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  1. in my opinion we won’t see the 4000’s 4300’s back at their regular garages until at least fall pick or winter pick of this year but at the end of the day we will see how the virus is during that time
  2. shocked to see #700 in service after almost 2 years i shall say
  3. i saw 700 the other day at SS
  4. 8150 as well on the 3 earlier
  5. i think the 2024 they mean for the RPM lawrence to bryn mawr
  6. do u really want homeless on the brand new 7000’s???
  7. this is why i miss the old clever devices where it had those 2 little ghost things in the middle one of them would not pop up (means it’s a ghost bus)
  8. squeaky cuz of the third rail with sleet on em
  9. i’m pretty sure they care less bout the sticker since it’s not gonna be used out on the streets anymore
  10. can we call #6470 dust ball?😂😂
  11. there is some cars stored at on the eastern part of the yard at howard idk why when they have linden yard but my guess is linden yard can’t fit all 100 6 car trains
  12. ur right purple line 5400’s are really well maintained and i’m really suprised why they don’t do it with red as well
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