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  1. Yep, managed to grab a shot of it this evening. Apparently it's supposed to be reassigned eventually.
  2. WCR

    CTA Train ad wraps

    3023-24 on the orange line has a green & blue North Dakota full body wrap
  3. Should re-enter service on the Milwaukee Lines later this week.
  4. Last spring/summer. They replaced the last of their D40LFs.
  5. 76 and 79 are in service on the UP lines as of earlier this month.
  6. There were a couple other passengers who I overheard mentioning that the bus was new. The driver didn't really seem fazed. Here's a couple snaps of the rear portion seating. Every other seat was "intentionally not in use" for obvious reasons.
  7. Got 20401 on the 322 now. No stop request cords, only buttons.
  8. The bid opening date has been extended from Monday, April 13, 2020 to Monday, May 11, 2020. https://www.transitchicago.com/solicitation/details/?cta=Bg2Kaov023rGcoKigj6lTp5YpDqyz4EiJ%2F8BalJfw4E%3D
  9. WCR

    More Bus Moves

    Mid April is when bids are due I think. We should know around then
  10. WCR

    More Bus Moves

    They'll definitely be here in 2021. The last ones will stick around until the new diesel order starts arriving.
  11. WCR

    More Bus Moves

    Maybe those Chicago/Forest Glen swaps were in preparation for the Proterras? Best I can come up with. Swap ~20 old buses to Chicago so that when the new ones do come in they can just retire from there.
  12. Managed to get 701 on the 79 this morning. His last eastbound trip terminated at the Red Line then he went back to 77th. This thing still rides flawlessly.
  13. Morning or afternoon? Edit: just checked the archive, it was afternoon.
  14. 701 on the 79 again right now, 79-703. Same run as last month.
  15. Still waiting on 164 more of these...
  16. Yeah, I'm definitely gonna be riding and shooting these often when they show up. Until then the closest Xcelsiors are in Milwaukee. Crazy to think about how the NABIs I grew up with have mere months left in service though.
  17. Deliveries should commence sometime this month, anyone know if they'll be delivered to Pace HQ or West?
  18. Same problem with android. Usually gets fixed within a couple days.
  19. Production deliveries slated to begin "mid-march". Maybe we'll be able to ride them by the end of the month.
  20. Could be that only 20401 has those windows and the rest will have conventional styling. That's what happened with the Eldo Axess prototype. If that's the case I'd guess the extra ten might have flush windows for Pulse specs.
  21. Train was gone as of about 10am today
  22. Only four more?! Man, Proterra is slow, I would have thought they'd all be here by now. Only twenty on order and they've been coming in since like what, early fall? I wonder if they're going to wait and deploy the entire fleet at once.
  23. I doubt it. It was an eight car set and I noticed at least one pair was in the 5500s. All headlights, markers, interior lighting were all off.
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