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  1. Random CTA

    So I rode the 26 south shore express from NWM hospital to 103rd/Stony Island in the PM does it deadhead back to downtown because mine went back with sign saying “Not in service”
  2. 8325-Series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    90N doesn’t exist anymore some of the 8325’a are programmed wrong (ex: 8347 was working 56 and it said 56 Milwaukee To Western Blue Line)
  3. 5000-series - Updates

    “But unfortunately a certain individual gets upset when they get put in their place 🤷‍♂️. This is a forum and we always learn from each other. It's not a place to be full of pride in always being right.” 😂😂^Yea ooookkkkk I’m upset? Yea your definitely correct
  4. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    There’s 7902 on #66
  5. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    Tomorrow I might go out and catch either 7902 8011 or 8142 and take a picture of inside look of the new screens so as far as I know if 8011 was the test bus and it all went well that means 8142 was the second bus to get it and then 7902 so in conclusion soon probably within the near future of 2019 all 7900’s 8325’s will have the new screens and probably the Porterras to
  6. 5000-series - Updates

    End Of Argument of car numbers!!!!!
  7. 5000-series - Updates

    I caught 5150 to and I can confirm that ajm522 is correct it is paired with 5149
  8. 5000-series - Updates

    They did!!! Thanks for helping me prove a point
  9. 5000-series - Updates

    It is paired with 5148..im not going to repeat the same thing to you end of discussion
  10. 5000-series - Updates

    It is English...apparently you don’t speak it since you asked me “English?” like I said 5091-5092 5049-5050 5185-5186 5146-5147 are on the red line here’s a shot of the whole train you can zoom in one of the cars and see 5092 and the one I’m in is 5091
  11. Up to 45 Electric Buses

  12. 5000-series - Updates

    Nope 5148 is paired with 5149 and those that I wrote was the whole train set sitting at Howard went back to 95th I rode it also 5145 is paired with 5144 just like 5143 is paired with 5142 because I rode 5142 on the green line today
  13. Up to 45 Electric Buses

    Yes CTA confirmed 74th and C are getting them and they will operate on 124 66 and 63
  14. Up to 45 Electric Buses

    Can’t wait for September so they arrive at C and get to ride them
  15. 5000-series - Updates

    5200’s on the red line to whole bunch of them