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  1. I have no idea where the hell to put this, but here we are. From the CTA Board Meeting: There will be an extension to route 157 and realignment of routes 52 and 94 on Kedzie and California These changes will go into effect in April. Route 157 will be extended as a 1 year pilot to the Pulaski Pink Line station and provide service on Ogden between IMD and Pulaski
  2. @Shannon CVPI 7907 35: 31st/35th 35 -253 K (Kedzie) Looks like Kedzie Garage got #7907 back.
  3. Bruh @Mr.NewFlyer1051 if you need announcements, how about you go to Ford City and record all the announcement's for the 79?
  4. 7918 87: 87th 87 -751 7 (77th) 7919 29: State 29 -156 1 (103rd) 7920 8: Halsted 8 -714 7 (77th) I know this might be a loaner but why? Not unless 77th is doing a run for 29
  5. BusHunter: From what I've heard, K needs the Novas because of the driver shield, like 103rd.
  6. Yeah ok nice loan I'm going to catch 7904 on the 151
  7. 7905 82: Kimball-Homan 82 -210 K (Kedzie) 7906 52: Kedzie/California 52 -207 K (Kedzie) 7907 125: Water Tower Express 125 -704 7 (77th) So does 125 operate out of K or 77th?
  8. No dice. I'll figure this out another time I tried 2 other invite links.. Weird.
  9. Hey @chicagocubs6323 Apparently I've been banned from your server. My computer was acting up and it left your server Long story short, I tried the link above and it says I'm banned. :/
  10. Make that four. 8073 was on the 143: Stockton/Michigan Express around 9:40 a.m., according to maths All 4 8000's has returned back to 74th
  11. 8049 (74th bus) is operating on the 7:Harrison out of Kedzie.
  12. Now I'm sure this is a glitch, but on maths tracker, 4374 is on the 56 out of Forest Glen instead of North Park.
  13. 804 is at South Shops for those of you that didn't know. Credit to YoungBusLover
  14. Well, I know for sure it's you because you made a post about 1561 with the 7 sticker. You keep making different accounts, and the admins can IP ban you. Please refrain from doing so.
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