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  1. Most definitely agree with you bro cuz as we all seen in the last few years blue line was having alot of breakdowns
  2. Right they is light compared to blue red & brown just gotta see where it all goes
  3. Hey if they do they do IDC it ain't the first time we got run down equipment & it won't be the last cuz I know cta gone do whatever they want
  4. Well the blue line needs it they need more reliable cars & people up north get everything they ask for anyways so north side people can stop complaining the 2600's will get less work there & the orange line so they good there the 32-3300's fresh off a rehab so they need to be stretched
  5. Seen a work bus this morning on Roosevelt & Ashland my lady was like dam that bus sign broke I told her it's not broke that bus retired & it's a work bus then she sign they tinted it real good
  6. Seen 7902 on another route other then the 20 its on the 72 today was taken heading west at North & Austin
  7. Imo they should leave it how it is look at it what is it going to attract especially if the 94 gone shoot down Cali like the 52 does now the only possible thing I can see coming from this is like how C & FG did with the 76 C let FG take over all operations but i don't believe they gone switch routes cuz what since would that make when the 52 still slide pass K Humboldt Park and Logan square residents still have bus service like they do now unless if they do swap they will make the 94& 52 faster cuz as they stand right now those two routes are slow when it comes to waiting for a bus
  8. IDK but yea 7902 only stay on Madison like 8011 only always on Chicago I only see it on Madison once but mostly always on the 66
  9. Seen 6488 moving round first time I seen it moving since it was still in service at FG VID_34971027_064223_496.mp4
  10. Yea that's what he saying they all are new flyers tho
  11. Naw I think they have enough they run Western & Ashland with no issues
  12. But you right they just may stay at their garages
  13. Naw I was just throwing out a idea
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