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  1. Already tried how’d you know? And it does wanna go into its position literally stuck
  2. I seen 1023 earlier at JP I think it needs a new bike rack that bike rack that he got on is tilted to the left so bad
  3. Ok here lemme be more clear The shuttle center alright? Is across from lower level of terminal 3 by the baggage claim you will literally see it from door 3F
  4. I work at ohare so yes it is the bus shuttle center and it’s located in Terminal 3 outside door 3F-LL by the baggage claim
  5. As far as I seen and notice 6472 doesn’t sit at 77th no more it sits at FG most of the time along with WB-2
  6. It’s a firebox 😂😂it caught fire didn’t it?lol
  7. Needs a bike rack and firebox so its probably going to SS and then back to K for service
  8. 700-701 are back!!!!!! Here’s 700 (photo from a Facebook group) at Kedzie garage
  9. Well looks like flyers are getting them to but I don’t think 6400’s are getting em because they retirement is soon
  10. It’s been a.......FAT minute since I rode 8325’s here’s 8349 I’m on as I type running on 68 Northwest Highway Smells so good inside brand new 🙃🙃
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