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  1. Ooooh I didn’t see this one what happen to it? wasn’t 1993 the one who hit the pole with the car on route 66
  2. also (end this here no duplicate topics) 1993 is in service
  3. before you do anything stupid again as @YoungBusLover works at 77th next time which ever garage you go to look for “NO TRESPASSING” sign it will help
  4. you give your self tours by going in😂😂 what you need a tour from a worker for?
  5. if you really wanna know (since you love going on private property) why don’t you ask a SS worker or manager if they will ever get fixed
  6. 4167 4119 might (possibility) come out to service in the future who knows along with 1805
  7. That’s fine cuz it’s a public sidewalk
  8. 4167 is on the the west end of 77th by Vincennes with the tarp over it and 7904 is at shops for something and 1805 is still gathering dust in the same spot for months (years)
  9. if you were out side the garage on the side streets that’s fine
  10. I’m suprised they are keeping 7901 as a (maybe) training bus I remember it hit the streets couple times and that’s about it 7900 obviously is training bus and will come into service some time in the near future
  11. Passed that metal silver fence is all private inside so technically you were
  12. You definitely right because he can be at the entrance and here come 5-10 buses all at the same time and beeping they horn and/or comes the wrong person or cops
  13. 😂😂I don’t think he went in he only goes in unauthorized at C
  14. “Roosevelt” sign on a green line
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