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  1. Quick question do anybody know why CTA retired all of the 900's & all but one of the 800's so early
  2. Naw its the only 1 of the hybrids still kicking it
  3. Just went through C about 45 mins ago just shot a video since i know all the buses parked on the sides this Sunday morning hope y'all like it VID_20190915_082052700.mp4
  4. I remember riding that bus in 04 when me & my OG went up north to her friend house & it sounded like that then I sat in the back right corner slide the window open & had my arm hanging out like the way I drive now with my arm hanging out
  5. I think they was junked but it gotta be a few still sitting in the bone yard cuz it's a few 53' & 60's there
  6. I like them too how the door swing out & how you sit up high instead of low like the new buses
  7. True I hope when they start replacing the 10's they order buses with tints
  8. I don't either I live on the westside but I used to drive LSD a night wide open 12 nowhere around I was running the Vic but anyways back to the bus topic lol
  9. 8110 need a new bike rack or getting the one it's been sporting fixed sitting in the back of C chilling
  10. I know I see it on LSD one night heading back to NP
  11. Yea it's still in service bro
  12. Naw they not you know CTA don't never give the oldest in the fleet nothing but scheduled maintenance
  13. Yea we do I just happened to see it & was like dam it's back not knowing that it's been back
  14. Oh dam mybad bro I remember seeing tho but I don't think I read it all
  15. 1342 back in service seen it this but was driving too fast to get a pic of it it's running on the 4 right now
  16. Dam I know CTA is always late can't never be on time but 53 mins lol yea I think the system outta wack cuz they would have turned that bus around last time I see a bus that far behind was when that small blizzard hit in 2015 & the Cicero bus driver pulled up at lake & Cicero going north said that I am supposed to be at Chicago going south & that she was supposed to be 15 mins behind that bus that had just passed lake & Cicero going south
  17. Dam I didn't think about that cuz just thought that they just did some random swaps
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