should've been done in its creation, and since the city is so broke, it doesn't seem like it will happen until wayyy later in the future.
  7. i took this 12/9 at 5:46PM. totally forgot to post it here. lots of interesting things i see on cta ln the daily.😂
  8. Spotted this at Harlem(O'Hare) Blue Line Station. Just a glitch?
  9. I second this! The station would fill the gap between JP and Harlem, which is way to big of a gap, in my opinion. Apparently though, residents thought the station would "increase crime". How?
  10. I have a few more ideas:: Extend 16th/18th route via 18th to Indiana. Why does this route turn north on Halsted and onto Roosevelt? I assume to serve Roosevelt station, but why not go via 18th to Indiana and up to the station so the whole street has service? NEW BROWN Line Stations: North/Halsted & Division NEW BLUE: NAGLE NEW PINK: IMD (connect w BLUE?) I've always wondered if this is possible. YELLOW: Why didn't cta ever extend the Yellow Line to Old Orchard? I think the line would've gain ridership if they did do this.
  11. Why not just film the stations as is? So confusing to change the sign for no reason.😂 & did they change it to CTS because of copyright?
  12. I was so shocked that I was ACTUALLY seeing it with my own two eyes. 😂 Also, why was this route discontinued and how long was it in service for? I think theres a lot of duplication of service in the system, and this was one of them?
  13. I spotted a 56A North Milwaukee to Devon/Harlem at the intersection of Milwaukee/Central (the opposite way of the destination LOL) I know this route was discontinued a longgg time ago. Do signs glitch like this sometimes?
  14. near six corners. it takesme 2 buses if anything why cant cta just extend 54 to terminate at devon or peterson since its a little hard to get to that part of the city, then 641 could replace service north of it?
  15. Lol i ride buses daily and serveral of the rail lines (mostly to sightsee around the city) so i just decided to join to voice sum opinions i had on cta operations. i started riding about 4 years ago.
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