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  1. it used to be like that with 1000 but they fixed it they keeping 1000 in VERY good shape
  2. 308 309 on the AM, 318 320 on the PM
  3. 318 and 320 are PM rushers 318 and 321 are mornings or is it 321 322?
  4. yea but i have no clue where 700 is maybe it’s back at K or inside shops for repainting glad to see 701 back from winnipeg tho
  5. chances of me catching a 3200 on blue is getting higher then
  6. 3119-3120 Blue>Brown 3421-3422 Brown>Blue 2989-2990 Blue>Brown 3407-3408? Brown>Blue (couple months ago) more to come as i see on on both routes
  7. is 1722 ghosting?🤣 also probably one was a run straight out the garage and running late so they joined up together
  8. chances are they waiting till the charging station is done at chicago/austin then install card reader and farebox then they start testing in the new livery
  9. both buses have been moved to inside of SS maybe painting? i seen em while circling around 77th tryna spit them today sorry but no pictures didn’t wanna step into a tresspass
  10. it got hit hard it’s going to be months before we see it back in service
  11. it was on tracker all day around 10:15am it was
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