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  1. Random CTA

    Aw dam & that's what I was thinking for training purposes & CTA can't use no bus efficiently they slow lol low key
  2. Random CTA

    4198 is or was at Chicago when I went through about an hour ago it was sitting next to I believe 1949 in the front of the garage probably there from training someone cuz C already had the artics but the system took them away for some reason
  3. More Bus Moves

    I seen 1430 this morning on Western & the blue line
  4. Random CTA

    Man bro you ain't never lying
  5. Random CTA

    Yea they just grab go train for a min then throw it back in service
  6. Random CTA

    I think it was just there for training somebody that day cuz all buses that comes there from different garages only be there for training that day then return to their assign garages
  7. Random CTA

    1637 was in C training lot last night I had flew pass it & didn't see it till I turned the corner & seen the back of the bus
  8. The Breakdown Thread

    2011 was broke down on Pulaski & lake last night just came off the 20 on the way in for the night
  9. More Bus Moves

    I've noticed that too that's what I mostly see now
  10. Random CTA

    Lol idk but when you drive through there if the front door when you can see it sitting across the wall in the back
  11. Random CTA

    Lol idk when 8342 showed up at kedize & just in case 6163 at Chicago also it's sitting in the back of the garage as a CFD bus lol
  12. Random CTA

    Naw it went back to C in 2016 when for some reason they took the 40&41's from them & traded them 1374-86 & 82-8211&8225-35
  13. Random CTA

    8342 still had the 3 sticker on the windshield when I saw it last week & I didn't see no training bus paper tapped to the windows
  14. Random CTA

    1380 as a training bus for Chicago all the way till 5/31 then it a return back to service
  15. Random CTA

    Iight bet I got you I would have took one tonight but I didn't go that way on my way home