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  1. I am making a highliner V1 in a game, but I have no idea what the seating arrangment is, due to them retiring 5+ years ago. It has been ages, can someone please send me a link or photo to a seating chart?
  2. It upsets me that this such great potential, but then died out in a snap. OP, if you're reading this, please let us know. (Edit 1, Dec 4 2019, 16:50): I believe i have found his Facebook. Not sure yet & will keep you guys posted. (End edit 1) (Edit 2, Dec 5 2019, 12:38): From looking at the photos, it's him. I am attempting to get in contact in the hopes that he'll either continue working & updating us, or release the files so we can work on it. (End edit 2) (Edit 3, Jan 2 2020, 12:30): No response so far. Seems he hasn't seen the messages. (E
  3. Thanks! Also hope to see you more active on here when possible.
  4. By making them fast, reliable and for the Electric District, on time (mostly). Metra Electric is very on time
  5. Ok, so maybe incorporate the CTA's Ventra card system
  6. If I DID run transit... I would make all transit systems like Metra Electric.
  7. Metra Electric's announcement for "Museum campus/11th street" has voice cracks "Mu SE um CAM pus/11th street"
  8. cat1554

    More Bus Moves

    T h A n K y O u F o R r I d I n G t H e C t A
  9. Does anyone have the files for it? or do we need to start from scratch? We should also start on a Metra, too.
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