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  1. Nice I wish all them flex & 64-65s was still running
  2. I miss these I remember riding them on Pulaski and Cicero back in 01 and 02
  3. Yea I know about the new fire that kick it at the firehouse outwest
  4. Aw ok ain't k ow if something happened to it on the other side
  5. 1797 is a floater it was at NP then F then went to C & someone said that they saw it working out of 7 & this morning I said it had just finished a route going into C
  6. 1627 from K is sitting over at SS boneyard right in front of the Nova's what's up with that this it get hit on the left side or some ??
  7. Lol I drive through there everytime I come one during rush hour which is everyday & I didn't go all the way way in the back of 77 just far enough to get the pic which is no big deal lol
  8. Oh idk where you can find this one at outside of the SS but the fire department bus 6163 you can catch it at C when you come in through the front & they have the door open u can see it all the way in the back across the wall
  9. On 79 where the buses go in the shop area
  10. Yea needing some work done
  11. Aw ok bet didn't know that part
  12. Was out by 77 about a hour ago and seen the CPD bus pulled up & took a pic do anybody know what number it was when in service this is a 53-57 series
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