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  1. 2979/3112 is now a mis-mate on the blue line
  2. Now there's a display that reads "Busses may pass stops." Couldn't get a picture but it was on a 1900-series Flyer on the 49 NB.
  3. Number 90 has been repainted as a CNW tribute. https://www.instagram.com/p/CEArs6nnWq8/?igshid=1xf49l7j7hnnb
  4. Will the prototypes even be able to test on the Forest Park Branch?
  5. Looks like it has a similar decal to 5009-5010 when they were first delivered. Either that or the sides of the end cap are blue just like the front. Edit: It's just a blue tarp
  6. New programming I haven't seen before. SB rte 9. Bus 8046.
  7. A recreation of this livery on a modern bus would be...interesting. I think when I was a kid I drew a D40LF this way.
  8. 20453 working 307 this afternoon
  9. Been over a year and still no sign of these? Prototype even? They were ordered with the Flyers and those started arriving in March.
  10. That I don't know, you'd have to ask someone else how long it usually takes for a winner to be chosen and announced.
  11. It appears the bid opened today, as the date was never pushed back from July 6.
  12. The bid opening date has been pushed back to Monday, July 6, 2020.
  13. Sister unit 2069, among others, having some engine work done a couple days ago
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