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  1. it’s back up and running
  2. 1384-1386 1388-1394 been at FG only 7 and NP and C changed buses
  3. yea 7 only has 44 1300’s out of 78
  4. hopefully fixed later today
  5. you can put NP= 1345-1383 FG you can add 1208 and remove 8080 8090-91 and 8094 and 8218 and put them to 74th
  6. C organizing busses NP changing stickers ASAP rest are slow
  7. they’re getting delivered secretly i see i remember when only 2 was at SS and C
  8. looks like another signal house is going up at thorndale
  9. yes they have installed 95% signals at thorndale all signal indicators are up i think they are in use now but signals still need to be hooked up and working and yes berwyn has a signal house over the alley and there is a also a new signal house up on the south end of the platform on loyola also question for anyone will the granville interlocking be removed? since there’s a new one at thorndale
  10. 4105 is back in service on the 169
  11. once they start service we will see flyers being moved to FG to knock off some 6600’s 6700’s and 6800’s
  12. all they need at both interlockings are signals and then 100% complete also noticed signal houses are up by berwyn and loyola
  13. pray we bet something good this year
  14. i’ve heard rumors left and right that it will run this year but the official word will be announced by CTA 2nd week of november and also if it does run this year they might have the elve train right behind it every day to control social distancing
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