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  1. damn the 4000’s always come in useful
  2. FG could use artics on 81 and 77
  3. how did a C sticker land up at 74th tho?
  4. shops don’t change the stickers it’s the garage
  5. looks like a new front rim to me just like 1040 got both front new ones and 1055 got front left
  6. same with FG one pulled out to do a night run on 77 and it said “103RD GARAGE”
  7. by any chance do you know what that flyer number is from FG?
  8. miles have to be at least under 1,000 7900 barley went anywhere besides move around the garage and shops and couple other places
  9. probably awaiting maintenance
  10. i’m suprised shops still has parts to fix it if anything needs to be fixed
  11. derailment from sunday at howard IMG_1161.MP4
  12. yep that train came to belmont it smelled like a fire so that train got evacuated and they switched it from south to north at wellington and it took the express track to howard 3rd car was 5662 IMG_1186.MP4
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