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  1. Yes just be a day swap need a buck to fill in for 1 & with the 77 thang SS just had to buses on hand I see that all the time when buses go to SS when I am outsouth I then see buses from every garage running the 9 or Halstead
  2. Quick question do anybody know why CTA retired all of the 900's & all but one of the 800's so early
  3. Naw its the only 1 of the hybrids still kicking it
  4. Just went through C about 45 mins ago just shot a video since i know all the buses parked on the sides this Sunday morning hope y'all like it VID_20190915_082052700.mp4
  5. I remember riding that bus in 04 when me & my OG went up north to her friend house & it sounded like that then I sat in the back right corner slide the window open & had my arm hanging out like the way I drive now with my arm hanging out
  6. I think they was junked but it gotta be a few still sitting in the bone yard cuz it's a few 53' & 60's there
  7. I like them too how the door swing out & how you sit up high instead of low like the new buses
  8. True I hope when they start replacing the 10's they order buses with tints
  9. How is it riding the 8325+ with them tints
  10. I don't either I live on the westside but I used to drive LSD a night wide open 12 nowhere around I was running the Vic but anyways back to the bus topic lol
  11. 8110 need a new bike rack or getting the one it's been sporting fixed sitting in the back of C chilling
  12. I know I see it on LSD one night heading back to NP
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