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  1. this is what might happen since 6510-6521 got delivered WAY early that might happen with 20475-20485 they gonna run them on either pulse milwaukee or regular 250 service until pulse dempster is complete
  2. there’s no way they gonna have to wait till at least that part of oakton is done
  3. he’s saying up to 20475 because 10 probably will go to another garage
  4. temporary 1753-1759 all moved to K couple weeks ago
  5. yea it does at howard and 95th
  6. i think they just gotta finish navy pier
  7. howard has a wash as well it’s on the east side of the yard next to the maintenance building
  8. probably a extra run
  9. i did say couple weeks ago😂
  10. nope couple weeks ago yellow borrowed red cars
  11. you don’t see this sign on a flyer a lot these days
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