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  1. Artics in Seattle were definitely used to keep frequencies low while managing demand. Until recently it was common that major lines used artics on 30 min frequencies. They've put a lot of money into frequency, but good service there is generally 12-15 min headways. I hope any new artic purchases in Chicago are of the three-door model. If CTA decides to go forward with all door boarding on the J14 (and expand to other lines) they can really improve travel speeds and capacity.
  2. A few things make artics slower in my opinion: 1. Typically artics mean running less service overall, to make use of the extra capacity. More people are getting on and off at each stop, which slows buses down. 2. It's a longer bus with the same amount of doors, so passengers take more time to exit. 3. The wheel wells in the middle and the accordion are harder to navigate, so riders take more time to sit down. 4. A lot of bus stop zones don't seem to accommodate artics well. One of my main stops on the 21 is difficult for an artic to pull in to, so the back door empties into the street instead of the curb. That back step is quite high and harder for the older folks to negotiate. As for the new bus order, I believe it has been advertised as a 40-foot order. From what I remember in the budget, it seems that a 60-foot order will be coming soon to replace the 4000s and the 4300s will be rehabbed. The 4300s were only bought to run for the Dan Ryan Red Line reconstruction. Pre-pandemic they weren't making use of the whole artic fleet, when the pandemic hit they spread them around for social distancing and capacity when they were enforcing limits.
  3. They are going to need new coaches anyways. So much of the fleet is obsolete. I'd imagine ridership will rebound by the time these start rolling in. From the Metra press release the base 200 new cars won't even be delivered until 2025-2027. (Deliveries starting 42 months after contract execution, and continuing for 30 months).
  4. This is the note on the Red/Purple Bypass project page about the track rebuild from Belmont to Cornelia (not quite Addison as I previously stated) : 2021: Red-Purple Bypass to be completed; CTA to begin reconstruction of North Main lines (Red and Purple Line track structure reconstruction between Belmont and Cornelia/Newport) End of 2024: North Main Line reconstruction to be completed. https://www.transitchicago.com/rpm/rpb/
  5. Once the flyover is done they are going to move onto the track rebuild from Belmont to Addison. That's a lot more difficult logistically, and they've been saying 2024 for completion.
  6. Halsted and Western don't seem to have any safety problems but they look absolutely terrible. I really hope the city and the railroads can come to an agreement because a lot of these bridges are in bad shape. Metra has done so much more than the railroads have with the UPN and RI rebuilds.
  7. CTA gave a Capital Improvement Plan presentation to the CMAP Transportation Committee on Dec 11 2020. RPM Phase 2 is presented as Thorndale to Howard with a cost of $4.1 billion. RPM Phase 3 is presented as Addison to Sheridan and the Purple Line with no cost estimates. Page 9 of this pdf: https://www.cmap.illinois.gov/documents/10180/1110048/CTA_CIP_FY2021-2025_CMAP_final.pdf/31f48863-4ea0-263d-2472-5d0acd6c52d8?t=1607726249694
  8. CTA gave a Capital Improvement Plan presentation at the CMAP Transportation Committee meeting on Dec 11 2020. Several "Forest Park Phase 1" projects are funded as part of the Rebuild Illinois bond program. Morgan Substation and Hermitage Traction Power Improvements ($50 M) Racine Station ($33 M) I listened in to the last CTA Accessibility Committee meeting and it was said that this station will get an elevator with the platform being extended towards the Racine bridge. Halsted to IMD trackwork ($83 M) Advance utility work ($12 M) Page 5 of this PDF: https://www.cmap.illinois.gov/documents/10180/1110048/CTA_CIP_FY2021-2025_CMAP_final.pdf/31f48863-4ea0-263d-2472-5d0acd6c52d8?t=1607726249694
  9. CTA gave a Capital Improvement Plan presentation to the CMAP Transportation Committee on Dec 11 2020. 6 buses have arrived, 14 additional buses will arrive in Q3 2021. The Capital Improvement Plan funds another 70 electric buses. Page 8: https://www.cmap.illinois.gov/documents/10180/1110048/CTA_CIP_FY2021-2025_CMAP_final.pdf/31f48863-4ea0-263d-2472-5d0acd6c52d8?t=1607726249694
  10. An update from the CTA Capital Improvement Plan presentation to the CMAP Transportation Committee on Dec 11 2020: Contract award in 2021 Base order of 100 buses begin delivery Q3 2021 500 buses post-2022 Page 8 of the CTA CIP presentation at CMAP Transportation Committee: https://www.cmap.illinois.gov/documents/10180/1110048/CTA_CIP_FY2021-2025_CMAP_final.pdf/31f48863-4ea0-263d-2472-5d0acd6c52d8?t=1607726249694
  11. Construction contract to be awarded in April 2021, with station completion in December 2022. Page 15 of the Dec 2020 RTA Project Management Oversight update: https://rtachicago.org/sites/default/files/documents/businessandfinance/Project-Management-Oversight-Dec-2020.pdf
  12. Metra has awarded a contract for the design of new Metra Electric stations at 79th, 87th, 95th, 103rd, and 111th. New stations will include elevators and the rendering shows a stationhouse at street level. Design work will be complete in December 2021, after which construction will begin with separate contracts for each station. Page 19 of the Dec 2020 RTA Project Management Oversight update: https://rtachicago.org/sites/default/files/documents/businessandfinance/Project-Management-Oversight-Dec-2020.pdf
  13. Here's an update on the 30 foot bus order in the Dec 2020 RTA Project Management Oversight Update. Page 62 of this PDF: https://rtachicago.org/sites/default/files/documents/businessandfinance/Project-Management-Oversight-Dec-2020.pdf 5 year contract awarded in Sept 2019 Minimum purchase of 67 buses, maximum purchase of 164 buses 23 buses ordered to date 5 have arrived, the remaining 18 expected by end of 2020 A new order of 44 buses will be submitted, bringing total ordered and delivered to 67. Buses expected to serve Fox Valley and MV Batavia.
  14. I looked at the new schedules but haven't had a chance to compare to the old ones. On the surface, it looks like the routes with new schedules are getting decent service increases.
  15. New 352 schedule: https://www.pacebus.com/sites/default/files/2020-12/PaceRt352_20210104 (1).pdf Weekdays and Saturdays all trips go to Chicago Heights except for owl and a few weekday early AM NB trips. Sundays only half of the daytime trips go to Chicago Heights, and the service starts later in the morning and ends earlier in the evening compared to the other days of the week. Good to see such a big improvement! Hope that Pace has more service increases like this in the future.
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