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  1. I would hope not. I'm at the perfect height where if I sit in the high floor portion of the bus, my view out a hopper window is perfectly obstructed. That's one reason I love the 8325's and am looking forward to the Proterras.
  2. Anyone know the identity of this unnamed Nova?
  3. So just to clarify, was the full order for 45 buses exercised, or are only 20 expected? If 45, then they would probably be going to both Chicago (for the 66) and 74th (for the 63).
  4. METX F59PHI 94 is now painted and ready to be delivered to Metra property. These are the ones I was referring to a while back that supposedly will be overhauled before delivery. 95 and 96 should follow.
  5. You mean an F40 or an F59?
  6. Managed to snag a shot. Pretty bad but it serves its purpose. Route 8A at 95th.
  7. This isn't related to assignments, but I just saw 7914 on the 8, and the rear destination sign displayed "STOP" text when the bus braked. Is this a new feature? I haven't noticed it before. Unfortunately I was unable to grab a shot of it.
  8. The grey parts are primer, the paint job isn't yet complete. Don't know why it left the shop early.
  9. I see everyone else already posted their shots, but here are mine anyway! Also, thanks to guy who gave me this Pulse drawstring backpack! I do like the purple theme featured on both the interior and exterior of the buses. Also, the Nortran Legacy Fleet bus made an appearance at Golf Mill, running the 208. And if anyone is wondering about the artics at Jefferson Park, they were blue line shuttles, as service was suspended between there and Harlem.
  10. Yes, if they're numbered in order it should be the Amtrak 456.
  11. As a follow-up to @richii0909's post...
  12. WCR

    More Bus Moves

    Create a "More Proposed Bus Moves" thread.
  13. What did you find that could break off?
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