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  1. To the surprise of absolutely no one, the bid opening date has been bumped back again, this time to Friday, June 12, 2020.
  2. The EJE is the East-West track by Matteson, there's a connection to the former IC trackage (the freight line that parallels the ME) there. Fyi: EJE and all its assets and trackage have been under CN ownership since the 2009 merger.
  3. WCR

    More Bus Moves

    There were about 60-70 in active service before this fiasco began
  4. WCR

    More Bus Moves

    You're a driver now?
  5. WCR

    More Bus Moves

    So apparently Kedzie is still doing school trips on the 62, but with 40 footers which kind of defeats the purpose in my opinion. Here's 1736 and 1675 heading east to start their runs, 7904 was ahead of them.
  6. WCR

    More Bus Moves

    I always wanted Chicago to get its 60 footers back, but not under these circumstances.
  7. WCR

    More Bus Moves

    Retiring artics before 1000s would be a huge waste of cash. With how lightly they're used compared to everything else, I could see them lasting at least until they're 18-20 years old. If CTA really is desperate to be rid of them so soon, I could see another TA looking at getting their hands on them. For example, St Louis Metro has a bunch of 2004 D60LFs they bought secondhand in 2014 from OC Transpo, they're eventually gonna need replacements.
  8. WCR

    CTA Train ad wraps

    2945-46 on the blue line wear a red/orange full body AHA sparkling water wrap
  9. Yep, managed to grab a shot of it this evening. Apparently it's supposed to be reassigned eventually.
  10. WCR

    CTA Train ad wraps

    3023-24 on the orange line has a green & blue North Dakota full body wrap
  11. Should re-enter service on the Milwaukee Lines later this week.
  12. Last spring/summer. They replaced the last of their D40LFs.
  13. 76 and 79 are in service on the UP lines as of earlier this month.
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