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  1. Now I'm sure this is a glitch, but on maths tracker, 4374 is on the 56 out of Forest Glen instead of North Park.
  2. This is a transit forum. We do not need to be informed that you are not satisfied with the Discord server. As I and others have stated, I second with chicagocubs6323 with irrelevant posts. You do not need to voice your opinion over something that is not worth arguing about.
  3. 804 is at South Shops for those of you that didn't know. Credit to YoungBusLover
  4. Well, I know for sure it's you because you made a post about 1561 with the 7 sticker. You keep making different accounts, and the admins can IP ban you. Please refrain from doing so.
  5. 8260 is at K on the 60, I'm not sure what's going on but this now our 5th Nova at Kedzie.
  6. 6675,6678,6679,6681,6682,6684,6686,6687,6691,6692,6699,6700,6705,6706,6710,6713,6714,6722,6724,6730,6733,6734, 6736,6737,6746,6747,6751,6755,6758,6759,6761,6763,6764,6770,6771,6772,6776,6780,6784,6787,6792,6793,6794,6799,6802, 6803,6805,6810,6814,6820,6824,6826,6834,6835,6836,6837,6838,6843,6846,6847,6849,6854,6856,6858,6859,6860,6861,6862, 6865,6867,6868,6869,6870,6871,6873,6875,6877,6882 is what I can remember.
  7. 6854 is at 77th and so is 8117. I think it is a one day loan.
  8. If you read the previous page, WCR stated that 8205 and 8248 was at Kedzie.
  9. @Mr.NewFlyer1051 Almost all of your posts are NOT necessary. Please refrain from posting EVERY detail of your sightings of the CTA. Other people need these forums. I and other people have stated this multiple times.
  10. You're proof of this? I am checking maths in 30 minute time stamps and I do not see it back at FG. It was seen on the 21 earlier this morning.
  11. @TransitQueen22 Polk station serves IMD, using the back entrance. Yellow to Old Orchard never existed because "racist suburbanites don’t want the Yellow going to Old Orchard".
  12. 1206 was at 74th last night but everything has restored to its original condition. @Mr.NewFlyer1051 It is not necessary to post about every loan or how a 1000 sounds.
  13. Soon enough the 66's will be tired and I will miss ol' 6675
  14. How do you guys not see any STOP programs from 74th? I'm on Wallace and I see them a lot.
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