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  1. that’s me that posted it but no they will just test out of service most likely
  2. they literally pulled the plug on em outta no where and that same night is when flyers started rolling in so i feel like CTA had a plan after the fire
  3. well it’s been almost 2 months now so they’re done
  4. now that the 6400’s are gone who knows what they’ll do with the 8350’s or whatever they be numbered
  5. nah we not giving up our flyers no more we good where we at y’all can steal from NP C 103rd or K
  6. nah nah nah i want my flyers at FG steal NP’s or K’s
  7. updated list as of 4/8/21 1379 F 1055 F 1353 F 1347 F 1380 F 1346 F 1054 F 1585 F 1601 F 1404 F
  8. 1375 has something similar to that
  9. 1276 is on the 53A right now ima wait till it’s onna downtown route
  10. i don’t even think they care bout it as long as the bus drives and nothing wrong with it
  11. 1276 needa be out on downtown routes a lot😂😂
  12. the #600’s aren’t showing up on my trscker
  13. 601 604 haven’t been in service yet but idk they said on the news 6 new ones
  14. they should’ve gave us 1579-1583
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