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  1. What I meant was everywhere says 483 buses, but since this was unused, it would make it 484 buses .
  2. Are at least 7000's going to go to the Blue Line? Because the 2600's will be retired, some 3200's...
  3. @Shannon CVPI I meant #6675,78, and 91 were in good condition. I still remember when 6675 was on the 44 back in 2011 and it felt like it was its first day.
  4. Oh... You know what? Once I hopped on a train from Polk Pink Line and the train turned to the Racine Blue Line and stopped. This was about 3:00 P.M. (Then it was OOS)
  5. I saw a 5000-Series Blue Line going to UIC on 8/8. Are they going to be on the Blue Line now? (They also need to be on the Orange Line, BADLY)
  6. 6700 is still alive. I loved when 6706 ran on a different route, just seeing the 85 then the route taped to the window. Idk about 6746 though
  7. @Mr.NewFlyer1051 Yes it is a new feature. There is also new alerts inside the bus. (For disabilities, strollers, etc.)
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