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  1. Because they can you see a NP bus training at FG
  2. Well if you see it correctly flyers don’t have 3 wheel chair seats it’s only 2 (sideways) this specific one (1046) has it and only that flyer
  3. 215/225 will use the same bay and there is 1 free bay on each your correct and the 85 will double up so the 641 has a bay
  4. Pace route 215 225 270 and pulse along with new 641 will serve Jefferson park so once this all starts Jefferson park will be a hell hole during rush hour
  5. Pace route 641 and 213 will go to Jefferson park or 215
  6. Is it me or does 8296 have the same kneeling sound as the 8325’s because it does have the same
  7. 6706 is probably done it hasn’t been in service for a while so 6700 and 6746 might be next up to go to the grave yard both messed up signs etc
  8. Who loves the Metra UP-NW express train trains man do they come thru park ridge blasting they horns
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