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  1. WCR

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    This may be a dumb question, but if need be couldn't the roof boards just be removed? Didn't some cars already have them removed? I've heard they're looking at a contract for ~300 new diesel buses, which would replace the 6400s and the oldest of the 1000s. Not to mention upcoming electric test orders that are almost certain to happen.
  2. I remember before the production models started arriving there was a demo on the property at Chicago. I figured that was so maintenance, mechanics, etc could get a feel for them early on, resulting in a speedier entry to service. Boy was I wrong...
  3. Now that we have a Flyer prototype on the property with plans for deliveries kicking off in March, any further word on the new El Dorados? I didn't hear anything about them in the last board meeting.
  4. There's a couple other TAs with that style, Detroit's DDOT and Maryland MTA for example. I definitely think they look better that way, I hope if CTA ever finally orders these buses, they'll have full length fins.
  5. For those like me who can't open the video on mobile, here. I REALLY like the look of it, but why must it have that terrible five-digit "year" numbering?
  6. Somewhat related, when I was in Nashville a couple years ago I spotted a few former RTA bilevels stored, so reading this topic I tried to locate them on Google Maps. The third image is of one of the cars which sits separated from the others closer to the street, the VRE 451. The second image is a satellite screen grab as street view cuts off here. One of these two is still in RTA's brown/orange. The first image is of the same two cars on street view, seen partially over a Nashville TA bus. I can't tell whose property the railcars are stored on or who owns them, but it appears they sit directly next to a Nashville MTA bus garage. Some of their active fleet is parked there (image 4) as well as an old Neoplan (5 and 6). Any additional info on these railcars is welcomed.
  7. I see rear facing seats are back. Surprising actually since CTA specifically requested the last nova order not have them.
  8. Here's a Tribune article about the Proterras and CTA's future fleet in general. There are some half-truths, such as saying the first two electrics (flyers) have been testing out of service for five years, but I thought it was still worth sharing. https://www.chicagotribune.com/business/transportation/ct-biz-cta-electric-buses-wait-getting-around-20191223-bcoaitl2y5h5lgbfzk4wndggye-story.html
  9. WCR

    More Bus Moves

    Strange, one of Chicago's novas was on a Kedzie route today.
  10. The white marker lights are capable of displaying all the other colors used by the CTA (white, green, amber). I'm guessing this is for a more organized look. For example, on a Cottage Grove green line train, green and white lights are used. On current cars, white is closest to the destination sign, with green being second closest. On a 7000 both colors would be displayed in the same place opposite each other. Photo credit: David Wilson
  11. Yeah, they most likely won't start out on the Blue due to track conditions like you said. However, if the CTA changed its mind about waiting for the city to restructure the Eisenhower and went ahead with track upgrades, they might be able to complete them before the production models begin delivery (after the year-long testing of the prototypes are complete). But yeah, that's unlikely so they'll probably start out on orange or brown. Side thought; I'm not entirely sure how severe the track conditions are, will the prototypes even be able to test on the forest park branch or would damage occur over a longer period of time? Thanks
  12. It still has the short window in the same spot, on each car the short window is on the left side of the car at the non-cab end and the right side at the cab end.
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