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  1. Thanks broham I fr thought that greyhound sold a few buses to pace & & I remember Continental Trailways do they also own Indian Trailways too or a part of it since it runs out of Greyhound station but yea I said that I could be wrong they could have came from another bus company
  2. Ok thanks putting me on that I didn't know that those buses just reminds me of greyhound buses
  3. I'm just saying it reminds me of a greyhound bus that's all
  4. Naw I was talking about body style but I could be wrong they could have came from any charter bus company they just put me in mind if Greyhound buses
  5. Pair them to Greyhound buses they look exactly the same but they could have came from a charter bus company or any bus company besides Greyhound & it's 69 series I seen 1 bus this morning with 69 could make out the rest due to the tree blocking the rest
  6. Aw ok see I was just wondering if they still had em
  7. Yea those buses where once Greyhound buses running all across the country but they eventually ended up in pace hands
  8. Idk what pace file to put this ? In but the old Greyhound buses that pace brought to run on the 755 do they still have the bathroom in them or did pace take that out I have been wondering about that Everytime I see those buses
  9. I don't like the way some officers use them some was unnecessary time or minor things then looking for the big things drugs guns stolen cars etc but a real cop a tell you somethings are worth the paperwork & somethings are not work the paperwork but hit my inbox on more don't wanna get in trouble for being off topic
  10. Hope she's ok but & Glade wasn't no officers hurt but I hope it's 1 of them explorers with them bs plate readers was hit
  11. Seen a pink line train run 309 not in service creeping down to the blue line this morning video of proof coming right up VID_37651113_153109_593.mp4
  12. Now this is something I or we all mostly see on the first gen Nova's but 4101 had it's good wide open while running the 12 this evening going east at Roosevelt & Racine see 1 of the shop guys forgot to close the hood before it came out this morning
  13. This morning my daughter kept saying bus so I took her to see some buses that C park on both sides of the garage VID_20200215_070947550.mp4
  14. This is the right side & the left side of parked over by the curb I would have had to get out but I'll see bout getting a pic
  15. Seen 1972 this morning in the back of C it's on legal hold got seals on the front & back door pic of proof coming right up
  16. Ran up on a 2200 series beer train today at the 2020 auto show
  17. Don't know exactly what was going on but 1970 had it's good opened with a cta supervisor in for of it this morning with CFD & CPD pulling behind it it was on the 72 at 6 some this morning VID_20200209_062733644.mp4
  18. Aw I haven't seen that when I had dropped my comment
  19. Naw someone had said he think it was 1972 so I said just it was to confirm it to him
  20. Yea I see it didn't take much I had said C should be able to fix that but they probably towed it to SS just to give it a deeper inspection
  21. Anybody know the number of the Chicago bus in this crash & not much damage at all well that C should be able to fix which they probably towed it to SS to inspect it deeper
  22. Yea I know it's out of FG I thought K might have helped or FG might have called for a bus to fill in or some
  23. When I left my house not too far from that I seen the blue lights flashing I thought somebody had been shot again cuz sometimes then gangs over there go at it I ain't know somebody had been hit by a bus & that liquor store camera clear as day
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