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  1. Did you notice whether they were playing on exterior announcement systems?
  2. Flxibles, I think he meant he saw them several years back
  3. There's at least two on the property now, and they're currently somewhere in the inspection/acceptance phase.
  4. Where did you hear that?
  5. I highly doubt that, considering there haven't been more than two Novas assigned to Kedzie at once.
  6. WCR

    Bus Route Tracker

  7. Followup, 8205 is also apparently running out of Kedzie, or maybe it's still out of Chicago and that glitch is occurring again...
  8. And now 8248 is at K. This is now the third Nova to visit Kedzie, with only one being there at a time. I wish we could get confirmation on what's going on, this seems like something more than just training...
  9. So I guess this confirms the Proterra order was for only 20 buses rather than 45.
  10. "1289 but someone by 79th red line" isn't very helpful information
  11. They're in no need for any buses at all at the moment, I'm just saying when the time eventually comes for another order, Gillig could be considered as well as El Dorado, Flyer, etc.
  12. Yeah, the earliest of that number group. Later ones aren't going anywhere yet (so I guess there's still a chance for Pace Gilligs).
  13. WCR

    CTA Bus Garage Rosters

    There's a Nova in the heritage fleet? Or do you mean the community bus?
  14. I'm aware of that, I just was taken by surprise when he said those Novas were for CTA
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