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  1. Man wish I could go see it but I just be then got off & will be kicking it with my daughter before I go hustle
  2. 1 thing I noticed about 7 when they need a back up bus they go next door & grab a bus from SS to fill in last summer I seen it when I seen 2007 from C running the #3
  3. What's wrong with 8189 it's got tape on the front doors & bike rack missing
  4. FG Nova's being stored over in the boneyard VID_20200328_095439612.mp4
  5. Naw I think they just need somewhere to store em cuz FG got buses from other garages cuz the Nova's don't have any type of protection
  6. Yea that's strange seeing it there maybe a garage workers was driving it & stopped to get some to eat since it's a white castle right there
  7. Yea that is good that they didn't do tgat
  8. Aw ok that makes sense now cuz they dam sure don't have any protection glass with the seat right behind em
  9. Yea you right I've definitely had people not that clean on the rails & my boy Remy also works out of 7 & he said 2 of the drivers out of there had it & another rail operator out of 95th had it
  10. Aw ok they just don't want to use them I see
  11. Nice so no 6400 novas running or do FG have a bad case of the virus to ship out alot of 6400's
  12. Now 6733 63 6875 & 6682 popped up at C parked the other Nova's that was there must be inside C or on a runoic of proof coming right up
  13. Aw I ain't know 6 came up off some buses too it must be a bad case of it at FG for this totally bits & pieces of a swap
  14. Nice pics & dam 1055 was just at C this morning guess it was getting ready to be sent to FG but I wonder what's the reason for then bits & pieces of a move
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