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  1. We now know the UTA bus number that GPTC leased due to bus shortages. It was 9270. Thanks to Joseph Chemerys at Rollsign Gallery who also uploaded a photo of the bus. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/File:Gary_Public_Transportation_Corporation_9270-a.png
  2. UPDATE: Starting Tuesday, Sept. 8, the Broadway Metro Express route is extended south to the Lake County Government Center and will also serve the Ivy Tech and Purdue campus in Crown Point. It is back to the 2001 routing of the old Route 17 South Broadway Express when it was extended to Downtown Gary from 35th. https://www.gptcbus.com/broadway-metro-express/
  3. So much for Cincinnati and their free bus rides. Metro is resuming fare collection at the end of the week. They are installing shields to protect the operators, though. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2020/04/06/coronavirus-bus-fares-back-after-weekend-gatherings/2957285001/
  4. Cincinnati is going to a modified schedule starting tomorrow 3/29. Most routes will be on a Saturday schedule during the week. Some express routes wont run at all. Sunday service will remain on Sunday schedule. TANK bus in Northern Kentucky has also gone to modified schedule, with most on a Sunday/Holiday schedule. Both have suspended fare collections until further notice.
  5. In the summer of 1995, GPTC started a Route 3 Ridge Road Connection express Route between IU Northwest in Gary and Hammond Clinic in Munster. It connected with Hammond Route 5 at Indianapolis Blvd (at Ultra Foods) and Route 1 at Hammond Clinic. For a couple of years there were two routes designated with "3". How? GPTC was still running the "Georgia Delaware" route in the city of Gary until 1997 when they made some service changes, eliminating "Georgia Delaware" and adding the South Broadway Express, which extened service into Merrillville and Crown Point. This is when GPTC started using route
  6. One correction...NIRPC never owned the Opus Low-Floor buses used by GPTC. There was no decal by the door.
  7. Unfortunately no. They were after I was let go from the company.
  8. I just joined the group and saw this post. I used to work in Gary so I can answer this, if it hasn't already. The Chance Coach low-floor Opus buses were numbered 2007-2011. I've attached photo of coach 2007 from the factory prior to delivery. Numbers 2001-2005 were 16-passenger ADA vans that were used on low-ridership routes. At one point, they did have Orions that was leased from the Utah Transit Agency. But I don't have any photos of it. Hope this helps
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