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  1. yes i seen 1933 the other day the real question is did 1929 get his F i know they been dragging on 1933 and 1929
  2. i was on 1352 yesterday and was wondering what that was i think they just made it into a F lmao someone was lazy to take it off n put F
  3. 77th needed a bus for the day 100%
  4. yea there was not a lot of trains out on the red line on sunday and yesterday i think the reason possibly is employees called off
  5. probably took off the old wrap and put the new one
  6. 1598 been at FG since last year
  7. grayish blue that bad boy was smoking it until he left the terminal
  8. i seen #1023 yesterday it was parked up on the side at the JP terminal by the #85A bus stop and it went on route to #91 Austin once the bus exited the terminal it was smoking like a chimney
  9. chances are that’s a #78 they like to come by the hip really early n they won’t leave for like half an hour or more possibly bus driver turned it off and went to the mall
  10. this might be giving us a hint it will be repaired soon
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