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  1. 6669 on the 307 just a few minutes ago. Southbound at Burlington Street.
  2. WCR

    More Bus Moves

    Wonder if those Flxibles in the SS junkyard are salvageable for restoration. Probably not, as they're labeled scrap.
  3. Yeah, the 4051-4056 were probably the D40LF replacements. Thanks for the info!
  4. WCR

    More Bus Moves

    Not sure how related or relevant this is, but I saw an artic from Kedzie operating the 62 Archer on two separate occasions last week. I have photos but they aren't handy right now. I'll send them at some point.
  5. That's where I've been checking, and both the Active and Retired lists say "as of 2016". I was wondering if anyone here had a more recent list or is in the Kenosha region often enough to know the roster.
  6. Anyone know if Kenosha still rosters anything other than Gillig LFs? I know they have a history of purchasing interesting secondhand stuff from several transit agencies, including nearby Milwaukee. The most up-to-date roster I can find is Wikipedia's, which says they have former 1995/1997 D40LFs (five are active) bought off Milwaukee and Oshkosh, but it hasn't been updated since 2016. Are these still in service or has Kenosha completely gone Gillig? Also, some interesting stuff from their past fleet includes former Waueksha Gillig Phantoms, Chemung County Nova LFSs, and Oshkosh Flxibles.
  7. There's an order for 30/35ft Xcelsiors? From what I've read here there were two orders, one for 75 40ft buses from NFI (to replace NABIs) and one for 164 30ft buses from El Dorado (to replace some of the 2600s).
  8. Ah, misread that. @Mr.NewFlyer1051 my bad.
  9. Do we know whether or not the 30-footers will have rear doors? And also when exactly these orders (for NFI and El Dorado) were placed and/or are expected to be fulfilled?
  10. Use maths22 to see all buses that are currently in service, then use cta bus tracker (map) to see where particular buses are.
  11. 5009-10 were the first prototypes delivered and had a special livery. And maybe I misspoke, I meant the livery the 2600s were delivered in. Both photos taken from chicago-l.org
  12. This makes me wonder if the 5000s will receive blue endcaps once the time comes for their mid-life. Sort of like how the 2400s and 2600s were stripped of their decals to match the 3200s.
  13. I was referring to the Metra F59PHIs.
  14. Are there plans to overhaul the former Amtrak fleet?
  15. I've seen photos of 99 waiting to be picked up by CSX, and someone close to Metra told me they're being rebuilt. Still have no idea what facility, just know it's down south.
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