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  1. 6747 parked southbound now on Ashland at 47th. Not sure what it's up to.
  2. GE and EMD are the two main players for new and repowered freight locomotives, Knoxville is another smaller contender. However, none of them yet offer full battery-electric switchers that can be operated solo, so this one's still way up in the air.
  3. Metra plans to issue an RFP for seven new switch units; six lower-emissions Tier 4 compliant diesels and one battery-electric unit. These will replace older EMD SW series locomotives. https://www.masstransitmag.com/rail/vehicles/press-release/21210751/metra-metras-board-approves-plan-paving-way-for-greener-locomotive-fleet
  4. 2021-2025 capital budget has been released. Some noteworthy tidbits in the Bus & Rolling Stock section include 5000-series "basic overhaul" beginning mid 2021, Flyers recieving rehabs, a 100-bus base order contract being awarded and deliveries expected late 2021, and more.
  5. This is a long shot, but does anyone have pictures of the Chapstick wraps applied to some 2600s in the early 2010s? They were full body ad-wraps decorated to look like Chapstick tubes.
  6. Ah I had no idea they were running them out on the road, I'd imagine Q1 2021 if they've been testing that long but that's just a guess.
  7. Ran across this a few minutes ago, finally running test trains! Shot from Manheim
  8. Per Metra Facebook: Metra on Saturday, Nov. 7, will introduce its first Bike Car, answering the call from bike enthusiasts to have more room for bicycles on its trains. It will be deployed on the Milwaukee District North Line as part of a pilot program that will last into the spring of 2021. Read the news release here: https://bit.ly/3p18KGV
  9. So it's been a few months, has anyone found any more info? Are we sure whether they've even awarded a contract?
  10. Also, the door window has no "don't cross between cars" warning label
  11. New bike car livery I guess? Not my photos.
  12. I heard 124 would move to C, but don't quote me
  13. Cops are not above the law and neither are you. Two wrongs don't make a right, and frankly a CTA bus operator (whether on duty or not) running a red light and blatantly recording it is absurd. Even cops don't just cruise right through the lights most of the time, 9/10 times they'll at least hesitate and check for traffic, which I didn't notice in the video. Not to mention the cops you see could be responding to calls and were instructed to keep their sirens off for various reasons. Honestly, this place is going downhill fast. It's sad to see.
  14. You're probably correct, most likely a small order they tacked on. I'll try and find more of these this week.
  15. Not at all what was expected... Rte 395, Willow Springs
  16. 2979/3112 is now a mis-mate on the blue line
  17. Now there's a display that reads "Busses may pass stops." Couldn't get a picture but it was on a 1900-series Flyer on the 49 NB.
  18. Number 90 has been repainted as a CNW tribute. https://www.instagram.com/p/CEArs6nnWq8/?igshid=1xf49l7j7hnnb
  19. Will the prototypes even be able to test on the Forest Park Branch?
  20. Looks like it has a similar decal to 5009-5010 when they were first delivered. Either that or the sides of the end cap are blue just like the front. Edit: It's just a blue tarp
  21. New programming I haven't seen before. SB rte 9. Bus 8046.
  22. A recreation of this livery on a modern bus would be...interesting. I think when I was a kid I drew a D40LF this way.
  23. 20453 working 307 this afternoon
  24. Been over a year and still no sign of these? Prototype even? They were ordered with the Flyers and those started arriving in March.
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