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  1. Bro since you work at 7 you know a driver named remy or remardo that's my boy when to school with him
  2. Lmfao I'm not I'mma just ask for a tour of the boneyard
  3. 😂😂😂 I ain't going back there with out permission & I wanna walk through there
  4. Naw ain't that serious if I did that I would just ask for a tour of the boneyard
  5. Might but I honestly think it's not they are over or real close to the 12-year service life so I think CTA just gone wait for them to get there & start stripping em I hope not but that's my opinion
  6. Yea I was I just walked up to the gate to zoom in on 4323
  7. Naw that's 4119 on the Vincennes said broham it's been sitting there for months & yea 1805 still there
  8. Bet just making sure nothing comes out of that
  9. Cool just cuz I went up to the gate to try & zoom in on 4323
  10. Lmfao I just do the same thing 12 do I got a video of them on YouTube about their habits when not responding to an emergency no light no sirens but that's for another day to talk about that just fighting for change
  11. I just hope my bone yard video don't cause a problem
  12. Well I ain't trying to cause no issue tho bro just saying at C they don't mine me being on the training lot to film my car videos after hours but I get what you saying tho broham see I didn't think this morning was a issue
  13. Aw I didn't think it I was causing a issue this time since I didn't go in but since I was at 95th doing the red line till this morning I thought that I might just slide by but I made sure I stayed by the gate out of the way of any traffic but I do see what you saying
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