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  1. 4300 is not a training bus no more i can’t wait to ride it later today
  2. no rack huh? maybe hit something
  3. This is a red line train to downtown and 95th welcome aboard red line run 915 Jarvis is next in the direction of travel doors open on the left at Jarvis this was taken at ohare
  4. That’s 21 Cermak bus the 21 doesn’t operate out of 7 so 1221 and 1227 are not on 21 they are out on 4
  5. 1062, 1105, 1117 103rd>77th
  6. Now that you say that yes I did because I was right next to the driver and then all you hear is that I was like that must be new or old
  7. Orange has some blue line cars to because orange is all cloth seats while blue is all plastic
  8. Yesterday I was on 1306 on route #1 and it had an announcement of “caution bus is moving” “caution bus is turning” and on the 52A it said “test announcement archer garage” it was really interesting every 77th bus has those on route 1 and 52A idk bout the rest
  9. Idk I don’t think k operators don’t like it cuz I been on 8296 last week with a bus driver friend of mine and every time he wants to leave a stop or red light he kept pressing the foot paddle but it didn’t wanna go finally after the 20th try it finally moved
  10. oh ok thanks also had 8349 as my 68 yesterday from Taft that was a suprise mornings it’s 77/56 evening rush any route they want it on
  11. Does anyone know why 8343-8349 only do 56/77 routes alot?
  12. Kedzie: yea we don’t like this nova you can have your shananigan back Forest Glen: thank you
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