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  1. Soon enough the 66's will be tired and I will miss ol' 6675
  2. How do you guys not see any STOP programs from 74th? I'm on Wallace and I see them a lot.
  3. That is why I see so many artics on the 152. Even 4399 was on the 152 somewhere today
  4. #804 is on the 151: Sheridan Route today lol
  5. I just checked maths22 tracker, and 8032 and 8086 is back to 74th. Previously to 77th. Edit : 8271 is back to FG. Previously to NP.
  6. Guys. There is something I've seen in the tracker oftenly. There are some buses that show SR,SH,or SS. This is an example - 6: Jackson Park Express SR -155 and a few screenshots.
  7. I know this is way to late to respond, but is EVERY 4400 TMC scrapped?
  8. #700 is gone, and #701 will probably be stored in good condition in case of another usage?
  9. Yep #700 had a fire. Here is a pic. (credits to WCR <?>)
  10. 8221's STOP display doesn't work. I just saw it on Ashland.
  11. I just realized #1962 was the bus that crashed on Route #66, picture on Page #109.
  12. Don't forget 61st on the Green Line!
  13. @NewFlyerMCI The Central Blue Line station was built, and then abandoned in 1973.
  14. Someone mentioned on Page 41 that #6532 was off of a gas site on 35th, and I think that is the same one. The other bus is #6728.
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