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  1. Caught 701 on the 4 and surprisingly it was a run from Illinois Center to 115th. Wonder if CTA is testing on some of the longer routes or just the need for more buses. 20201221_185439(1).mp4
  2. Even with CTA getting the largest cut, I would guess service cuts won't be as bad as Pace but I'd propose just to stay on the safe side the route elimination of 1, 2, X9, 11, 18, 24, 31, 37, 48, X49, 51, 54A, 55A, 57, 85A, 86, 88, 96, 100, 108, 120, 121, 124, 125, 134, 135, 136, 143, 148, 165, 169, 171, 172 and 192 until further notice. Service reductions on the N5, 6, 7, 8, 8A, J14, 26, 39, 43, 44, 52A, 53A, 54B, 55N, 56, 59, 62H, 63W, 65, 68, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 78, 80, 84, 87, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 103, 106, 146, 147, 152, 156, 157, 201, and 206 to about every 20 to 40 minutes. All rail service besides the Red and Blue Line will end at 12am. Blue Line night owl will only operate from O'Hare to UIC every hour. Red night owl will operate every 30 to 40 minutes. Already stated Lightfoot will oppose cut backs as much as she can and even though CTA is getting the most money, it's almost impossible to avoid service cuts but it may not be as bad to an extent. We'll just have to wait and see but whatever happens I feel riders will have the biggest push back.
  3. Are fares being collect on UP-NW because earlier this morning I was heading to Des Plaines and the first person in the front of the car fare was about to be collected then I guess something clicked in his mind and he didn't check anyone's fare? Sorry if this question was already answered.
  4. Yeah she was ahead of schedule so she pulled over directly to the curb and he every tree branch before realizing her mirror was broke.
  5. Not to sure if this is an accident but was on the 1277 on the #4 heading to 49th and on 48th the driver ran into about 10 tree branches and broke the right mirror.
  6. I decided to ride the #94 California full route today and I don't know if it will last like this or they'll switch it back. First off the driver was going 25 to 30mph the whole time which makes the route feel really slow. Second after Madison the bus was completely empty until Chicago & Grand and I do not see people leaving the Blue Line traveling to the Green Line because the location and how the area around the Green Line looks won't help that. Third when he reached Belmont & Campbell he continued down Campbell and missed he turn and had to turn around in a empty parking lot which shows they don't know the route fully. And finally something has to be dropped either terminating the bus at 69th & Western or dropping the Orange Line connection. It's not too many turns more so of the waiting at each turn. Tomorrow I'll check out the #157 extension but when I went pass Ogden on the #94 the one #157 I saw heading downtown was completely empty.
  7. Does anybody know how the #8 is running after 47th Street? I was at 47th & Hoyne today waiting to go eastbound on the 47 and several #8's came by (the first one crowded) but heading towards Western Blvd. then they headed north. I just wanted to know where they go after that, to 43rd, Pershing, or 35th back to Halsted.
  8. I saw the thread at took some time to think out what I would do if I could run CTA for a day but this will be a long post so be ready to read. I would form a South Side Rehab Plan because it's needed 1 Bronzeville/Union Station will be eliminated as it only stands to service Union Station Experiment later AM and earlier PM service on the 2 Hyde Park Express 3 King Drive and 4 Cottage Grove would operate with the X3 and X4 express routes 6 Jackson Park Express and 26 South Shore Express would operate as the 26 South Shore Express from 103rd/Stony Island to Chicago/Michigan via #6 current routing from 67th & Jeffery to 47th & Lake Park with certain trips ending at Wacker and Columbus as well as operating daily from 4:30am to 1:00am every 8 to 10 mins 8A South Halsted will pick up slack from eliminated 108 Halsted/95th with certain trips rush hour trips from 95th Red Line and daily service to 127th X8 Halsted Express would operate from 79th/Perry or 79th/Halsted to Clarendon/Lawrence/Marine Drive N8 Halsted from Halsted Green Line or Halsted Green Line to Belmont/Halsted Rebuild J14 Jeffery Jump stations with blue traffic lanes from 67th to 95th 15 Jeffery Local will have alternate service to Western Orange Line eliminating 51 51st allowing 94 California to pick up between Western and California 31 31st operates rush hour only from 6am to 10am and 2pm to 8pm with 3 to 4 buses instead of 2 35 31st/35th will operate via 35th, California, 31st instead of normal routing 39 Pershing would operate to 36th/Kedize instead of St.Louis Experiment night owl on 47 47th full route because ridership seems to have grown a lot especially between Midway and Kedize Truly wanna eliminate 48 South Damen N49 Western would operate to 87th to connect to N87 51 51st would be eliminated 52 and 52A would be combined to make 52 Kedize operating from Chicago/Troy to 115th/Springfield with short turns at 63rd from each way and running out of Kedize garage only 54 Cicero extended to Midway and 54B operating from Cicero to 87th limiting all Pace buses from 59th to 87th to limited stops 55A and 55N combined to make 55W West 55th operating Cicero, 55th, Narragansett, 65th, Austin, 55th, and Cicero with layover at 64th and Narragansett 62 Archer run only to Pulaski Orange Line or Midway Orange Line and allow 62H to pick up west of Cicero passengers and eliminate night owl N62 and allow Orange Line to run night owl Make 79 79th safer, faster, and reliable with a Jump like situation making only busy and every other block stops with stations and very own wrapped buses with a revised schedule Experiment 83 83rd route from 79th/Halsted via 79th, Emerald, Terminal, Halsted, 83rd, Birkhoff, 84th, Vincennes, 83rd, Lafayette, 87th Red Line, State, 83rd, Anthony, Jeffery, 83rd, South Shore, 79th Street Terminal N87 would operate from 87th/Western to 91st/Commerical or Anthony like the rush hour trips 94 California operate from 69th/Western or 79th/Western to Addison/Rockwell 103 West 103rd and 106 East 103rd operate as one route from 104th/Pulaski to 103rd/Stony Island via Pulaski, 103rd, Wentworth, 95th Red Line, Michigan, 103rd, (Olive Harvey sometimes) Stony Island 111 111th/King Drive and 112 Vincennes/111th operate as one whole route from 111th/Pulaski to 95th Red Line 112 would be renamed 112 Vincennes/95th operating from 95th Red Line to Marshfield Plaza or 119th/Western Propose a Green Line extend to 93rd/Commercial running alongside the Chicago Skyway possibly abandoning East 63rd Branch with stations at 63rd, 71st/Cottage Grove, 75th, 79th/Stony Island, 83rd/Jeffery, 87th, ending at 93rd/Commercial (Exchange) No need to extend Red Line South of 95th since major South routes connect to Terminal and emptying the terminal would only be a waste of money in my opinion Back to CTA as a whole Extend 44 Wallace/Racine to Clinton Blue Line via Canal, Adams, Union Station, Clinton, Blue Line, Taylor, Canal to normal route Eliminate 54A N. Cicero/Skokie Blvd as planned Reuse the number 132 and use as 132 Elston/Clybourn (I don't like the number 41) from Congress Plaza to Forest Glen Garage via Congress Plaza, Michigan, Adams, Franklin, Orleans, Division, Clybourn, Belmont, Elston, Forest Glen Garage Extend 157 Streeterville/Taylor to Pulaski Pink Line as planned Have Red and Blue Line trains run express often Experiment night owl service on Brown Line Set up Loop Link situation on Michigan Ave. from Roosevelt to Delaware with prepaid boarding and dedicated bus lanes but still allowing right hand turns (police officers, cameras, and CTA employees around bus stops to enforce rules) If you made it this far thank you and I hope this made some sense to you
  9. Ok you convinced me about southbound but northbound would be a even more of struggle because of the support beams in the middle of 95th and I've been on several new flyers that have got stuck or scrapped making that turn as it is sharp, but it's possible an artic can make both turns.
  10. Being a very frequent rider of the 4, having artics would mean they would only operate between Illinois Center and 95th which is smart but when school starts back up 65% of the rush hour ridership comes from between 115th and 95th but artics can't operate the turns at 95th and Cottage Grove to go further south and either at 115th. Artics can be smart but then new flyers and novas heading to 115th would be crowded as usual and since they come every 20 minutes it would be a major headache having artics crowded and new flyer and novas crowded.
  11. Yeah, I have rode the extension of the 111A and was quite upset with the bus not serving Olive Harvey and only having 2 added bus stops, one not even an actually bus stop. I absolutely agree with the your statement on how most people going to the community center will drive. It's right around a busy highway and very industrial so no ones really going to ride the bus over there and anyways the 106 bus stops at Woodlawn so you could just walk from one bus and be there. I just think it was a last minute idea and not really thought out. If the bus served Olive Harvey, people that live around Roseland, Pullman, or could find a better connections to their destination, this route would be perfect. I wonder if CTA was really ready for this unlike the 47 and 62 already having the necessary resources?
  12. From what I've seen and rode, the 47th schedule was a bit all over the place in the beginning but I think the drivers are getting used to it. Only thing is they've seem to decrease the number of turnarounds at Kedize Orange Line which makes the wait sometimes a little longer than before. I know nothing about the 62, but the route was always strange to me. I honestly don't know why, it just is. The 111A extension is really useless as too no one never really rides past Pullman Plaza and there's not even an actually stop for the Pullman Community Center (and the center is located at 104th & Woodlawn, but the annoucement says 103rd & Woodlawn, it's just all seems so last minute), it just sits there for about 2-4 mins before continuing to the garage. Also when you search up the Archer & Cicero terminal google says it's Permanently Closed and according to this article the buses where quote on quote blocking 3 southbound and northbound lanes so that's one of the changes to both the 47 and 62 schedules.
  13. How does the N87 turnaround at the Red Line during Night Owl.
  14. If CTA goes through with the Red Line Extension and build the 4 stations already said (103rd Street, 111th Street, Michigan Avenue, and 130th Street) then with the extension of the 111A to 103rd/Stony Island it should operate from Michigan Avenue Red Line (when built) the go to 103rd/Stony Island to provide service from a possible major station to a popular shopping center, a new community center, and several other bus routes, and trains. Connections to buses and trains: 4 Cottage Grove J14 Jeffery Jump 15 Jeffery Local 26 South Shore Express 28 Stony Island 34 South Michigan 106 East 103rd 111 111th/King Drive 115 Pullman/115th 119 Michigan/119th Pace Bus 353 Red Line Metra Trains
  15. I was just stating since the 66 was going electric shouldn't 79 at least be considered
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