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  1. No one has Tinted except for the 8325’s there is a difference you can see on this one between the windshield (no tint which every bus has) and the sides are tinted
  2. Here’s a video of the sound you guys have been looking for CE454D2F-2426-4A74-852C-D7AE655588AD.MOV
  3. 1759 back in service it has been repaired the night of when @sw4400 and @chicagocubs6323reported to FG garage thank you to all!!
  4. Got some news from a really great bus driver friend of mine that one of the buses 8343-8349 have plastic seats inside it’s only 1 of those 7 buses
  5. @MetroShadow we made a fine mess
  6. I would love to buy a current NF
  7. Expect 1759 to be OOS for a day while they fix the problem
  8. Alright Mr.Know it all how about you report to FG or SS
  9. It’s been like that for a while nothing is wrong with it it just needs something to be adjusted I was on it 2 days ago and it had the same noise
  10. I mean NP kind of has newer equipment look at the 4300’s and the 4334’s NF
  11. 6837 might hit the boneyard soon 2 lights inside are not working brakes are also bad once it starts stopping the whole bus shakes
  12. Probably waiting mechanical repair no where to put it so why not in the boneyard
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